Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Today is my punk sister's birthday. She's 16, and terrorizing the roads. So if you see a little blonde girl in a Subaru--that's her, and I'm sorry that she almost hit you. if you see a punk boy in a Subaru, that would be my brother, (the other punk in the picture) and I'm also sorry that he blinded you with the 20 lights on his car.

We're making cupcakes and having a big ol' bash for her today. Just like every year. Not many people get have parties all night long on their birthday's every year! We always make calzones, and this year I'm teaching her some of the cake decorating tips I've learned, and we're making the cupcakes into caterpillars.

Happy birthday!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The 12 days of Christmas

Growing up, my family had a tradition of doing the 12 days of Christmas to a family in the neighborhood. We loved it! it was something we all enjoyed. The secrecy, the anticipation of being caught at the front door. It was fantastic, and taught us how important it is to serve others, and we don't need the recognition from it!

We decided to start that tradition in our family, and this year we picked a family with 4 little kids. The only had part is all the street lights the city has installed all over. Its not dark like it used to be when I was a kid!! If you looked out your window, you could easily see anyone walking down the street in the middle of the night. Kind of makes it hard to be secretive.

But we managed. We didn't get caught! We also didn't ring the doorbell half the time, since the family spent a lot of time in the front room.

Day one

For day one, we gave them the Christmas Star of Service. Basically you do secret service for someone in the family, and them leave the star for them. Then they do secret service for someone else and leave the star.

I think it's something important to teach kids, and we have our own too!
Day two

Homemade fudge! My first time making fudge, and I was quite, quite, impressed. I'll post about it later on my recipe blog.
Day Three

A little foam nativity kit that they could build with the kids.

Day Four

A reindeer craft you make out of popsicle sticks, googly eyes, red poofs, and brown pipecleaners. Super easy, even for kids! they look good on the tree as well.

Day Five

Christmas bingo!! I printed the cards off of this webpage, and gave them marshmallows for markers. THose are the best kinds of markers I think.

Day Six

Luminaries to set outside on CHristmas eve. This was also something my family has always done. YOu fill the bag with sand, and line your sidewalks and walkways with them. Then you light the tealights inside. It looks really pretty.

Too bad we got hit with a massive snowstorm and there was no place to put on luminaries this year.

Day Seven

A box of candy canes and a cut little story about how the candy cane came to be.

Day Eight

Reindeer dust!! I had never heard of this, until I read the book The 12 Days of Christmas. It was great! and gave me such good ideas too! Basicly it's oatmeal mixed with glitter that you sprinkle outside. There's a little poem about how the oatmeal helps the reindeer be strong, and the glitter helps them fly fast.

I used glitter, and then realized it would have been so much easier to use the colored sugar!! Next year. . .

Day Nine

Some cookies and a little story to read.

Day Ten

Popcorn balls! Also my first time making them. Lots of fun, really easy, and I'll post about it as well on my recipe blog.

Day Eleven

Stamped candles and a story. I stamped the candles myself, and it was really easy! They look so nice too, if I can say so.

Day twelve, I can't find my picture for. What I did was take an empty, unused paintcan (that you buy at the craft store) and mod podged paper around it. Then I had some cute 3D felt stickers that said "Let it snow!" that I placed on there. I called it their Christmas Can, and filled it was hot chocolate mix, cidar mix, popcorn, candy canes, and a cookie mix.

I loved doing the 12 days, it's such a good way to help feel the true spirit of Christmas in our house. We're usually pretty busy since Matt works retail, he's gone a lot, and gets to see the ugly side of people when they can't get what they want (a wii).

We'll be doing this every year, and I hope you do too!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Stories of Katryn

Due to privacy issues, I'm making Katryn's blog a private blog. Not that I post much there anyway. Not that I post that much anywhere for that matter. I just decided I don't want just ANYONE to be able to read about my baby.

If you want to read it, leave me a comment with your email, and I'll add you, or send me an email at:

littlerockflower (at) gmail (dot) com


Christmas Countdown

I created this pretty little advent calendar for us this year, since I never got around to doing one last year. Very, very easy to make as well! It's on a large canvas, and the tins I bought at Michael's in their wedding section. The chipboard letters came from walmart, and I used stickles to make them all sparkly. Man, I love those stickles.

