Monday, October 15, 2007

showing off

When my little brother got married in August, we spent some time outside the temple waiting for them to come out, and the Jordan River Temple has a nice fountain out front. I have 5 nieces and nephews on this side of the family, and the fountain was a HUGE hit, because it was so hot outside. My favorite though, my niece Rebekah.

as you can see, she was soaked after playing in the fountain. Her hair was plastered all over her face because it was so wet from being dragged in the fountain. Her dress was soaked as well. It was actually really funny. Slightly embarrassing for my dear sisters, with their kids running wild in front of the temple, but they sure are cute!

Sam was loving playing with dad's camera the whole time (he was the one who initiated the fountain playing) Yes, the camera was on, and he actually took some really good pictures. It was funny because when we were taking the family group shots, he refused to look at the camera man, and just glared down at his shoes. I think he was just mad that he couldn't use that camera.

I love being an aunt though, it's so much fun to be able to play with the kids. I brag that I'm the favorite aunt because I have the puppy. It's true though, I am the favorite. Actually I think most of them just forget about me and move straight towards Indy. I know Sam does. Our family has a fish we mail to each other, and fill full of treats and letters from the family. My sister AnnaJune had it, and she was asking Sam who he wanted to mail it to. She went through everyone in the family, including all the kids, and he didn't want to send it to anyone. Then she asked if he wanted to send it to Indy, and he jumped all over that, and well, Indy got the fish in the mail. Full of dog treats. Yeah, I'm the favorite aunt, and I'm not ashamed to admit it's because I have the puppy.


  1. Your niece totally looks like mine...I read my sister's page right before yours and then I clicked over to yours and was like, "Whoa! What's she doing on here?"

    Yeah...cute girl! Very cute!

  2. I'm sorry to inform you but Jenni is currently Sam's favorite aunt. Or so he told us last week. Keep trying, he can change his mind. :)

  3. Aww, I know that fish!!! =)