Saturday, February 16, 2008

feeling hungry

I'm trying to get back on my schedule of making a dinner at least 4 times a week. What I had been doing is creating a meal plan for two weeks at a time--from payday to payday--and then going shopping at the beginning of the two weeks to buy all our groceries.

Then I had a baby, and that all went south.

Since Katryn was born we've eaten horribly. Actually we've hardly eaten! I'm slightly scared to leave katryn in the room alone when she's sleeping on our bed--she doesn't sleep in her bed--because I know how Indy is, and she's sooo curious in her that I'm afraid I'll walk in and Indy will be laying right next to her, licking her face. We'll give Katryn a few months before we let Indy do that. After she has control of her limbs and can kind of protect her face a bit.

anyway, we had some meals delivered to us from the kind sisters in my ward the first few days, and luckily it was enough to last us the first week. Then we got pizza, and matt's mom cooked for us a few times, and we had grilled cheese, quesadillas and ramon. That's really all we've eaten the past four weeks. It's sad really. and we need to eat better and more often (my 2 'meals' a day aren't cutting it while I'm breast-feeding i think)

I decided to create a 30 day rotation. And by rotation I just mean a list of meals I want to eat, meals we normally eat, a few new ones to try out and such. Then we can pick and choose as we want and cross them off. If we like them, I'll move it to the next 30 day list, if we don't, then we'll pick something else to try.

I hope this works for us!

so I've made my list, and I only have 20 meals and I'm kinda stumped for 10 more meals. I don't want anything too difficult because Matt's not really a cook. Wait--he's not a cook at all. I taught him how to boil chicken last night. His cooking involves grilled cheese, quesadillas, raman, and cereal. I'll teach him yet

In my search for more meal ideas I went to my favorite place for anything lately: Baby Center. I'm addicted to this page, I spend soo much time on here it's ridiculous. But I don't really have much else to do right now until it's warm enough to take Katryn outside.

They have boards for everything, it's great! I play around on the scrapbook board, the food board, the LDS board, the January 2008 babies board, I research all things baby on here. . .basically do pretty much everything here.

On the food board, I found a thread where everyone was posting their favorite food blogs. So now I have quite the list! here's one of my favorites. . .which if i remember, Ashley gave to me at one time as well. The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Soo funny, I loved it. And so many pictures! it's like the best cookbook I've ever found. and i don't have to pay for it.

now I have a whole list of food blogs to help me find more recipes. Oh, and if anyone has anything they think I should try, let me know! I'm open to suggestions!


  1. Try that crockpot chicken I told you about, it's excellent (even as leftovers for four days like I had). I like it better with rice than with pasta personally. (chicken, cream of chicken soup, italian seasoning, cream cheese; Jenni's recipe adds rice and chicken broth into it all also). Good luck! AJ :)

  2. Yay for PW Cooks! Everything I've ever made from her has been absolutely delicious! And, I can always find the ingredients at the grocery store near my house, which makes me happy. =)

  3. One easy (and cheap) meal that we like is chili spaghetti. Cook up spaghetti noodles and mix it with a can or two of chili (however much chili you want) and put it into a cake pan or casserole dish and sprinkle cheese on top. Cook at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. It sounds weird but we like it and it's even good as left overs