Wednesday, November 14, 2007

nighttime experiences

I'm a person who sleeps. I always have been, and I always will be. I like sleep! In high school, and college, I would take a nap almost every day. It's just what I do! and then I still have no problem sleeping at night. it's a little abnormal people think, but it's just me.

luckily, I'm a person who's dreams are also very normal. I don't have real nightmares, or dream that I'm a superhero who can fly or such. The only time I ever have disturbing dreams is when I dream my family, Matt, or my dog have been hurt in someway, or that they're mad at me for something. I get upset about that. Especially if it's my dad who is mad at me in the dream, or matt.

Until last night. I had one of those dreams within a dream, where I was dreaming that I woke up in my bed, and I rolled over. And then a spider the size of a dinner plate crawled across me. I don't have arachnophobia, I just really don't like spiders. I had a bad experience once. I found a whistle on the window sill at my parents house, and tried it out. and I happened to suck in a live spider who had made that whistle his home. Since then, I've never been a spider person. In one of my psych classes, my teacher actually had a pop-up book of phobias. It was awesome. Pictures of the situation would cause some people to actually panic (like of being buried alive, or clowns--never understood that phobia, but I guess I really don't have to) and the spiders never made me panic. It was a book for crying out loud. a really cool book.

I just have matt kill the spiders, and go on with life. I actually lived in an apartment where we would find a spider in the shower every morning. That was disturbing. but I digress. . .

but first. I need to clarify that I also don't scream. I'm not that type of person. it really cracks matt up, because when I'm startled, I kinda say "arg!" or something like that. I don't think I've ever been a screamy person. Maybe in junior high when I was going through a phase or whatever, but when I'm scared, but more of gasp of "agggg!". it's also never very loud, just kind of normal pitch. this will tie into my story, I promise.

so I'm dreaming that I'm awake and a huge spider crawls across me. I, of course, panic. from what I remember (I was still kinda of not with it, it was 1:45am) I started 'my' screaming "arggg!!!" and I couldn't stop. Matt grabbed me, and was just holding me, and I'm trying to claw my way up the back of the wall, away from where the spider had crawled across the bed, and I'm crying, and in all sorts of a panic. Matt's trying to calm me down, and it took a few minutes for me to realize that it was probably just a dream.

Nonetheless, He goes and turns the light on for me, checks under the bed an next to, takes off the blankets so I can see. I'm still all hopped up on that adrenaline stuff though, and there's still tears coming out of my eyes. and I won't let him turn the light off. at this point I realized that I was probably just a dream. I say probably, because I had not convinced myself yet that it wasn't real. part of me was sure that there was a huge spider lurking somewhere in my room still. So I have matt light the candle on the nightstand for me, and we sit in bed, waiting for me to get control of myself. and Matt's laughing, saying "I guess that settles it, you really don't scream do you" (he was 'testing' me the other day).

I had to have him put the candle out though, because it was casting a shadow that looked a LOT like a large hairy spider leg on the wall, and it was freaking me out, and made me jump everytime it moved/the candle flickered.

all in all, it was an eventful night for us. I felt a little silly afterwards, because I've never been in that state of panic/fear before. Enough so that I was crying I was so terrified. It was an experience for both of us. And Indy just laid there and looked at us like "why on earth are you awake?"

yeah, I guess I really do hate spiders.

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  1. Ooh! I'll have to have Andrew read this. Unlike you, I have nightmares all the time and I always make Andrew get up and check stuff for me.

    He'll feel better knowing that I have yet to make him strip the bed in the middle of the night :)

    I'm sorry about your scary dream. Chalk it up to pregnancy. Dreams just get weirder the farther you are along.