Friday, December 21, 2007

My stroller steal

About a week ago (actually on the 12th to be exact--I remember because it's my sister's b-day) I bought a stroller online. I was frightened, I'm not going to lie. Strollers, I've found, are something that really should be tried out before purchase. I thought I had found the stroller we wanted a while ago. Then I tried it out in the store. I kicked the wheels everytime I took a step! I couldn't believe it! this was the stroller of our dreams, we were going to get the carseat to match, and now I had to start all over, and I *only* had 3 months left!

I didn't want a stroller/carseat combo. I want to be a carrying mamma. I plan on getting this sling to use:they sell it at target and nordstroms, and of course, anywhere online. it's called the peanut shell (I thought I should give credit for taking their picture). The good news, my mother-in-law works at nordstroms, so I could get it there for a good price.

Here's my reasoning for getting a sling (then I'll get back to my awesome stroller). I believe that babies should be held. I saw on the news one night, or read in the paper or something like that, about how flat heads on babies were getting more and more common! Babies had to get the head 'casts' to help reform their head, because they were left on their back all the time. They were left in the carseat just sitting on the floor, they were left under the play gym, etc. I don't want anything like that happening to my baby for one. Another reason is because of the bond it creates between you and the baby. another because I can hold the baby when she's fussy and still get things done. another, I don't want to haul a carseat in and out of stores when I take her with me, have her seat fill up almost the whole shopping cart.

all in all, I think a sling is the best option for me, and this one doesn't have to be adjusted, it can just slip over your head and be ready! a lot of other sling have be wrapped, and take a lot of time and practice (and patience!) to get them ready.

now back to my stroller.

I found it at a webpage I had never been to until someone on one of my baby webpages mentioned this deal. They had three strollers, all for $99+shipping. (which turned out to be about $10) a single stroller, a deluxe single stroller, and a double. I bought the deluxe single one, and have been anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Honestly, everytime I hear Indy barking upstairs at the door, I run up and look to see if it's a big box for me. I was worried, because I didn't use paypal for this (yeah, just found out Matt has a paypal acct) and they charged my card on the 12th. So it had been over a week since they had charged me, and I hadn't received my stroller yet. I thought I had been scammed!

It showed up yesterday.

and I love it.

here's a pic from babies r us:
I even have that color!! Now, this stroller is on SALE at babies r us for $230, normally $260, and I got it for $99. I felt like a little kid at Christmas time, tearing open the box and putting it together, and then I pushed it around the house for a while as well, just to make sure I liked the way it moved. I do. It moves very nice, and I don't kick the wheels. I wanted to walk outside with it, but I thought the neighbors might look at me funny for pushing an empty stroller in the middle of a snow-thunder storm, with my obvious pregnant belly.

Let me tell you some of the cool features it has. The stroller handles are telescoping, so I can raise them (only about 3 inches) for someone taller to push it, the seat reclines almost flat, so I can put a young baby in there. The canopy can be extended so it covers all the way to the bar, so when the baby's sleeping in the stroller, the sun won't blind her.

there are other cool features, but I love this stroller. I bet though, if I had spent the $230 on it, I probably wouldn't love it as much. But since I only spent $99, I can't help but love it!

yay for great deals!!


  1. I almost feel like I should get paid for posting this! free advertising for 2 different things!

  2. Hey good idea... I wonder if I can get paid for things on my web page... I'm sure there is some store that sells guilt or anti-depressants that would pick me up.

  3. Yay for carrying babies. We carry Rachel all the time. We rarely bring her carseat inside anywhere--it just sits in the car.

    It is kind of nice to have it click into the stroller though because it's easier to bundle her up in the car seat than just the stroller. Oh, well :)

  4. Aw, it's my favorite Christmas song too. =) I am headed to the Ranch for New Years, so I'll be sure to tell Lozy Hi from you, and get well soon. I didn't know he was sick!

    Also, I love baby slings like that. I can't imagine any more special way to carry your baby! =)