Friday, November 09, 2007

Ode to the Willey

Today was my last day the Willey. It was very bittersweet, and I'm still not sure how I feel about this decision. When I've left other jobs, it was usually because I needed to get out, or I just might kill someone, or myself if I stayed much longer.

I started work at the willey right after I got back from our honeymoon, in may of 2006. It was completely different from any other job I've had. I've really always worked retail, so I was expecting the same thing, helping customers, working a register, returning merchandise etc. Yeah, it wasn't really anything like that. I've worked for small retail companies. Personally owned, not corporate owned. for the 3 things I listed above, the willey has different departments that do each of them. I just worked a register.

As I worked there, I slowly worked my way up 'the totem pole' until I was only 3 spots from a management position (granted, management tends to stick around a lot longer than general associates, so I wasn't really that close, but I had seniority, which is great). I learned a lot. I started as a cashier, which is very basic (except for the really old, not window based, point of sale system they use). When I had a question, I could ask anyone. About 6 months into there, I got a raise, got an employee discount, got a 50lb box of potatoes for a holiday gift, and got promoted to the financing side of the store. This was a little harder, but still good. By then I had made a lot of friends with my co-workers and enjoyed learning all the new aspects of this place. I was now the one answering cashiers questions and dealing with more difficult customer problems involving their credit account, and even dealing with personal things, like telling a customer that because they have collections, judgements on their credit report, we won't issue them a line a credit. That was hard at first, but it helped me learn how to be understanding, and tactful when talking to someone about such a sensitive subject.

about 2 months later I was promoted again to the customer service department. This scared me a lot. People had quit because of this job, have refused to work over in that department. It was hard. It involved a lot more work that one would think. It wasn't just returns we dealt with, it was servicing merchandise, being yelled at because something wasn't in stock yet, or because it was damaged on delivery. It was a job that truly taught patience. It takes a lot to be yelled at by someone you're trying to help and just continue helping and not let it bother you.
Some days I'd come home and just cry because it was such a hard day. Some days I'd drag myself out of bed and wonder how I would make it through the day. Some days I'd yell back at customers (only happened twice).

But I really did love my job. I really love all the the people I work with, even the annoying ones and I'm going to miss the time I've spent getting to know them, and becoming close to them. My manager was the greatest manager I have ever, ever, ever have, and I will always miss her, and appreciate all the support she gave to me, and gives to all the associates every day. I love the funny salespeople, the one who actually sat down and answered a customer service phone call for me because I was sick of it, the one who called me about my order, forgetting that i work there with him, the guy who would answer the phones with a different accent all the time, the guy who would hang up on a customer because they were yelling, the one who would give us all neck massages, the store manager who seemed like he had ADHD, and all the others who have quirks that just made a workplace fun to be in.

I will miss everyone at the willey, and I'm not ashamed to admit that this is the first job I've left, and cried about leaving, and been so sad. But I know that I'm supposed to be home with my baby, and I'm supposed to be a mother, and that is the most important job I could ever have in the world.

Cheers to the willey and the things I learned, the friends I made, and the good times I had, and here's to the new start for me, in becoming a full time mother (to-be for now) and doing what the Lord wants His daughters to do. Teach the children in the home about Him and Christ. That's really all that's important right?


  1. Ever thought you might have cried because... you're pregnant?

  2. yeah, that might've had something to do with it as well. . .cursed hormones

  3. Hi! It's fun to find your blog, too. :) It's a little strange that you're connected to both of my main groups: "Home" group - Nancy, Andrew, Joy, Joe and that gang, and the blue-beta crowd. It's so funny to see links to Bawb's blog and Joe & Joy's blog on the same list. I tend to keep my worlds a little more separate.

    (Which is one of the reasons it was a little freakish for me and Asmond to find out we were both part of blue-beta, too.)

    Hooray for finding friends.

  4. So... that was a little insensitive of me. Sorry! I'm glad that you are feeling such attachment to your job. I certainly am looking forward to the moment I get to say, "seeya!" To my current employer. I'll post about that soon... hope everything is going well!

  5. I know this is an old blog, but I am home bored two out of five work days. But I wanted to let you know that that is exactly how I felt when I left. I even got to a point at the beginning of my pregnancy where we both contemplated me moving back to Utah and working there until the baby was ready to come. The support of coworkers really made the job special! I am so glad I met you there!! I hope we can keep in touch and share in each others lives!!

    Michelle Grover