Monday, January 28, 2008

time for a haircut!!

Matt prefers me to cut his hair, instead of going to a hair salon. I'm not sure why, it takes me about an hour, to an hour and 1/2 to cut it, whereas at the salon it takes about 15 minutes. and it's only $10. So I cut his hair for him. I usually don't mind, it was just really hard when I was pregnant and couldn't stand for very long without getting light-headed.

We've been meaning to get his hair cut for about a month now. . .it was getting REALLY long, and driving him crazy. We had plans to cut it on friday, the day Katryn was born because he was off that day. . .and well, that sure didn't happen.

The problem is our clippers need to be replaced. They miss lots of places when I cut his hair. So we've been borrowing my mom's clippers and cutting his hair at our place or her's. It depends on our mood. on saturday we went over to my parents to cut his hair, and give Katryn some sunshine, since she's still a little jaundiced. And it was such a nice day!! i couldn't believe how wonderful it was outside! A lot better than today, wow.

anyway, last time i cut his hair, here's what happened:yeah, I forgot to put the attachment on the clippers, and matt got a military haircut. This is why pregnant women shouldn't cut hair. They can't think straight!

so now when I cut matt's hair I think twice to make sure that I have the attachment on the clippers, that way his head doesn't freeze. It can't be fun to have no hair in the middle of winter. brrr!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Stories of Katryn

I've created yet another blog. . .this is number three for me. I've decided to create a blog for Katryn. This will be the place where I'll only publish the stories and pictures of her. Not that I'm saying I won't put any on here, her blog will be exclusively a blog for her.

here's her link: Stories of Katryn

I decided to this for her as a type of journal/record for her. To keep track of all her important moments with stories and pictures. Then I'll print it out at the end of every year (or something like that) and she'll have a record. And then family that live far away can keep track of her as well! Hopefully I'll keep on track with it, that's always been my problem. And then this blog will be about everything else, of course including her still.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Introducing. . .

Katryn Llewellyn!!

She was born on Friday the 18th at 6:01:18am (matt has an atomic watch, so he got it down to the second!) She came in weighing 6lbs, 8oz, and was 19in long. Not too bad for being 3 weeks early!!

Here's the story: On thursday night, I joked with Matt, "what if I went into labor tonight and our carseat hasn't come yet?" (ordered it online) and matt told me that I shouldn't joke like that. Well, at 1am I woke up in a flood. I told matt "Either my water just broke, or I wet the bed" he responded, "I hope it's the second!" It sure wasn't though! My water had broken, and I hadn't had a single contraction. I decided to climb in the shower because, well, I was leaking! I wasn't sure what else to do. while I was in the shower, the contractions started, about 5 minutes apart, and not very bad. I worked on my breathing and relaxation technique's that I learned in my hypnobirthing class.

It worked for a little while. I told matt right off that I wanted to stay home until at least 5-6am because I was expecting a 24hour labor. After all, this is my first baby, and most first births are rather long. Both my sisters firsts were about that long. I just didn't want to sit at the hospital with things strapped to my belly, trying to relax.

Matt called my midwife, who told us to go to the hospital when we felt ready, but we should really only stay home for about 6 hours. I knew that once my waters broke, within 24 hours, they usually want the baby there, because of the risk of infection. Made sense to me. After about 2 hours, my surges started to get stronger, and about 3 minutes apart. So I decided to take another shower, so the hot water would relax my belly. I didn't want to get too stressed, because then everything would tense up, and that's what causes the pain.

Although with all my trying, I was in tears every time I had a surge. But once they went away, I would be ok, and I would tell myself that I could do this! After all, it's what my body was made to do, and that's what I've been working for. Finally, at about 4am, we went to the hospital. wow, that was a rough drive. The hospital isn't too far away from our house, it only took about 5 minutes to get there, but I had about 3 surges on the way. Surges in a car are NOT fun, just so everyone is aware.

We checked in right about 4am, and asked for the natural birthing room. Timpanogos Hospital only has one natural birthing room (meaning a tub) and I wanted that. Although I don't know if they would have let me use it because of my waters being broken and that whole risk of infection thing. As it turned out though, I wouldn't have had the time anyway. But it turned out not to matter, because the floors in that room had just been waxed and they couldn't use that room.

They checked me in and took me to a room, and checked me out. I was already 7cm!! I couldn't believe it! I hadn't had any exams as of yet, because I opted not to. See, I was expecting to come a week late, and I didn't want to get my hopes up. who wants to sit for a few weeks, thinking "I'm x cms, this baby could come soon!" I sure didn't.

