Friday, January 25, 2008

Stories of Katryn

I've created yet another blog. . .this is number three for me. I've decided to create a blog for Katryn. This will be the place where I'll only publish the stories and pictures of her. Not that I'm saying I won't put any on here, her blog will be exclusively a blog for her.

here's her link: Stories of Katryn

I decided to this for her as a type of journal/record for her. To keep track of all her important moments with stories and pictures. Then I'll print it out at the end of every year (or something like that) and she'll have a record. And then family that live far away can keep track of her as well! Hopefully I'll keep on track with it, that's always been my problem. And then this blog will be about everything else, of course including her still.


  1. She is such a beautiful baby! I like your idea of keeping a blog/journal for her. My cousin told me about this place that helps you make your blogs into books, I haven't tried it, but it might be worth looking in to.

  2. I lied sorry, here's the link

  3. Hey Krystal and Matt... What a gorgeous baby! I didn't even know you were expecting. Congrats. Long time no see. I'm excited to see what you two are up to.

    -Chalece Stumpe