Saturday, December 08, 2007

America's most wanted

I think I might be the type of person who would watch a train wreck and not be able to turn away. I hope not, but I think this because I love to watch Cops and America's Most Wanted on Saturday nights. and in my mind, that's kind of like a train wreck of someone's life.

I'm currently watching it right now, and I watched it last week (matt really needs to stop working saturday nights) and both nights they talked about an incident in SLC. usually they're on the east coast! Last week it was about a lady who took all her kids (from 2 different marriages) and ran away from her ex-husband current husband. And it's not like it was an abusive marriage, if anything it was her that was crazy (read about it here) and her family is from SLC. the cops came to talk with her mother and she said she would protect her daughter and wouldn't help the police. These poor dads just want Christmas with their children and they can't be found. it's sad

This week they talked about a shooting that happened at a hair salon in SLC, in which a robbery went bad. This guy killed the girl in front of her little sister and brother.

Sometime it's scares me living in the world today. there are so many people out there who think they have the right to do things like this, and i worry about raising a family in this world. But then I think of the next life. The second coming will be here soon, and then all those people will be in B-I-G trouble. that makes me feel a little better.

and on another random note: I just got a magazine in the mail and it's the issue for Feb of 2008. does that seem a little early to anyone else? wow, I guess this is what living like this does! (that one's for you bud)

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