I requested some pain relief. They gave me an IV with something to help take the edge off--but it only lasts for about an hour!! I didn't care, I just wanted something to help a little bit. And it did! it wasn't much, but it was enough to help me focus on breathing and relaxing my body. They also had to give me some oxygen, because I was kind of hyperventilating. I could feel my arms and legs going numb, it was creepy.

probably 30mins to an hour after checking in, (I wasn't very focused on the time, I was very out of it by that point) I knew this baby was coming. They checked me again and I was ready, and this girl was coming!!! About an hour later, she was here! I couldn't believe it, after all the preparation, she was finally here.

that's our story. Our Katryn is here, and perfect.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

random pics--that go with blogs

I finally got my camera and computer to get along! It seemed like everytime I tried to download the pictures off the camera onto the computer, Eliot (my computer's name) would freeze. I was getting quite frustrated--I had pictures from my brothers wedding in August on there!!

anyway, here's my pics. The first few have to do with the room I'm supposed to empty and create into a guest room. This is what it looked like, and I've made enough space in there to have a queen size bed fit. I'm quite proud.
that little strip of carpet is about 2-3 feet wide. My working space! but we did it! there's a queen size bed set up in the middle now!
and here's some much wanted pictures. . .my belly
This is about week 28 I think. . .the date is off on my camera, but I know it's about the beginning of October--about 5 months alongThis one is after thanksgiving. I'm guessing the first week of December--probably 32 weeks or so
And this final one is from last night, after a rocking wedding party for Steve and Rachael. I was 36 weeks and 1 day--only 27 left to go until my due date! Well, as of today, it's only 26 :) but who's counting? I'm sorry my hand looks like it's inside out. . .I'm not sure what happened there.

Anyway, now that my camera is empty, I can get to taking more pictures and within a few weeks, I'll have cute baby pictures to put up here! I'm going to put some of my scrapbook pages up here as well, because I've lately gotten crafty and been creating pages like mad. But there's no pictures on them--only places to put pictures. Sorry, but this is what living like this does! :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

baking up Amish bread

probably about a year ago a friend brought in some tasty bread to work. I couldn't figure out what type of bread it was for the life of me! I thought it might be zucchini, but she said no, it wasn't anything like that. but it was so moist, and flexible--I know that sounds like a weird description for bread, but it wasn't crumbly, it was springy.

She told me it was Amish Friendship Bread. I had never, ever heard of this before in my life. Here's how it works. You create of start for the bread:

1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup milk
1 pkg yeast-disolved into 1/2 cup warm water
another 1 1/2 cup warm water (for a total of 2 cups)

you mix these all together in a big bag, and that's day one.

yes, Day one. There are 10 days involved in this process!! I couldn't believe it!

The way it's really supposed to work though, and the reason behind it being called Friendship Bread, is someone gives you the start and these following instructions:

Day 1: This is the day you receive the batter. Do nothing to it
Day 2: Mush bag-let out excess air
Days 3-4: Mush bag-let out excess air
Day 6: Add 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, and 1 cup milk. Mix within the bag-let out excess air
Days 7-9: Mush bag-let out excess air
Day 10: Mixing day! Combine in large nonmetallic bowl the batter, 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, and 1 cup milk. Stir thoroughly with wooden spoon. Pour 4 one-cup starters into 1 gallon ziploc bags. Keep one for yourself.

You have to have some patience to make this I discovered. I had my friend give me a start, because the bread was sooo great!! The problem was when I filled my bags on day 10, I had to find 3 people to give them to! the first time wasn't too bad. The second and third time making this (only 10 days apart!) I had a hard time finding people to give my start to. Then I learned a secret.

Before you divide the starter into four bags you have a couple different options. First being, you could use all the mixture and make 10 loaves of bread, and freeze them--or give them away as gifts. or you could pull aside one start and make 8 loaves--and so on down the line. and that one start you saved for yourself, you can freeze!! yay!! so here's what I did. Matt's boss thought his wife would probably want a start, so today as I'm working on day 10 I set aside a cup of start for me, and a cup of start for matt to take to work.

here's where it got difficult for me. a full batch makes 10 loaves. . .so I needed to make 6 loaves with two starts taken out. That means I had to triple the recipe.

The recipe (for only 2 loaves):
1 cup oil
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla

1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 cup sugar
3 tsp cinnamon
1 large box vanilla pudding
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 cups flour

so I tripled that recipe to make my six loaves, but I only have 3 loaf pans. currently I'm baking 3 loaves, and then I'll bake the last 3. This will probably make the bread all different sizes. . .but oh well.

when you mix this bread up, you're not supposed to use anything metal, so I pulled out my plastic bowl and spoon to mix everything together. it was rough! but I would have had to do it this way anyway, because I don't have anything else to mix with, I burnt out the motor on my hand mixer the first time I used it, trying to mix cream cheese that was too hard. oops. so I mix everything by hand anyway. but I wasn't supposed to use my metal whisk!! trying to mix oil into a watery batter is not an easy task. As well as mixing 6 cups of flour into something. but I persevered, because this bread it so great!

