Tuesday, November 06, 2007

domestic goddess attempt

as I've mentioned before, I long to be a domestic goddess. This sunday I had an attempt at being that person. I made banana bread. Unfortunatly I have never made this before. I'm actually slightly embarrassed to admit that. But I bought the bananas with a purpose of making this bread. I let them sit on the counter to get brown, and then mashed them good.

The recipe, I actually got out of a mystery novel by Joanne Fluke. All her books are like this, the main character solves murders and cooks. Quick read, and predictable, with about 6-10 recipes throughout, but fun nonetheless.

It called for 3-4 bananas, (or 1 1/2 cups mashed) I had 4 bananas, so I mashed them all up and dumped them in my mixture. Of course I didn't measure! I never measure, I estimate. I usually estimate with the appropriate measuring cup/spoon, (or the one I've already dirtied) but I don't scrape the top with a knife to get the exact correct measurement. somethings I don't even bother getting out the spoon for. Like for salt. I just shake until it looks close.

Tums out that I think one banana equals 1/2 cup of mashed banana. so I put 2 cups of banana in my bread. I assumed that it would just have an extra kick of banana flavor. If only that's the way it turned out. I dug out my bread pan that I actually have never used but have had for over a year (i even have 2! in the hopes that I'd make bread to save some money. . .it's on my list for when I'm not working). I sprayed it good, like the recipe said to, and poured the mixture into the pan. I even made sure my oven rack was in the middle and completely preheated! I never worry about things like that when I cook!!

so close to an hour later, when it's supposed to be done, I go and pull it out of the oven so I can push a toothpick in the middle to check. only the middle looks very gooey. and the edges are looking very crispy. I put it back in for ten more minutes in hopes to help it cook more thoroughly. alas, it didn't. the edges got crispier and the middle stayed gooey.

I have eaten some slices, because I absolutely hate wasting food when I spent money on it. This is what's wrong with my banana bread and why it'll probably end up being thrown away.
1-I sprayed the pan too much, and so the cooking spray burnt a little bit, and left burnt pieces on my bread
1a-because of the pan being sprayed too much, the edge tastes like the cooking spray
2-the entire center/top of the bread that is uncooked and gooey, so I have to eat around it, and am therefore eating the crust which tastes funny because of the cooking spray
3-matt says he loves banana bread but has yet to touch it, except to cut me a slice the first night I made it, and he probably won't touch it again.

I'm unsure about what to do with this bread now, I am currently eating a slice, which I tried to toast this morning because toasted, buttered banana bread is very tasty, and ended up getting gooey uncooked banana section all over my toaster. Maybe I'll take it over to my parents, my dad will eat it and not think twice about it being gooey.

I think I'm done baking for a while, I'll turn my domestic goddess powers to finishing my quilt for now.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry - I hate when things don't turn out. But I think you should pitch it...not only are you not enjoying it, but if there were eggs in the bread, the fact that it's not cooked all the way could be unhealthy. Plus, I'm a firm believer in enjoying all the food I eat. Why eat yucky stuff if you can eat the good stuff? =)

    Do you have the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook? The big one, with the red tablecloth-looking cover? There is a recipe in there for Zucchini Bread that is amazing. One of my girls made it a few times this summer and it disappeared very quickly! Let me know if you don't have the cookbook and I'll send you a copy.

    Have fun at your last few days of work! =)

  2. I firmly believe that being pregnant has a strange but profound effect on a woman's ability to cook. Normally (aka not pregnant) I burn or mess up a recipe about once every 3-6 months. However with the pregnant hormones or something it speeds up the times in between so it's like every 3-6 weeks instead. Last friday I made chili for dinner and everyone thought it was okay-except that it had no chili powder in it! Just think...by March we should be able to cook again! I hope your test went okay!

  3. Don't give up, I had a similar experience the first time I made banana bread. It got better with time!