Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nesting stage?

A lot of pregnant mamma's get into the nesting stage at some point in their pregnancy. Mine comes and goes depending on the day. About a month or so ago, I got bit by that bug. . .big time. Our little basement has 3 bedrooms. When you walk down the stairs you can turn to the left and there's 2 bedrooms, one connecting to the bathroom, and the other would be considered as the 'master' bed of the basement--in my mind at least, because it's the biggest room, and has the walk in closet. This room used to be matt's old room, and he used to sleep in his closet. when we moved in, we had the option of staying in the big room, or the other room (called the guest room) or the other, other room. When you turn right when you come down the stairs, you turn into our living room/kitchen/dining room, and then our room is on the other side of our kitchen. We chose this room because it has the fireplace in it. :) Indy likes to sleep in front of the fireplace, and I do to.

But when we moved in, there was only one room available to us to use. The guest room, right at the foot of the stairs. We heard everything upstairs, it was quite annoying actually, because I'm a sleeper, and matt's parents would get up early for work and such. so we rearranged things, repainted, re-carpeted and moved into the other room. This room has a large sliding glass door, so it's nice to have the fireplace. Only problem with it was it was full of junk, that just got moved into Matt's old bedroom. That room became the catch-all for everything. Boxes full of junk, piles of junk, just stuff EVERYWHERE!!

so I've been 'nesting' and trying to get everything ready for the baby, and trying to turn the guest room into the baby room, and the junk room into the guest room. It's not an easy task! Matt and I have about 5 boxes in the room, which I pulled out and put into the dining/living room. Which will drive me crazy for a while, but. . .it helps me to know that the junk in the room is not mine. We're trying to get all of matt's things out as well, then we'll turn to his parents and say "well, we've gotten all of our stuff and Matt's stuff out of the room, what would you like us to do with the rest of the stuff?" His mother is under the impression that everything in the room is all of Matt's stuff.

Point being. . .yesterday we made some really, really, REALLY good progress. in the guest room, we have the baby's dresser put in the closet, so I can put a changing pad on top, if I so choose to. . .haven't decided on that part yet. . .then the crib is pushes up against the closet, so I can't load anything into the dresser, then next to the crib in my sewing table. turn to the next wall. . .we have the glider, then the nightstand, then the guestbed, which is pushed up far enough to the other wall, that the bathroom door barely opens, and then in all the spare space, we have the extra chairs from our old dining table. It was ridiculous!

I was getting stressed out. This baby could come at any time!! (one month from today is my due date) and I couldn't get to her dresser! so clothes, and random other baby things were just lying all over the bed. . .and Indy loved to lie on them.

Yesterday was Matt's day off, and we rearranged his old room. In other words, I took boxes and made taller piles of them and we were able to fit the guest bed into that bedroom!! yay!! I feel so much better now, because it'll only take about 10 minutes to rearrange everything in the baby's room. I might even start that today. . .we'll see if I can muster up the strength/energy to move some of the smaller things in that room, at least so perhaps I can get to the dresser.

we'll see. . .


  1. I "nested" big time the night before Rachel was born. While Andrew was at work I cleaned the house from top to bottom.

    He came home and said, "somebody's nesting..."

    I just said, "whatever."

    Lo and behold, the next day we had our baby!

  2. Good luck, btw, getting everything ready!