Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanksgiving point

Matt had last saturday off, so we took the time to take Katryn to target to get pictures taken and then went to Thanksgiving point to enjoy the tulip festival before the tulips were all gone. Well, they were mostly gone anyway. I had never been to the gardens there before, and it was stinkin' AWESOME up there. Except for the wind. Oh yeah, and the cold. Yeah, that wasn't so cool, and Katryn hated it. We had to cut our trip short because she was cranky. Of course as soon as we got her in the warm car she was all smiles and happy. I wish we could have seen more of the gardens, but we can only do so much with a baby. We're thinking of getting a pass for next year. For about $150, the 3 of us can get into pretty much anything for free. Except for the movies. But even they're only $5. And by next year, Katryn will be able to enjoy everything so much more. Like the petting zoo, and the dinosaur museum.

And I've just discovered the whole slide-show thing, and I'm really loving it, now I can put lots of pictures and you don't have to scroll through a whole slew of them!

Happy Birthday to Matt!

We celebrated Matt's birthday this weekend, he turned 24! We had a dinner with his parents and one of his brothers and his kids on sunday. his mom made his favorite cake: Wacky cake. Basically you make the cake in the pan, poke holes in it and pour the wet ingredients into it. It's supposed to be really hands on for the kids. However, since katryn was the only kid around when it was made, we mixed it all up in a bowl. Shh, don't tell Matt, he'll be disappointed!

I found this awesome wii lunchbox at walmart for him. He's a zelda junkie, loves everything about zelda, and I believe has all the games ever made too. He was actually really excited for it too! We don't use the wii very often, since we only have one controller, but it's sure a cool lunchbox.

We also ended up buying a new laptop cord, the fix-it job didn't last very long. so there will be more pictures to come soon!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Woes of Technology

About 2 weeks ago, I broke my laptop. It was driving me crazy not having it! I would sit with Katryn and Eliot (the laptop) and i could read articles and play around all while entertaining her (or while she was sleeping). I was becoming sooo bored! Finally, we had more or less broken down and decided to buy a new cord. The price of said cord? $50-150. Yeah, that's a lot!

So Matt, being the great husband he is, decided to try to fix it. He cut the plastic/rubber outside of the cord and peered at the wires. I had destroyed it. it wasn't just a small short. These wires were completely severed. I went to go take a picture, because I was honestly impressed by my sheer talent in the destruction, but alas, the batteries were mysteriously missing out of the camera. . .and in the xbox controller.

While I fed Katryn and chatted with my sister and mom today at my mom's house, Matt went to the store to try to find parts to fix it. He got some sort of connector thing-a small plastic tube that has metal in the middle to connect each end, and electrical tape. After messing around with it all for about an hour, he had everything put back together. Not an easy task.

When he had cut open the cord, there was one main wire (inside another plastic/rubber cord) and about 100 tiny, tiny, tiny wires surrounding it. I thought "that's a lot of little wires to try to connect back together". Turns out that you don't really need to do that! We brought it back home and it works great! yay! now I just need to be a little more gentle than I was previously.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I'm still here!

I like to blog every few days, and I feel like I've been gone for so long! There are really 2 reasons I've been MIA, the first: My parents were watching my oldest sister's kids for a week, while they went to Hawaii (lucky ducks) and so I was spending a LOT of time over there with Indy and Katryn. Indy was the entertainment/tool to wear them out.

The second reason has to do with Eliot, my laptop. Yes, I named it. That way when I go to shut it down, it says "turn off Eliot" instead of "turn off computer". More personal that way :) Anyway, poor Eliot has been a bit beat up since Katryn came. I tend to just push it around on the bed (because that's usually where we spend the day, the fireplace makes the room too hard to leave!) depending on what I need to do. Because of that, the power cord has got a short it in, from the cord being bent too much from me sliding it around. It was really temperamental for a while, need the cord to be just right for it to charge. Well, it eventually got to the point, where it was no longer charging and the computer just died. Poor Eliot. Now we have to get a new power cord.

I loved being able to use the laptop because I could hold Katryn and still use it without a problem. Now we just have Matt's computer (which he just upgraded yesterday, but I can't tell a difference) but he likes to use it when he's home, and I can't really hold Katryn and use his computer. Not yet at least. But as nap times are getting better (translation: she doesn't need me to coax her to back to sleep every 5 minutes) I'll hopefully have more time to catch up on my blog! there's a lot of things I want to write about (I've had this nature vs nurture debate going through my head for a few weeks) but I won't be able to put pictures on, since all the pics are on Eliot. But hopefully we'll get a new cord soon!