Friday, December 21, 2007

My stroller steal

About a week ago (actually on the 12th to be exact--I remember because it's my sister's b-day) I bought a stroller online. I was frightened, I'm not going to lie. Strollers, I've found, are something that really should be tried out before purchase. I thought I had found the stroller we wanted a while ago. Then I tried it out in the store. I kicked the wheels everytime I took a step! I couldn't believe it! this was the stroller of our dreams, we were going to get the carseat to match, and now I had to start all over, and I *only* had 3 months left!

I didn't want a stroller/carseat combo. I want to be a carrying mamma. I plan on getting this sling to use:they sell it at target and nordstroms, and of course, anywhere online. it's called the peanut shell (I thought I should give credit for taking their picture). The good news, my mother-in-law works at nordstroms, so I could get it there for a good price.

Here's my reasoning for getting a sling (then I'll get back to my awesome stroller). I believe that babies should be held. I saw on the news one night, or read in the paper or something like that, about how flat heads on babies were getting more and more common! Babies had to get the head 'casts' to help reform their head, because they were left on their back all the time. They were left in the carseat just sitting on the floor, they were left under the play gym, etc. I don't want anything like that happening to my baby for one. Another reason is because of the bond it creates between you and the baby. another because I can hold the baby when she's fussy and still get things done. another, I don't want to haul a carseat in and out of stores when I take her with me, have her seat fill up almost the whole shopping cart.

all in all, I think a sling is the best option for me, and this one doesn't have to be adjusted, it can just slip over your head and be ready! a lot of other sling have be wrapped, and take a lot of time and practice (and patience!) to get them ready.

now back to my stroller.

I found it at a webpage I had never been to until someone on one of my baby webpages mentioned this deal. They had three strollers, all for $99+shipping. (which turned out to be about $10) a single stroller, a deluxe single stroller, and a double. I bought the deluxe single one, and have been anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Honestly, everytime I hear Indy barking upstairs at the door, I run up and look to see if it's a big box for me. I was worried, because I didn't use paypal for this (yeah, just found out Matt has a paypal acct) and they charged my card on the 12th. So it had been over a week since they had charged me, and I hadn't received my stroller yet. I thought I had been scammed!

It showed up yesterday.

and I love it.

here's a pic from babies r us:
I even have that color!! Now, this stroller is on SALE at babies r us for $230, normally $260, and I got it for $99. I felt like a little kid at Christmas time, tearing open the box and putting it together, and then I pushed it around the house for a while as well, just to make sure I liked the way it moved. I do. It moves very nice, and I don't kick the wheels. I wanted to walk outside with it, but I thought the neighbors might look at me funny for pushing an empty stroller in the middle of a snow-thunder storm, with my obvious pregnant belly.

Let me tell you some of the cool features it has. The stroller handles are telescoping, so I can raise them (only about 3 inches) for someone taller to push it, the seat reclines almost flat, so I can put a young baby in there. The canopy can be extended so it covers all the way to the bar, so when the baby's sleeping in the stroller, the sun won't blind her.

there are other cool features, but I love this stroller. I bet though, if I had spent the $230 on it, I probably wouldn't love it as much. But since I only spent $99, I can't help but love it!

yay for great deals!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My apparently controversial plan

Before I became pregnant, I had always said "drug me up, I don't want to feel a thing, give me all the drugs!". But now that I actually am pregnant, and getting closer to having this baby, I've come to drastically change my mind, and it's a little controversial I found.

I'm not trying to turn this into anything like that, and please if you comment, don't tell me your horror birth stories, I don't want to hear them. thank you! :)

Now, like I said, after I became pregnant, I started doing a LOT of research on babies, labor, delivery, everything I could get my hands on! and I learned a lot. and I came to the decision that I don't want the drugs, I don't want to have to lay in a bed, unable to feel anything from the waist down, and try to push a baby out (and up, gravity doesn't really help when you're flat on your back) and not be able to tell what's going on for myself.

I have decided on a natural childbirth. No, I'm not opposed to medical intervention. No, I am not having my baby at home, I will have her in the hospital. But I want to be the one in control. I'm the one that knows my body the best, and I know that my body can have a natural birth and doesn't need to be hindered by drugs. I actually read in a book, something that just made some much sense to me.

"The premise that birthing, by nature, had to be a painful ordeal was totally unacceptable to me. I could not believe that a God who had created the body with such perfection could have designed a system of procreation that was flawed. . .Even more importantly, I could not believe that a loving God would commit so cruel a hoax as to make us sexual beings so that we would come together in love to conceive and then make the means through which we would birth our children so excruciatingly painful." Mongan, Marie, M.Ed, M.Hy. Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method. Deerfield Beach, Florida: Health Communications, Inc, 1992.

Sorry if my citation is incorrect, it's been a while since I've done anything scholarly. But the concept makes sense to me. Animals don't have any problem giving birth, they know they're body and know what to do instinctively. I can't see any reason why I can't do the same thing.

