Sunday, February 03, 2008

Snow day

Church was canceled today. Which is ok with me, because I wasn't going to go anyway, it's way too cold and snowy to take a baby out I think. That and Matt has to work, and we haven't got a carseat base installed in my car yet.

It has snowed AT LEAST a foot since in the past 3 hours. Matt went out to shovel, so he could get his car out, and it's coming down as fast as he could shovel he said. He saw an ambulance and fire truck try (note the use of the word try) to come up our road, and they couldn't make it. And he's supposed to get our little neon out of our neighborhood and then back later tonight, after it's snowed more?? oy

I was hoping he'd stay home, because I get bored just sitting her with Katryn. She's just not very exciting yet. I'm waiting for her to 'wake up' in about a month or so. Right now she's just a snacker and a sleeper. Which is normal I think. Well, it's normal for her.

So Matt called the store manager and he didn't answer his phone. He called the district manager, and she's out of the country. Called other local stores (the provo store) and no one answered. he doesn't have the power to not open the store because of weather, he'd get fired.

He's attempted to go to work, he took his dad's blazer, since it can handle the snow better than our little neon. i called my sister, who lives near his work, and she said it was just windy there. I hope he made it there safe!! but I wish he could've stayed here with me. . .oh well, we're having steak for dinner at least!


  1. Yeah, it only snowed 2 inches last night here....

  2. we didn't have steak for dinner, I'm saddened by that