Thursday, March 13, 2008

what a week!

this has been a busy week in our house! Well, busy is a relative term in our lives. On sunday we blessed Katryn, and it was wonderful. we had all our family over for a luncheon, and a few close friends, which turned out to be close to 50 people. with just my siblings and their families, it was 20 people! But it was fun, I haven't seen my brother and his wife since Christmas time since they live down in Cedar City. And they hadn't seen Katryn yet, so that was fun. I love just hanging out with my family, it's always entertaining. Especially since there's so many kids running around now! Katryn is the 7th grandchild on my side, and the 4th on Matt's side. So when we get together (and if we include Indy, who is often there) that's a lot of little feet running around.

And after the luncheon at our house, we went to my parents since my mom was receiving her woodbadge beads. That was really cool. All 8 of us were wearing our scout uniforms, which was really cool, but I left my camera home, so I don't have a picture of it.

On monday I got up early and went walking at the mall with my grandma and mom. It was really good, and I enjoyed it a lot! I need to get out more, and it felt good. Although i was really tired when I got home, because of the time change still. Then we had a water leakage problem so Matt's older brother (who installed the sprinklers) dug it up and tried to fix it. When the water was turned on later that evening, turns out it wasn't fixed, so Matt and his brother's were digging the yard up in the evening trying to get it fixed. They bailed water out onto the street (and onto my car!) and our water was off from about 1pm-10pm. Sooo, Katryn didn't get a bath, and I didn't get the dishes or laundry done like I wanted. I've been trying really hard to keep up on the kitchen, since the exterminator came a few weeks ago and we really cleaned up after they sprayed the house.

I think Tuesday has been the only mellow day here. I don't remember anything happening that day actually. Oh wait, Katryn pooped all over me during bath time. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

yesterday was also really busy. I had my 6week postpartum checkup that morning, so we had to get up early to be able to shower, eat, feed katryn and get everything ready before we left. Then we waited an hour in the waiting room. That was ridiculous, since I only talked to the midwife for about 10 minutes. Oh well, that's what happens with doctors. On the bright side, I've lost all my pregnancy weight! woohoo! That was exciting for me :)

The cleaners came on wednesday as well, so Matt took myself, Katryn, and Indy over to my parents house when he went to work so I wouldn't have to try to control Indy in our room with katryn (who would probably want to be fed and held so I couldn't control Indy). It just sounded like too much for me to deal with at the moment. So I spent all afternoon and evening at my parents. I went for a walk around the neighborhood, and when we came back, katryn threw up all over her clothes. Luckily I had a spare onesie in her bag and she missed her pants, so I changed her into that and laid everything in the sun to dry. I changed her diaper and let her lay there to dry out, in hopes to help her diaper rash heal, and she decided to pee all over. later that evening, she exploded out the back of her diaper. Which is really impressive since she had to wear two diapers because of her hips (we meet with the doctor for her two month next week, and hopefully there's nothing wrong with her hips!!).
And then Matt forgot to pick us up and went home without us! He of course realized quickly when he came downstairs and no one was here. Silly boy.

It took Katryn a while to fall asleep last night too, so we didn't get to bed until almost 1am. wow. but she slept until I got up her up at 10:30 (not counting the 5am feeding when she decided she didn't want to sleep anymore and stayed up until after 6am)

it really feels like it should be the end of the week already! But we still have tomorrow and saturday to get through. and on saturday we have a wedding reception that evening, and matt has a bachelor's party for the groom afterwards. The couple is getting married next week, so they're doing the party after the reception. so I get to play single mamma and bathe and put katryn to bed by myself. The go to be alone! lame! Good thing he's one of the last of the boys to get married, so we won't have to do too many of these parties :) I don't like going to bed alone. It reminds me of the holiday season, when matt was working past midnight. I just get so lonely spending all that time by myself.

So that's my week so far, I can only imagine how the rest of it's going to be! and it's currently hailing outside. What's with that?


  1. I'm aiming for being the last *nods his head* Yup. Dead last for me.

  2. I'm so sorry you've had a rough week. Hopefully the sprinklers got fixed. How long has Katryn had her diaper rash and have you found anything to help it? Emily had a diaper rash for about 2 months straight and nothing except prescription diaper cream helped it. My OBGYN had to write it because no peds were accepting patients. I hope you get it all figured out soon. And I hope that next week is better for you.

  3. You have lost all of your pregnancy weight?!?! You are so fired. That's not even fair. All the rest is the fun of kids, don't worry, in a while she'll be undressing herself and running around naked (like a certain other little girl does). AJ :)