Saturday, March 15, 2008

my never ending quest

In my never ending quest to become a domestic goddess I was playing in the Betty Crocker webpage last night while dinner was cooking. I found some cute easter cupcake recipes that I want to try sometime, but probably not this year. maybe though. . .I haven't decided.

Anyway, I was searching through the breakfast recipes because I'd like to make breakfast on at least sunday's since we don't have church until 1pm. so I asked matt what he thought, because he's always kind of a cereal guy.

"babe, if I made breakfast in the mornings, would you eat it?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Because I'd love to get up earlier in the mornings and make a good breakfast, but if you wouldn't eat it, I don't want to spend the time doing it."

"yeah, I'll eat it"

so we have that problem solved, until I make something, and he eats hardly any. We always have that possibility. So as we're getting Katryn on a better sleep schedule, I'm going to start getting up and making breakfast a few times a week. Probably not everyday, but I'd like the option of something besides cereal. And if I do it while katryn's still sleeping, or while Matt's home and can watch her if she's awake, that would be great!

I did find though, while looking through the breakfast recipes on betty crocker's page that there isn't a large variety of breakfast foods. You have about 5 basics that are just elaborated. Pancakes, waffles, eggs, hashbrowns, cereal. so I could cook breakfast just a few times a week and have all the basics covered!

Another thing I've been working on in my quest is creating placemats for our table. We have a beautiful table. I love it!

This is the picture of it at the willey, before we bought it. It's a counter height table, and instead of the 4 chairs, we have 8. But I hate having junk all over the table. which we usually do. so I thought that if I had a placemat for each seat and my center piece (which happens to be a bowl full of candy currently) then i won't fill it full of junk. so I've been designing placemats that I can make myself, since I haven't been able to find any that I like.

There's a quilting pattern called "log cabin" that's basically a square spiral using different colors of fabric on each side. Instead of a square though, I made it rectangle. I've yet to do more than design a pattern for it though. but I did make it reversible. On one side I'll have bright summer colors, and the other side will be more subdued colors.

Ah, the quest to be a domestic goddess is never ending. . .


  1. That *is* a pretty table.

  2. I hope you bought that table with your discount before you quit!