The tins are secured with velco, and inside each one I have a little piece of candy and an activity for us to do that day. Things like "Read a Christmas Story" or "Make cookies" or "Build a snowman" (That one had the luck of coming on a day when there was no snow! it should have been today's! it's a whiteout out there!!) Then I can take the tin off, eat the candy (actually, they mainly went into a bowl on the table) and keep the activity in the tin for next year!
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

To tide you over. . .

Here's a few pictures of Katryn, just to tide you all over while I get a few posts ready. I have a lot of Christmas stuff to show off!! :)

Katryn's 11 months old now, and crawling everywhere!! my sisters have big plans to get her walking over Christmas time, which won't help us in our baby-proofing (or lack of. . .anyone want to come baby proof our house?).

come back tomorrow to see our wonderful Christmas things!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Cake Decorating

Last month I took a cake decorating class. I made and decorated three cakes, and learned a lot. I got most of the techniques down, but the rose. Good grief is that hard!!

anyway, here's my first cake. I love how it turned out, I was very happy with myself.

and I liked the second cake even more! I more of less just took the things we learned and put them all over my cake in no sort of pattern. As you can tell we learned how to make some flowers.

oh yeah, and the shell boarder. that one's pretty neat.

my pretty flowers around the edge.

this one actually had some sort of pattern to it, I was just kind of going flower crazy I think!! That's ok, the kids liked them!

and this was one of the flowers I kind of made up. I really liked how it turned out! I may have to do something like this for Katryn's birthday next month.

Next month?!? my baby can't be turning one already!!!

and this was the last cake. I did not like it. I couldn't get that darn rose figured out, but I still put it on the cake anyway. the other flowers are sweet peas. . . I think.

anyway, I like the way those turned out! Except for the bright yellow with the blue leaves. at least I used up the frosting I had. I really didn't want to make a new batch of frosting.

see those darn crinkly roses? Ug, they're annoyingly frustrating.

But I love the bows! those were fun, and fairly easy as well.

Anyway, this is what I learned in class one. It was way cool, and I'm excited to experiment on my own, now that I have a base to build up from!
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Monday, November 03, 2008

Tis the Season

To give.

Local food banks have empty shelves. In our part of the country, the boy scouts are having an emergency food drive to help provide food for the banks. With the economy in a slight slump, a lot of families are relying on the food banks to feed their family. And if the shelves are empty? There are kids who aren't eating. I imagine everyone could at least donate 1 can of tuna, or a package of ramen noodles. They're also in need of hygiene items, like shampoo and toothpaste. Every little bit helps someone in need. Count your blessings that you're in the postion to give, and not in the postion to recieve, then give with a big heart.

Pack a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. What a wonderful way to teach children to think of others and serve them in this season of normal greed. And for not much, you can give a child a Christmas they wouldn't have otherwise.

There's lot you can do to help those in need. These are two causes that have touched my heart lately, and I thought them important enough to share with you all. For me, I'm lucky enough to have all that I have (which isn't much) but others aren't so lucky, and I feel the need to help them out. I hope you all can find that place in your heart that will give a little bit this season!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Time for a change

Sometimes I need a change. Like this past week.

I don't know what it is about this week, but I needed a change.

I went and bought this new comforter. We've actually never had a comforter. We have piles of blankets we kept on the bed. I've wanted to get a comforter since we got married, but it just hasn't happened. Until Target put these on clearance, and we both agreed that they would be perfect in our room.

That's probably the biggest problem we have. Agreeing on something when it comes to decor/furnishings. We have similar tastes, but they're different enough that it can take quite some time to find something we both like.

Then I chopped off 10 inches of my hair and donated it to science.

and ok, it wasn't science, it was Locks of Love. Science makes it sound cooler though.

Sometimes a girl just needs some change in her life!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy halloween!

Go enjoy this Pumpkin Carving, and then, if you're like me, you can bemoan your artistic skills.

happy halloween! I'll post pictures of our penguin girl later :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shameless plug for my new 'toy'

It's kinda sad that this is my new favorite thing. Besides my new comforter. I'll talk about that later.

