Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bowling with dice and other games played

I love playing games with people. With Christmas and the new year, a lot of my family has been around. The ones that live down south were able to come up for a few weeks/days (for some) so while Matt was working the crazy pre-holiday hours (open at 7am, close at 10pm) I spent a lot of time at my parents house with my sisters and brother. we played a lot of games. and it was a lot of fun.

The games matt and I have aren't really 2 player games, so we don't play a lot of games. My relief society president gave me a dice game for Christmas. It's called Perudo or something like that. For those of you that have seen the 2nd pirates movie, it's the 'gambling' dice game they play on the ship.

It runs down like this: you need at least 4 people to play, but you can play with 20 if you wanted (that might be hard though) everyone has 5 dice and a cup. They shake their cup, and turn it over on the table and peek at what they have. Then the game begins. You try to decide how many of something there is on the entire table. So one person says "7 4's" they think there are at least 7 fours on the table. 1's are wild/aces, so they count for anything.

Next person says "8 of something" or higher. or they could doubt that, and say they don't believe that they're 8 of whatever on the table. Everyone uncovers their cups and pulls out the relevant dice. If there are 8 or more, the person who doubted loses one of their dice. If there's not 8, the person who said 8 loses a die. The person who lost the die is the one that starts the next round.

That's the general idea of the game. You also hide the dice that aren't in play so you can't really remember how many are out there! it's lots of fun, and we even got my dad involved! that doesn't happen very often, and he was having a great time.

We also played 'boxers and briefs' which was fun, 'yahtzee' which I'm not very good at, 'dominos' which I like a lot, and 'bowling' with dice. We tried playing 'canasta', which I really liked, but no body else seemed to like. I think we were playing wrong. . .we played "5 kings"-also a good game.

The bowling dice is actually a game you have to buy, it has 10 dice, with pins on the sides, strikes, spares, and hits. YOu roll them and score like bowling. I found out that I don't know how to do that very well. I also decided after matt got about 8 strikes in a row what was wrong with the game. There are no gutter balls!! so I took a sharpie to the dice and put a big G on the side of 2 dice. It's only fair after all, that's all I get when I go to the bowling alley.

Matt and I are going to start playing more games like that. I know we have "apples to apples" somewhere, as well as "set", and a few decks of cards that we could play 'cover up' with. It's just fun to spend time together playing and talking. I think that might be one of our new years resolutions.


  1. Set is *awesome*. We've really been enjoying Quarto, btw, which is sort of similar.

  2. I miss games. I've been to a couple parties with Brian's family these past few nights (since I was living there... it wasn't hard just walk up stairs) and they mostly consisted of DDR and Guitar Hero. I think after four months of seclusion I need more personal interaction.

  3. P.S. Answer your phone or call me!

  4. A fun game you guys might like that we discovered this year is "Scotlandyard" you can by it in the mall is kinda expensive. So find some one you know who has it to play it 1st.

  5. I love Set too! SkipBo and Phase 10 are other favorites. =)

    Also, I saw this and thought of you:

    Maybe you can get some good tips from that. =)