Friday, May 30, 2008

Recipe Exchange

I have a new task. I'm now in charge of the Relief Society's recipes swap/exchange group. Yay! I'm actually very excited for this project. It's not quite a calling, at least I don't think so. . .

A few months ago, I mentioned to my Relief Society president that I thought it would be fun to get together a recipe group, much like the book group. She said she liked that idea, but then I never heard anything else from her. Until last night. She called me, and asked if I would be in charge of it, and I said 'yes' because it was my idea after all. So it's going to be starting in the next month or so!

Here's how we're going to do it (I think). We're going to meet once or twice a month, I haven't figured that out yet. After I talk to the RS president, I'll know more. But if we meet once a month, it's going to be during the day, at my house. If we meet twice a month, one will be during the day at my house, the other will be in the evening, maybe at the church, or someone else's house. The reason I don't want it at my house is because Katryn has such a delicate bedtime. The window is very small to be able to put her to bed without screaming for a while, and if we miss that window, it'll take her a while to go to bed. I don't want to mess with that!

the first time we'll meet, we'll all pick something to cook: like breakfast, or pasta, or drinks. something like that, and we'll put it in a hat. Then we'll draw for each month so we can know ahead of time what the category will be!

If per chance someone can't come, but still wants to participate, they can email me their recipe and I'll gather the recipes for them, and exchange theirs. Then at the end of the year, I'll compile all the recipes and everyone can have them! This way, I can incorporate all the ladies in my ward, and people won't feel left out.

I'm also thinking that if everyone brought a small sample of their recipe for us to try, that would be fun. Then we can decide right there if we would want a copy of the recipe or not (and we don't have to worry about lunch for the day!)

I was also thinking about depending on the theme of doing some health research about it. Then I can give a little blurb about why it's important for us to eat this type of food. . .or something like that. And as we're trying everything we can go through and talk about how we made the recipe, what we liked about that recipe or whatnot.

anyway, I'm really excited for this! it will give me the chance to get to know the ladies in my ward better, I've been here for a year and 1/2 and i still feel like I don't know most of the people! Food just brings everyone together.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My garden

I'm trying to become more self-sufficient. With how prices on everything going up, it's getting harder to make ends meet. Groceries and gas are rough on everyone, and I imagine they're only going to get worse. The problem is, paychecks aren't going up with everything else. There is a small amount of wiggle room in our budget, so I'm trying to get a food storage set up for us. Eventually we hope to have a years worth (then the earthquake can hit here!) but for now, we'll settle for three months worth.

Back to my garden.

I planted a small (VERY small) garden for us. and it's all in pots.

This is my cucumber! I fear it may get too big for this pot. . .in which case I'll have to transplant it to my parents garden.

These are my three strawberry plants. if I remember from my childhood, these will come back on their own every year. I love fresh strawberries!
And my two tomato plants! these are the ones I'm most excited about!

My sister and her family, as well as my brother and his wife, will be living in my parents house this summer while they're in new mexico and we've decided to take advantage of their VERY large garden. My mom has already planted her plants by the shed (don't worry, I'll include pictures later!) which she'll just let grow while she's gone. Shh, we haven't let her know about our plans yet!

We're planning on planting watermelon, pumpkin, and whatever else sounds good. Probably some more tomatoes, maybe some lettuce, then we'll have the startings of a salad!

I hope my plants don't die. . .

Thursday, May 15, 2008


After a long time, my blogs have all gotten a face lift. I'm not so computer techie, and haven't been able to figure out how to make my own templates. I've found a few webpages that have free templates, but haven't been able to figure out how they work.

Tip Junkie posted a whole lot of different blog designers. I actually only saw the first one, which is who I went with. Leelou blogs made it so easy for me! simple steps, and cute designs. She also has cool link tags you can put on you sidebar about the LDS church, which is really neat.

Yay for blog facelifts!

All about scouting

As many of you know, scouting is HUGE in my family. some might even go as far to say that it rules our lives. Recently, on my baby center boards, someone posted a thread complaining about the scouting program and that super long week her husband has to take off to go on a 50 miler, instead of going on a family vacation, and how much she hates the scouting program because of the time it takes her husband away from her family.

It really bothered me that she had so much anger towards the scouting program and he husband's church calling in their ward with scouts. And lots of other people voiced similar opinions about it. I had to jump in. . .although I shouldn't have.

For those who aren't LDS, let me explain how our church works. Everything is based on church members serving in all the aspects. No one is paid. but because the church asks for tithing donations (10% of your income) church members are able to be reimbursed for things they provide for the church. Like gas from driving somewhere for an activity. Money for the food you paid for an overnighter. Awards you bought for the eagle scout banquet.

