Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanksgiving point

Matt had last saturday off, so we took the time to take Katryn to target to get pictures taken and then went to Thanksgiving point to enjoy the tulip festival before the tulips were all gone. Well, they were mostly gone anyway. I had never been to the gardens there before, and it was stinkin' AWESOME up there. Except for the wind. Oh yeah, and the cold. Yeah, that wasn't so cool, and Katryn hated it. We had to cut our trip short because she was cranky. Of course as soon as we got her in the warm car she was all smiles and happy. I wish we could have seen more of the gardens, but we can only do so much with a baby. We're thinking of getting a pass for next year. For about $150, the 3 of us can get into pretty much anything for free. Except for the movies. But even they're only $5. And by next year, Katryn will be able to enjoy everything so much more. Like the petting zoo, and the dinosaur museum.

And I've just discovered the whole slide-show thing, and I'm really loving it, now I can put lots of pictures and you don't have to scroll through a whole slew of them!


  1. This looks like a neat place to visit! I love the tulips, and the pic of you pushing the stroller. =)