I think the best part is before you throw it in the oven, (at 325degs for 1 hour) you create a mixture of sugar and cinnamon (1/2 cup sugar, and 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon) and sprinkle over the bread, and it gives it such a great topping! I can't remember if the first time I made this bread, if I dusted my greased pan with it as well. . .I think I might have--I'll try that with my next 3 loaves.

I haven't made this bread it a while, because I hated trying to find people to give the starts to!! now I have the answer. I can freeze the start I saved and pull it out in a month when the 6 loaves I made are gone (matt loves this bread, he'll probably eat 1/2 loaf a day!) I think when I do it the next time I'll make up all 10 loaves and freeze them, then I don't have to worry about using the start as quickly.

and I'm also trying out my new silicone bread pan. . .I hope it works ok!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nesting stage?

A lot of pregnant mamma's get into the nesting stage at some point in their pregnancy. Mine comes and goes depending on the day. About a month or so ago, I got bit by that bug. . .big time. Our little basement has 3 bedrooms. When you walk down the stairs you can turn to the left and there's 2 bedrooms, one connecting to the bathroom, and the other would be considered as the 'master' bed of the basement--in my mind at least, because it's the biggest room, and has the walk in closet. This room used to be matt's old room, and he used to sleep in his closet. when we moved in, we had the option of staying in the big room, or the other room (called the guest room) or the other, other room. When you turn right when you come down the stairs, you turn into our living room/kitchen/dining room, and then our room is on the other side of our kitchen. We chose this room because it has the fireplace in it. :) Indy likes to sleep in front of the fireplace, and I do to.

But when we moved in, there was only one room available to us to use. The guest room, right at the foot of the stairs. We heard everything upstairs, it was quite annoying actually, because I'm a sleeper, and matt's parents would get up early for work and such. so we rearranged things, repainted, re-carpeted and moved into the other room. This room has a large sliding glass door, so it's nice to have the fireplace. Only problem with it was it was full of junk, that just got moved into Matt's old bedroom. That room became the catch-all for everything. Boxes full of junk, piles of junk, just stuff EVERYWHERE!!

so I've been 'nesting' and trying to get everything ready for the baby, and trying to turn the guest room into the baby room, and the junk room into the guest room. It's not an easy task! Matt and I have about 5 boxes in the room, which I pulled out and put into the dining/living room. Which will drive me crazy for a while, but. . .it helps me to know that the junk in the room is not mine. We're trying to get all of matt's things out as well, then we'll turn to his parents and say "well, we've gotten all of our stuff and Matt's stuff out of the room, what would you like us to do with the rest of the stuff?" His mother is under the impression that everything in the room is all of Matt's stuff.

Point being. . .yesterday we made some really, really, REALLY good progress. in the guest room, we have the baby's dresser put in the closet, so I can put a changing pad on top, if I so choose to. . .haven't decided on that part yet. . .then the crib is pushes up against the closet, so I can't load anything into the dresser, then next to the crib in my sewing table. turn to the next wall. . .we have the glider, then the nightstand, then the guestbed, which is pushed up far enough to the other wall, that the bathroom door barely opens, and then in all the spare space, we have the extra chairs from our old dining table. It was ridiculous!

I was getting stressed out. This baby could come at any time!! (one month from today is my due date) and I couldn't get to her dresser! so clothes, and random other baby things were just lying all over the bed. . .and Indy loved to lie on them.

Yesterday was Matt's day off, and we rearranged his old room. In other words, I took boxes and made taller piles of them and we were able to fit the guest bed into that bedroom!! yay!! I feel so much better now, because it'll only take about 10 minutes to rearrange everything in the baby's room. I might even start that today. . .we'll see if I can muster up the strength/energy to move some of the smaller things in that room, at least so perhaps I can get to the dresser.

we'll see. . .

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bowling with dice and other games played

I love playing games with people. With Christmas and the new year, a lot of my family has been around. The ones that live down south were able to come up for a few weeks/days (for some) so while Matt was working the crazy pre-holiday hours (open at 7am, close at 10pm) I spent a lot of time at my parents house with my sisters and brother. we played a lot of games. and it was a lot of fun.

The games matt and I have aren't really 2 player games, so we don't play a lot of games. My relief society president gave me a dice game for Christmas. It's called Perudo or something like that. For those of you that have seen the 2nd pirates movie, it's the 'gambling' dice game they play on the ship.

It runs down like this: you need at least 4 people to play, but you can play with 20 if you wanted (that might be hard though) everyone has 5 dice and a cup. They shake their cup, and turn it over on the table and peek at what they have. Then the game begins. You try to decide how many of something there is on the entire table. So one person says "7 4's" they think there are at least 7 fours on the table. 1's are wild/aces, so they count for anything.

