Monday, January 28, 2008

time for a haircut!!

Matt prefers me to cut his hair, instead of going to a hair salon. I'm not sure why, it takes me about an hour, to an hour and 1/2 to cut it, whereas at the salon it takes about 15 minutes. and it's only $10. So I cut his hair for him. I usually don't mind, it was just really hard when I was pregnant and couldn't stand for very long without getting light-headed.

We've been meaning to get his hair cut for about a month now. . .it was getting REALLY long, and driving him crazy. We had plans to cut it on friday, the day Katryn was born because he was off that day. . .and well, that sure didn't happen.

The problem is our clippers need to be replaced. They miss lots of places when I cut his hair. So we've been borrowing my mom's clippers and cutting his hair at our place or her's. It depends on our mood. on saturday we went over to my parents to cut his hair, and give Katryn some sunshine, since she's still a little jaundiced. And it was such a nice day!! i couldn't believe how wonderful it was outside! A lot better than today, wow.

anyway, last time i cut his hair, here's what happened:yeah, I forgot to put the attachment on the clippers, and matt got a military haircut. This is why pregnant women shouldn't cut hair. They can't think straight!

so now when I cut matt's hair I think twice to make sure that I have the attachment on the clippers, that way his head doesn't freeze. It can't be fun to have no hair in the middle of winter. brrr!!

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