Thursday, April 10, 2008

Woes of Technology

About 2 weeks ago, I broke my laptop. It was driving me crazy not having it! I would sit with Katryn and Eliot (the laptop) and i could read articles and play around all while entertaining her (or while she was sleeping). I was becoming sooo bored! Finally, we had more or less broken down and decided to buy a new cord. The price of said cord? $50-150. Yeah, that's a lot!

So Matt, being the great husband he is, decided to try to fix it. He cut the plastic/rubber outside of the cord and peered at the wires. I had destroyed it. it wasn't just a small short. These wires were completely severed. I went to go take a picture, because I was honestly impressed by my sheer talent in the destruction, but alas, the batteries were mysteriously missing out of the camera. . .and in the xbox controller.

While I fed Katryn and chatted with my sister and mom today at my mom's house, Matt went to the store to try to find parts to fix it. He got some sort of connector thing-a small plastic tube that has metal in the middle to connect each end, and electrical tape. After messing around with it all for about an hour, he had everything put back together. Not an easy task.

When he had cut open the cord, there was one main wire (inside another plastic/rubber cord) and about 100 tiny, tiny, tiny wires surrounding it. I thought "that's a lot of little wires to try to connect back together". Turns out that you don't really need to do that! We brought it back home and it works great! yay! now I just need to be a little more gentle than I was previously.

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  1. Wow! I'm impressed! Handy hubbies are wonderful...