But wow, I love it! Our entire house (aka--our basement apartment) has hardwood floors except for the three bedrooms. That's a lot of floor to clean!! and I hated doing it. Granted, we were lucky enough, that when the cleaners came to clean upstairs, they came and did the floor and bathroom downstairs as well (have I mentioned before that I hate cleaning bathrooms? I HATE it).

once a month is not enough for this floor though. once a week is not enough for this floor. Indy's constantly tracking things into the house--sticks, leaves, dirt. That and she sheds something fierce. it just gets really bad, really quick. but I hated getting down on my knees and mopping the whole floor!

Katryn's almost crawling now. She gets everywhere she wants to--backwards--but she gets there. and is finding all sorts of 'goodies' to try to eat on the floor. Gross, I know. Way too many things I don't want her to find!

I finally broke down and bought a starter kit at costco the other day. I can't believe what I've been missing! Granted, it takes two wet clothes to clean the whole floor it's so big, but it gets clean. And it doesn't take me an hour!!

I love my Swiffer. Does this mean I'm officially a house-wife?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My dog Indy

When I was a teenager, I would go to church camp every summer for about a week. And I was an angel child too--just wanted to make a record of that. Ok, so angel's probably not quite the right term. But that's a post for another day and time.

Anyway. . .there was a song we'd sing around the campfire. I don't know the title, but here are the words.

(first thing you'd do is pick a bean--I'll do jelly for this version)

My dog jelly likes to roam,
my dog jelly he left home
he came back,
quite unclean,
where oh where has jelly been?

Jelly bean, jelly bean,
where oh where has jelly bean?

Then we'd pick another bean and sing the song again and again.

This is how I sing it now:

My dog Indy likes to roam,
my dog Indy, she left home
she came back,
quite unclean,
where oh where has indy been?

The little stinker runs whenever she can!! If she can make it out the door, she's off like a bullet, with a huge grin on her face. A few day ago, she made it into the neighbors backyard. Which she loves because their entire backyard is pretty much a garden. She loves all the smells.

Normally she doesn't get out. We have a fenced in backyard, so she can roam around there, dig all the holes she wants, and cause trouble back there.

But if she'd have her way, she'd be roaming the streets for a few days. unless it was raining, then you couldn't get her to even stick her nose outside.

Yup. that's my dog. gotta love her.

Family Pictures

A few weeks ago, we made our way up the canyon with my sister and her camera. We wanted to get some family pictures taken before the leaves dropped. Ok, I wanted to get some pictures taken. Matt, Katryn, and Indy could really care less whether or not it happened. This is why I rule the house.

The leaves were just starting to change. Now though, as I look at the mountain it's full of colors. I guess the snow last week helped things move along.

We got lots of good shots. Jenni has an awesome fast camera, that takes pictures like the the speed of light. I'm dreaming of one still. . . maybe santa will bring me one for Christmas.

Katryn was so good while we were up there, laughing at Michael (big surprise there!) and smiling for most of the pictures.

Now we have to decide between the 75 pictures Jenni took for which one will be the family picture we give out for Christmas, as well as hang on the wall.

But hey, we got the taken!! that's really quite a feat in itself I thought. Indy was VERY distracted by all the exciting smells up there. Can't say I blame her though, she's a crazy dog!

Friday, October 03, 2008


After reading Emily's post about how she's decorated for halloween, I thought I would break out my halloween/fall items. All three of them. they looked a little meager, so I went to the store and purchased a few things. Not a lot, because we don't have a lot of space to decorate. Here's my little attempt for the halloween spirit.

Thank you Target for having these great blocks!

Most of these came from the Willey. . .except for the candy dish, that came from Target.

But this came from the willey

These came from Target. Maybe I'll get ambitious and put little tea lights in them. Probably not.

And this isn't even mine! I found it in my mother-in-laws storage room while I was looking for my fall box.

I am excited about halloween this year. I've found a puppy dog costume for Katryn that looks very similar to Indy. We may even try to dress her up this year! That's not an easy task. We'll be able to go to family members homes that are close and show her off. Hopefully, we'll be able to hit Walt and Kristy's home, because I KNOW she goes ALL out for Halloween, and I really, really want to see it. Maybe it'll give me some inspiriation for next year!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My nephew Michael

He's a funny kid, this boy. He refers to himself as 'me', like "me want. . . ""me going outside" He's three and half years old, the one child of my sister that could use football the most, but because of health problems (ie-only one kidney) he probably won't be able to. When he was born he was in NICU for about 10 days because of the health problems. Not that any of that stops him now.

