Thursday, September 27, 2007


7-I will do my family history! (I go to the sunday school class in my ward, and every week, they ask what "wahoo's" we had that week, and I think. . .well, I made it to class today)

I've decided to forgo sugar for a while. Now, I'm not saying everything that has sugar in it I will not eat at all, because I know how unrealistic that is, and how I will fail miserably. I actually work with a girl who doesn't eat ANY sugar. I'm not sure how she does it, but that's what she claims. BUT, after talking to Katie, Levi's wife, who is pregnant with their second baby, she's on a sugar free diet right now. Her last pregnancy, she had gestational diabetes. One of my supervisors (who's pregnant with twins) has gestational diabetes; she's having a c-section. Not that the two are correlated for sure, but they could be.

More or less, sugar makes babies grow bigger. I'm not a very large person, and the idea of giving birth to a large baby, because I ate too much sugar, does not appeal to me. Currently, our baby is measuring right where she should be. To the day actually. This is probably why when you're pregnant, you're supposed to eat really well. I understand all that. I just work 8 hours a day, and sometimes, it's easier to grab something out of the vending machine to snack on, then plan something to bring with me.

But I'm going to try, I've bought fruits and vegetables to eat and snack on, I'm trying to plan actual meals that are good for me and my baby (oh yeah, and matt) and exercise as well. So I guess I should say that I'm pretty much just trying to eat like I've always been taught to eat, and not eat junk all the time. *sighs* yeah, we'll see how that goes.

And update on the puppies. Jenni's mother-in-law took them. Pretty much for the same reason I would have taken them. This is a good thing, because her son, who lives with her, has a dachshund as well, so now they have three dogs running around. Well, that's better than 3 dogs running around a house that I don't even own.

and I only have 28 more days of work (at the most). That kind of freaks me out actully


  1. Good luck! I always feel better when I avoid junk's just so hard sometimes! But I know you can do it! =)

  2. I definitely thought of you and your family when I wrote it. =)

  3. I found that it was easier to make healthy changes when I was pregnant--just because I was thinking about the baby so often I remembered what my healthy changes were...

    Good luck with that. :)

    And Katie's pregnant again? It seems like their first is still pretty young...

    Oh, and...I don't even like dogs. At all. But...there is this one house not too far away from me that has a dalmatian-looking thing and another kind of big-ish dog. They keep them in a dog "run" which is more of a "dog can barely have room to stand up in" and there are loads of excrement just sitting in the cage. It makes me mad--and I don't like dogs. So I kinda know where you're coming from.

  4. good luck with the whole eating good thing. I've been trying to do that for quite a while now... with less or more success, depending on the day. It helps now that Karen eats regular people food; I don't want her eating cookies and junk all the time so I don't either-at least when she's around...