Next person says "8 of something" or higher. or they could doubt that, and say they don't believe that they're 8 of whatever on the table. Everyone uncovers their cups and pulls out the relevant dice. If there are 8 or more, the person who doubted loses one of their dice. If there's not 8, the person who said 8 loses a die. The person who lost the die is the one that starts the next round.

That's the general idea of the game. You also hide the dice that aren't in play so you can't really remember how many are out there! it's lots of fun, and we even got my dad involved! that doesn't happen very often, and he was having a great time.

We also played 'boxers and briefs' which was fun, 'yahtzee' which I'm not very good at, 'dominos' which I like a lot, and 'bowling' with dice. We tried playing 'canasta', which I really liked, but no body else seemed to like. I think we were playing wrong. . .we played "5 kings"-also a good game.

The bowling dice is actually a game you have to buy, it has 10 dice, with pins on the sides, strikes, spares, and hits. YOu roll them and score like bowling. I found out that I don't know how to do that very well. I also decided after matt got about 8 strikes in a row what was wrong with the game. There are no gutter balls!! so I took a sharpie to the dice and put a big G on the side of 2 dice. It's only fair after all, that's all I get when I go to the bowling alley.

Matt and I are going to start playing more games like that. I know we have "apples to apples" somewhere, as well as "set", and a few decks of cards that we could play 'cover up' with. It's just fun to spend time together playing and talking. I think that might be one of our new years resolutions.

The start of the bargains

Since I'm now a Stay at Home Mamma, I'm trying to get into the saving money, finding deals thing. We have our budget, that we try our hardest to stick to. . .it's hard sometimes though. I create our 2 week meal plan, and then we go grocery shopping right after every payday for the two weeks. Then we only have to go every once in a while for the essentials, like milk and cheese (you wouldn't believe how we go through those things!)

Last night we went to Target. Yeah, never doing that again. As much as I don't like walmart (not enough cashiers, lots of people, things tend to be damaged of the shelves) I decided I like their prices. The reason we went to walmart is because of the coupons I had for huggies items. I'm trying to get stocked up on diapers/wipes for when the baby comes so I can survive, because I don't think I trust matt to buy those just yet. He'd probably say "I couldn't remember what size you said, so here's a box of size 5 diapers for our 1 month old".

I had a few target coupons for for $3 off of any 2 huggies products. They expire of the 10th, so I wanted to use them. last time we went to target, I got two of the portable huggies wipes containers, priced at $1.97 a bag, each one has 40 wipes. With my $3 off coupon, we paid $1 for 80 wipes. Not bad I thought, I could get used to this coupon thing.

Last night though, they were pretty much cleaned out of everything. so we got 2 bigger packages of wipes (package of 352 and 384) for $17 on sale, then I used the $3 off coupon, and a $.75cents off coupon, bringing my total to $13.25 for 726 wipes. that's like 2cents a wipe, right? (my math skills seriously lack when it comes to things like this) not too shabby I think.

we also got a pack of 88 diapers for $17.54 with $2.00 off, and a bag of 208 wipes for $5.99, with my $3 off 2 items coupon. Only now looking at my receipt, they didn't scan the $3 off coupon! they did the $2 off twice! so instead of saving $5 and only paying $18.53, I paid an extra dollar. I really need to pay closer attention to things like that.

I think because we were buying all our groceries at once, I didn't pay much attention to everything. I was tired and ready to get home at to bed. (this was around 8pm). I'll have to start doing separate runs for my couponing so I can get my full deals. I also just noticed the bread we bought was supposed to be $5 for 2 loaves, they charged me $5.58 ( $2.79 each) LAME!

But still, I used my coupons, and now have a small collection of wipes a diapers for us to start out with. We have *drum roll* 1024 wipes, and 240 size 1 diapers. The diapers will last us, about 3 weeks I think (someone told me about 80 diapers a week for the first few months) but the wipes, oh those wipes will last us a few more months than that I think. even if I use 10 a day, I still have enough to last for 100 days!

I see all these ladies on an LDS forum I visit, and they're amazing! one lady got: 7-72 count, 15-80 count, 32-40 count, 49-16 count (that's 3786 wipes) and says she only paid $4.88!! That's my goal, to get deals like that

For the other bargains, I'm done buy bread at the store. I bought some yeast last night, so I can start making my own bread. I'm actually in the process of making Amish bread, which if anyone's made before, it's a long, long process.

It pretty much sits on the counter for 10 days and ferments, like sour dough bread. Then you add lots of cinnamon and sugar a bake it. You're supposed to divide your 'start' into 4 starts and give them out to people, but someone told me that you can freeze the starts and just pull out later! I could only find so many people willing to take a start so many times! or I could make 10 loaves of this bread and freeze the rest. I haven't decided yet. I'm only on day 3, so I've got some time to decide what to do.

and happy new year everyone! may you all find great deals and bargains out there!