Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day!

Yesterday was my first mothers day as a mom. Although 2 years ago, on our honeymoon, my little brother called me and wished me a happy mothers day. . .because I'd be one someday. He's great like that!

On saturday we spent the day at my parents, so my sisters could come down. It works better for them, instead of a sunday. It was great! I always love spending time with my family, they're very entertaining.

Katryn got a little bit of sun. . .nothing bad though, her cheeks and arms a just a little on the rosy side. The weather was beautiful! Such a nice day, all the kids played outside, and Indy had the time of her life running around with them. And eating the food out of their hands. She's tricky like that.

For mothers day though, matt took Katryn after I fed her when she woke up, and let me go back to sleep. That is a great gift to me. I'm a sleeper, and get very cranky when I haven't had enough sleep. Then he made me breakfast while I fed katryn again. I talked him into making french toast, which he claimed he didn't know how to do, but I've watched him make it before. It was great!

On Saturday, when he came home from work, he cleaned the house as well. I had started worrying a little bit, because it was 7pm and he hadn't shown up at my parents house yet, and had gotten off work at 5pm. Instead, he was home! he vacuumed the bedroom, moved the fridge, changed our mildewy old shower curtain, made the bed, and bought me this statue:
I'm a huge fan of the Willow Tree line, and have started collecting them, and requesting them as gifts for those special moments. For Christmas, matt gave me one, his mother gave me the nativity set, we had one at our wedding, and I bought one when I got Indy. They're just so simple and pretty. I enjoy them.

It was a wonderful 1st mothers day, such a sweet blessing to have a wonderful daughter who was so good all day. She didn't even fuss when she was getting ready for her naps! I got to stay through all the meetings at church and didn't have to walk around the halls! That was fantastic. So to all you mothers out there. You're great. You're doing such wonders for your family, no one can take your place!


  1. Happy Mother's day!! The Willow tree figures are beautiful! Good idea to request them as gifts.

  2. Yay for a great day! Happy First Mother's Day to you! =)

  3. Oh, and I would *love* to see pics of Katryn in the sweater! =)