Monday, March 03, 2008

Tell me why

I don't like mondays? (a song by Bob Geldof)

It's been one of those days for us today. I'm anxious for Matt to get home, then I'm passing this cranky drooly girl off to him and taking some me time.

I thought it would be a great day! We bumped katryn's bedtime up a 1/2 hour this week so she wouldn't be going to bed so late when daylight savings comes next week. So at 9:30 we gave her a bath and fed her. She was asleep by 10:30. Didn't wake up until 4am to eat. She fell asleep in my chest while I was burping her, then I fell asleep. but she wasn't in a deep sleep and was squirming and making noises. I finally passed her off to matt around 7am, who as soon as he thought she was asleep put her back into bed (which is next to me, not him) and she promptly starting whimpering and making her noises so I had to get up and rock her while he went back to sleep.

I've been feeling sick the past few days so this did not help. I finally took her out and laid her on me to help her sleep better (she sleeps best with someone holding her) that didn't work very well. so I'm exhausted and Katryn is cranky because she hasn't slept very well.

She's been crying on and off, and sleeping on and off. She hasn't had a real good nap at all today, she wakes up after about 1/2 hour. so I haven't gotten anything done because it seems like as soon as I leave her she wakes up.

I really don't like mondays. I hope matt comes home from work soon. and I'm so glad he's off from work tomorrow.


  1. I'm sorry your day was "one of those," too!

  2. I'm so sorry about your rough time with getting her to sleep. Something we tried with my first one, that sadly has not worked for me second, is to let him sleep on his tummy in the stroller so that he was slightly inclined. He slept tons better when we did that. I know that pediatricians say not to let baby's sleep on their tummy but sometimes it helps. Daniel had reflux and sleeping slightly inclined on the tummy helps. Good luck!