Anyway, because everything is based on members serving in callings, like scoutmaster, youth leader/teacher, etc, it's hard for me to understand how someone can blame scouting, when it's something they were asked if they'd be willing to contribute their time and service to, and then AGREED to do it.

They made the choice to serve it. Or, their husband made the choice to serve. but it's the scouting programs fault? Nope. I don't think so.

Here's what I posted to these people:

"wow, I probably shouldn't jump into this, but here I go! I come from a family of scouters. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. My father has been involved in scouting as long as I've known. and not just on a church level. He works with big-wigs with the National BSA, Developing new programs for the Venturing Program. He's done woodbadge sessions tons of times, our family vacations were to go to a week long scout camp in NM (Philmont) while he was getting more training.

He's out of town about every other weekend currently for something scouting. Sometimes it for work, most of the time it's for scouts. Currently, it's just my mom and youngest sister (15 year old) living at home. Is it a sacrifice for them? You bet. And this isn't even a calling for him.

His calling actually comes from the Young Men's General Presidency. he's the LDS Chaplin at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico all summer long. He's had this calling since 2002, the year I graduated from High School. My family has gone there for the entire summer while he serves this calling. At the time, it was just myself, younger brother, younger sister, and mom. One of my older sisters has been working there every summer as well though.

That's their family vacation. My sister has never gone to girls camp with her ward. She doesn't get to go to any summer camps, or EFY or anything like that because of Dad's calling. He's missed baby births/blessings of grandkids, birthdays, his dog dying. i had to plan my wedding a month earlier because of it.

It's a sacrifice the church asks of you. You have a choice EVERY time a calling is extended to you, your DH's have a choice. What if your DH was called to the bishopric? He'd be gone a lot more, you'd hardly see him on sundays, he'd go to every youth activity, have meetings in the evening after work. . etc. . .but would you blame the church? I hope not.

Don't blame the scouting program. it's not the scouting program asking him to do these things, it's a church calling. and like all calling, It's blessed more lives and family's than it's hurt. and could bless your lives as well if you tried to support the leaders. others have mentioned that when it's run properly it's great. That's the problem though. People aren't willing to take the time to get the training to help make the program run properly, and so it doesn't work like it should, some people end up sacrificing more time. . etc.

Anyway, my point it. The scouting program is a good thing, of anyone, it should have screwed up my life, but I love it, and can't wait to get my daughter involved in a venturing program.

and I don't think the church is getting 'rid' of it any time soon. if ever.

ok, i'm done happy *jumps off soapbox* "

It really bothers me that people just want to pass the blame. And not just on this, on everything in life! People have a hard time stepping up and taking responsibility for their choices.

*update-5-16-08 @2:30pm*
I had to stop reading that thread because people were pulling my comments out of context as well as commenting how how awful my father must be to choose his calling over others (which is NOT what he's doing). And they also followed me to my blog. Which is why you can no longer post anonymous comments on my blog. Sorry! guess ya'll have to leave names now! :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day!

Yesterday was my first mothers day as a mom. Although 2 years ago, on our honeymoon, my little brother called me and wished me a happy mothers day. . .because I'd be one someday. He's great like that!

On saturday we spent the day at my parents, so my sisters could come down. It works better for them, instead of a sunday. It was great! I always love spending time with my family, they're very entertaining.

Katryn got a little bit of sun. . .nothing bad though, her cheeks and arms a just a little on the rosy side. The weather was beautiful! Such a nice day, all the kids played outside, and Indy had the time of her life running around with them. And eating the food out of their hands. She's tricky like that.

For mothers day though, matt took Katryn after I fed her when she woke up, and let me go back to sleep. That is a great gift to me. I'm a sleeper, and get very cranky when I haven't had enough sleep. Then he made me breakfast while I fed katryn again. I talked him into making french toast, which he claimed he didn't know how to do, but I've watched him make it before. It was great!

On Saturday, when he came home from work, he cleaned the house as well. I had started worrying a little bit, because it was 7pm and he hadn't shown up at my parents house yet, and had gotten off work at 5pm. Instead, he was home! he vacuumed the bedroom, moved the fridge, changed our mildewy old shower curtain, made the bed, and bought me this statue:
I'm a huge fan of the Willow Tree line, and have started collecting them, and requesting them as gifts for those special moments. For Christmas, matt gave me one, his mother gave me the nativity set, we had one at our wedding, and I bought one when I got Indy. They're just so simple and pretty. I enjoy them.

It was a wonderful 1st mothers day, such a sweet blessing to have a wonderful daughter who was so good all day. She didn't even fuss when she was getting ready for her naps! I got to stay through all the meetings at church and didn't have to walk around the halls! That was fantastic. So to all you mothers out there. You're great. You're doing such wonders for your family, no one can take your place!