Friday, November 30, 2007

Doctor's Visit

I've now officially entered the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy, and have thus started seeing my midwives every 2 weeks (yes, I'm seeing a midwife, and I'm giving birth in a hospital, it can be done!). I was a little nervous about this visit because the visit before I had my glucose test. I figured I had passed because the office never called me to tell me I failed.

I did pass. BARELY!!! The cutoff point is 140 points or whatever they rank it in. We'll say points, although I'm not sure how many points it goes up to. Point being, if I scored 140 or higher, I would have failed the one hour test, and would have to take the 3 hour test, where they take your blood like every 30 minutes for 3 hours, or something like that.

My score was 139. and I wonder if that was because I didn't do a true fast like I was supposed to? I think I misread the instructions. I think I was supposed to not eat ANY sugar for 12 hours before the test (which I did) and the few things I could eat before the test were carbs, like toast, or eggs. so I had toast for breakfast. but I ate it right before I drank the glucose drink. After I drink the drink, I have to have my blood drawn pretty much right on the hour from when I drank it. I think I was supposed to fast for the hour after I drank the drink, and I had the toast.

So here's what I think. I think if I had actually gotten up a little bit earlier and ate breakfast, instead of right before my hour was supposed to start, I might've scored lower. Either way, because I scored so high, I realized that I really do need to cut back on the junk I eat. I've done a lot better since I quit work, because instead of a vending machine, I have to find something in my kitchen. and that can be hard sometimes.

My midwife also asked if I was eating enough fruits and veggies. I think I am. but I'm probably not. so that's another thing I need to work on. I've gotten better at eating fresh fruits. I eat either an apple or orange a day (since that's what's in my fridge). But that's really it!! That's not nearly enough!

I created a meal plan for us, so I can create a grocery list, and therefore stay within our budget but not buying the things that look tasty. And with this meal plan, we are having a side dish with these meals. Fruits or veggies, because I need to eat more of those! Our food pyramid is slightly off, because we eat a lot of carbs. We're big pasta people (it's easy!) and our one type of meat is chicken. we don't eat ground beef or other meats, although I'm going to start making some ground beef meals, because there's some easy ones out there!

besides that, the visit was good. Quick, because I usually don't have a lot of questions because I forget them, or I've already exhausted the internet finding the answer. the heart beat was good, my b/p was good, my weight was good (I assume, they never say good for that one, they just write the number down) my belly is measuring right at 30cm, which is where I'm supposed to be. so good visit.

I really liked this midwife. The office I'm at has 6 midwives and 2 ob/gyns. I rotate between all the midwives, whoever is working that day. The nice thing about this is I get to know them all, because any one of them could be on call when I go into labor, and then deliver my baby. And they're all female (which is one of the things I was looking for) there has only been one that I didn't really care for, a few I'm indifferent towards, and two that I REALLY like, and I would love it if I could get either one of those.

Yeah, I don't have any say in that though.


  1. Yay - I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you and the baby! Can you get ground buffalo/bison anywhere nearby? I always try to buy that instead of beef because it's healthier, tastier, and reminds me of Philmont. =)

    I hope things keep going well and that you find good ways to sneak in some veggies and fruits! =)

  2. Yep, it's a burro! All by his lonesome. =(

    I wanted to steal one of the babies so badly and bring it back home to live in my backyard, but I didn't think it would like the car ride very much. ;)

  3. Try spinach salad for help with veggies. We like it much better than regular lettuce. And spinach is very tasty in wraps. Hmm, yummy. And pears are good right now in the grocery store. As for your glucose, I think you are supposed to fast for 12 hours prior (which means nothing, carbs or anything). But since you had just eaten it would raise your blood sugar level some. Just be glad you didn't need that three hour test. :) Good luck, and when are you coming to see me again? AJ

  4. I lied, you are tested with the sugar solution regardless of when you last ate. I think it is seeing how well your body clears it out but I am not reading the chemistry book that far to find out. :)