He takes the toyboxes, dumps them out onto the floor, stands on the back of the couch, yells "cannonball!" and jumps into the toys. He's an odd child, that Michael-Man.

Jenni tells me a story about how her oldest boy, and Michael were discussing their friends the other day. Michael says "I have 5 friends!" and starts to list them. "Brandon (the boy across the street). . . .Adam (his little brother). . . . .Katryn. . . . .Mom, is Krystal my friend?" Jenni: "Yes" Michael: "Krystal. . . .Indy (my dog)"

Today when Jenni was talking to me, and telling me this story, he added on Matt as his friend. My whole family makes his list of 5 friends!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Inspiration to Blog

I used to be a rather avid blogger. I'd blog daily, or at least weekly, back when I first started blogging. That was years ago. . .ok, only about 3 and 1/2 years ago. I blame Asmond. It's really all his fault that I started blogging. (don't worry, it's not a bad thing!) I was spending a lot of time with him at the time, in an effort to find a new social group so I could cut myself off from the other one, who had too many ties with my ex-boyfriend (who is now my husband. . .funny how those work out eh?)

At the time though, the blog was just what I needed, it was just for me, to vent and get my feelings out. and it worked splendidly! It started as an annonymous blog, but through time, it's become more open. Although I try to respect those who still prefer their blog to be annonymous. . .speaking of which I should go update my blog roll for those who are annonymous.

My blog also had a purpose at the time I started it, besides to get my vent. The title of my blog "this is what living like this does" came from a song, and every blog post I tried to title after a song. sometimes it was the title of the song, more often it was a line from the song that hit me, and I loved. Yeah, I kind of deteored from that as well. maybe eventually I'll get around to doing that again. Since I started that blog, I've started other blogs as well. I have a blog for my writing, which I hardly do any more. I have a blog about stories of my daughter. I've also recently started an annonymous blog for my recipes, and a blog linking to it about how I'm a cheapskate, and how I like to save money, prepare for the future in different ways. And how I don't do very well most of the time. But I'm trying! and that's what counts.

I've pretty much become a blog junkie---all because of asmond.

Monday, September 22, 2008

'Camping' With Grandma and Grandpa

a while ago my grandparents went camping up the canyon to try out their new (to them) pop-up trailer. They got it from my parents, and I remember many a night sleeping in that trailer. I think I was even lucky enough to have a sleepover or two with some friends in it.

Anyway, my grandpa, being the handy-man that he is (seriously, he can fix anything!) altered the trailer so it's now a solar-powered trailer. Pretty impressive eh? it was the middle of the week, and they just went up the canyon near our home (a 10 minute drive) to camp in one of the campgrounds. They called my sister and invited her and her family to come have a BBQ with them. And us being us, invited ourselves. We of course brought our own food, and even marshmellows for everyone! Yup, we pretty much rock. We even convinced Glenn to come with us (and gave him dinner!) since Natalie was working.

Since it was the middle of the week, there was hardly anyone up there! it was great!

The boys took care of building the fire for us. Practicing all those boy scout skills they haven't used in years. It was entertaining to watch! Michael especially likes to be involved in things like this.

Matt cooked our chicken for us, with the use of just a few forks that I packed up for us to eat with. Unfortunately, he didn't cook his long enough. he didn't mind, because we brought pineapple to grill and he LOVES that stuff!

Glenn being lord of the flames
Bekah and michael enjoying their marshmellows

thanks for letting us come up with you Grandma and Grandpa! it was tons of fun!

Friday, September 05, 2008

what's new here

It's been a while since I've blogged! I keep reading everyone's blog though (thank heavens for google reader!! I love it!)

Currently there's not much exciting in our lives. Matt's computer crashed, so he had to rebuild it. and while he was at it, he built a computer for me and his parents as well! Yup, he's a nerd, and I love it. *grins* my laptop has been shorting out on me (again) so it's nice to have a 'real' computer to use.

Katryn has cut her two bottom teeth, within a week of each other!! and now she loves chomping on anything she can get into her mouth. She's not anywhere close to crawling. Has no interest in it whatsoever. Which is ok with me, because I'm not ready to baby proof our house.

I've been scrapbooking like crazy, and having tons of fun doing it!

that's really it in our lives. But here's some pictures to make up for a lame post :)