Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The start of the bargains

Since I'm now a Stay at Home Mamma, I'm trying to get into the saving money, finding deals thing. We have our budget, that we try our hardest to stick to. . .it's hard sometimes though. I create our 2 week meal plan, and then we go grocery shopping right after every payday for the two weeks. Then we only have to go every once in a while for the essentials, like milk and cheese (you wouldn't believe how we go through those things!)

Last night we went to Target. Yeah, never doing that again. As much as I don't like walmart (not enough cashiers, lots of people, things tend to be damaged of the shelves) I decided I like their prices. The reason we went to walmart is because of the coupons I had for huggies items. I'm trying to get stocked up on diapers/wipes for when the baby comes so I can survive, because I don't think I trust matt to buy those just yet. He'd probably say "I couldn't remember what size you said, so here's a box of size 5 diapers for our 1 month old".

I had a few target coupons for for $3 off of any 2 huggies products. They expire of the 10th, so I wanted to use them. last time we went to target, I got two of the portable huggies wipes containers, priced at $1.97 a bag, each one has 40 wipes. With my $3 off coupon, we paid $1 for 80 wipes. Not bad I thought, I could get used to this coupon thing.

Last night though, they were pretty much cleaned out of everything. so we got 2 bigger packages of wipes (package of 352 and 384) for $17 on sale, then I used the $3 off coupon, and a $.75cents off coupon, bringing my total to $13.25 for 726 wipes. that's like 2cents a wipe, right? (my math skills seriously lack when it comes to things like this) not too shabby I think.

we also got a pack of 88 diapers for $17.54 with $2.00 off, and a bag of 208 wipes for $5.99, with my $3 off 2 items coupon. Only now looking at my receipt, they didn't scan the $3 off coupon! they did the $2 off twice! so instead of saving $5 and only paying $18.53, I paid an extra dollar. I really need to pay closer attention to things like that.

I think because we were buying all our groceries at once, I didn't pay much attention to everything. I was tired and ready to get home at to bed. (this was around 8pm). I'll have to start doing separate runs for my couponing so I can get my full deals. I also just noticed the bread we bought was supposed to be $5 for 2 loaves, they charged me $5.58 ( $2.79 each) LAME!

But still, I used my coupons, and now have a small collection of wipes a diapers for us to start out with. We have *drum roll* 1024 wipes, and 240 size 1 diapers. The diapers will last us, about 3 weeks I think (someone told me about 80 diapers a week for the first few months) but the wipes, oh those wipes will last us a few more months than that I think. even if I use 10 a day, I still have enough to last for 100 days!

I see all these ladies on an LDS forum I visit, and they're amazing! one lady got: 7-72 count, 15-80 count, 32-40 count, 49-16 count (that's 3786 wipes) and says she only paid $4.88!! That's my goal, to get deals like that

For the other bargains, I'm done buy bread at the store. I bought some yeast last night, so I can start making my own bread. I'm actually in the process of making Amish bread, which if anyone's made before, it's a long, long process.

It pretty much sits on the counter for 10 days and ferments, like sour dough bread. Then you add lots of cinnamon and sugar a bake it. You're supposed to divide your 'start' into 4 starts and give them out to people, but someone told me that you can freeze the starts and just pull out later! I could only find so many people willing to take a start so many times! or I could make 10 loaves of this bread and freeze the rest. I haven't decided yet. I'm only on day 3, so I've got some time to decide what to do.

and happy new year everyone! may you all find great deals and bargains out there!

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  1. Good for you! A site that I really like is Wise Bread ( which is a collection of bloggers who write about frugal living and good deals that they find. There's lots of good information there. Good luck saving more money! =)