Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cleaning ladies

My in-laws both work full time, and because of that, about 2-3 years ago, my mother in law decided to hire some cleaning company to come clean her house about once a month. I don't blame her! She works in retail, and she also runs her own business, so on her day off she's making deliveries around the town. She doesn't have time to ever really deep clean her house.

Now matt and I live here in her basement, and the cleaning ladies will clean our little apartment for us too! Usually that doesn't bother me. I don't like bathrooms, and during the first few months of my pregnancy, I loved having someone else clean my toilet. I spent a lot of time bonding with my toilet, and sometimes the thought of cleaning it made me sick, sometimes just looking at it made me sick.

we also have hardwood floors throughout the whole basement, excluding our bedroom. so I like that I don't have to clean them (it would involve me on my hands and feet).

But sometimes, I really don't like them coming. They call my mother in law about 2 days before they come, and she comes and tells me "the cleaning ladies will be here on ____ at _____" and whether or not this works for me and matt they still come. We have our dog, and she panics with vacuums and unknown people taking over 'her' house. So if when the cleaning ladies come and it doesn't work for us, we have to take Indy over to my parents house and inconvenience them. We couldn't very well leave her locked up in the bedroom for 8 hours while we're at work just because the cleaning ladies are coming. That's just asking for trouble.

Today is one of the days when I think that they should not be here. it's not that bad because Matt's off today, I don't work until 1pm, and they were supposed to come at 11am. Only they showed up at 10:30. and I was still in the shower. and my clean clothes were in the laundry upstairs. and I haven't had breakfast yet. and I need to do my dishes. and all those other ands!!

so because I don't want to get in their way, so they can clean faster and get out of my house quicker, I will stay in my bedroom with the puppy and Matt. Instead of getting ready for work, instead of doing more laundry, instead of finishing my dishes, instead of making a real breakfast I got cold cereal, instead of all the other things I wanted to get done today!! I'm going to stay in my room, still in my pj's because my clothes are in the dryer upstairs, and cut out quilting squares. Not really the top on my priority list. After all, this is what living like this does.

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