I'm taking a hypnobirthing class, to help teach me how to relax during birth, so my body isn't fighting itself: 1/2 of the uterus trying to keep the baby in like it's been doing the past 9 months, and the other 1/2 trying to push the baby out--no wonder people have pain! The class more or less teaches a person how to relax their body and mind, putting themselves into a deep, deep relaxed state. and when the body is relaxed, things process so much more smoothly.

I've thought about it, spent alot of time thinking about it actually. and this is something that will work for me. I understand that it might not be completely pain free, I understand that if something goes wrong, I might have to have medical intervention, and I accept that. but I'm not telling myself that. I'm mentioning it here so people won't say "don't say never!". I am telling myself that I will have a painfree birth, that my birth won't need medical intervention, and that I will enjoy my birth.

a lot of people think I'm crazy, and I'm ok with that. some people think it's a great idea. This is the birth I want and the one that will work best for me. I may be crazy, but after all, this is what living like this does.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

America's most wanted

I think I might be the type of person who would watch a train wreck and not be able to turn away. I hope not, but I think this because I love to watch Cops and America's Most Wanted on Saturday nights. and in my mind, that's kind of like a train wreck of someone's life.

I'm currently watching it right now, and I watched it last week (matt really needs to stop working saturday nights) and both nights they talked about an incident in SLC. usually they're on the east coast! Last week it was about a lady who took all her kids (from 2 different marriages) and ran away from her ex-husband current husband. And it's not like it was an abusive marriage, if anything it was her that was crazy (read about it here) and her family is from SLC. the cops came to talk with her mother and she said she would protect her daughter and wouldn't help the police. These poor dads just want Christmas with their children and they can't be found. it's sad

This week they talked about a shooting that happened at a hair salon in SLC, in which a robbery went bad. This guy killed the girl in front of her little sister and brother.

Sometime it's scares me living in the world today. there are so many people out there who think they have the right to do things like this, and i worry about raising a family in this world. But then I think of the next life. The second coming will be here soon, and then all those people will be in B-I-G trouble. that makes me feel a little better.

and on another random note: I just got a magazine in the mail and it's the issue for Feb of 2008. does that seem a little early to anyone else? wow, I guess this is what living like this does! (that one's for you bud)

Monday, December 03, 2007

all my free time

Like I've mentioned before, I have always worked and so I have never really had much free time, unless you count the time I'm supposed to be sleeping (which right now, is very true, I have such a hard time sleeping!!).

I'm a very shy person, I don't go out of my way to meet people. that being said, when a clipboard comes around in Relief Society, I pass it on. I don't sign up to bring meals to people, I don't sign up to help clean, I don't sign up for anything. I used to tell myself that I wasn't signing up because I didn't have the time, I didn't know what my work schedule would be. Something along those lines.

Until I stopped working. I never realized how much goes on my church! There's book club every month (which I tried going to at the beginning of the year. . .only lasted a few months) there's enrichment activities every few months, there's super saturday's, there's ward activities, there's meals to take to families who are struggling, and all sorts of things!!

A few sunday's ago, as I'm listening to the lesson I get a clipboard with a sign up to help serve dinner for an anniversary dinner/open house for a couple in our ward (it was their 75th!! wow!!) and I was the last person to get it. Being the shy person I am, I just set in on the seat in front of me. The problem was, I couldn't help but keep looking at it. They only needed 3 people, on a friday night from about 6-8. One person had signed up, and it had been through the entire group of women.

It was taunting me! and I kept trying to make excuses, because I'm shy, and I get nervous around people I don't know, and I don't know alot of people in my ward. Then I thought of this: What if I need help from my ward at some point, and no one signs up? how would I feel? I would think, "well, I never signed up for anything, so I can't blame them". If I want blessings from God, then I need to serve my neighbors. And if no one signs up, then everything gets stuck on the presidency, and that's not fair.

I signed up, and I went and served food. and it was great. I felt great (after the fact, I was very nervous during the whole thing). two ladies from the presidency were there to help serve, myself and one other lady. The Relief Society President (who is the mother of the student body president my senior year. Very, very nice lady) told me that she couldn't believe I signed up because I'm a pregnant woman, and there's all these other old ladies sitting at home, and I should be the one sitting at home. That surprised me, but it was really funny at the same time.

Now, when clipboards come around, I sign up for all sorts of things! I never realized how much there was going on in my ward! Within these next two weeks, there's enrichment next wednesday, in which I need to bring an appetizer, I'm helping clean a house for a neighbor who is moving out, stake conference is this saturday and sunday, next saturday is the ward Christmas breakfast, and on friday there's a get together to say goodbye to some families that are moving out of the ward.

yeah, that's a busy two weeks! But I love it! I love being able to meet people in my ward and make new friends and make good use of my free time to serve others. Especially at this time of year. It really puts me into the Christmas spirit and after all, this is was living like this does.