Thursday, September 27, 2007


7-I will do my family history! (I go to the sunday school class in my ward, and every week, they ask what "wahoo's" we had that week, and I think. . .well, I made it to class today)

I've decided to forgo sugar for a while. Now, I'm not saying everything that has sugar in it I will not eat at all, because I know how unrealistic that is, and how I will fail miserably. I actually work with a girl who doesn't eat ANY sugar. I'm not sure how she does it, but that's what she claims. BUT, after talking to Katie, Levi's wife, who is pregnant with their second baby, she's on a sugar free diet right now. Her last pregnancy, she had gestational diabetes. One of my supervisors (who's pregnant with twins) has gestational diabetes; she's having a c-section. Not that the two are correlated for sure, but they could be.

More or less, sugar makes babies grow bigger. I'm not a very large person, and the idea of giving birth to a large baby, because I ate too much sugar, does not appeal to me. Currently, our baby is measuring right where she should be. To the day actually. This is probably why when you're pregnant, you're supposed to eat really well. I understand all that. I just work 8 hours a day, and sometimes, it's easier to grab something out of the vending machine to snack on, then plan something to bring with me.

But I'm going to try, I've bought fruits and vegetables to eat and snack on, I'm trying to plan actual meals that are good for me and my baby (oh yeah, and matt) and exercise as well. So I guess I should say that I'm pretty much just trying to eat like I've always been taught to eat, and not eat junk all the time. *sighs* yeah, we'll see how that goes.

And update on the puppies. Jenni's mother-in-law took them. Pretty much for the same reason I would have taken them. This is a good thing, because her son, who lives with her, has a dachshund as well, so now they have three dogs running around. Well, that's better than 3 dogs running around a house that I don't even own.

and I only have 28 more days of work (at the most). That kind of freaks me out actully

Sunday, September 23, 2007

my soft spot

I'm a dog person, I've stated that before and I'll say it again. This is my weakness you could say. Although I wish you wouldn't say it that way, because I don't consider it a weakness. They're just my soft spot.

I've told matt for years that I want to be able to have lots of land, and lots of dogs. That's my wish. Right now we only have one dog, but Matt's promised me that we can get a second one in 2010. (when the baby's 2) I've already got one picked out. We're going to get a husky next. That's actually the dog matt's always wanted, and everytime I see one for sale in the classified ads, it's very hard for me not to call and say "I'll take you home!" actually almost every dog I see in the classifieds I feel that way about.

That being said, I'd like to tell a little story about something going on right now. My sister and her family (4 kids, ranging from ages 6-4months) recently acquired 2 dachshunds. They're both 2 years old, purebred, one male, one female, and quite cute. We had a dachshund growing up, and loved it. The problem with these dogs though, is nothing to do with the dogs. In my opinion. Her husband also had a dachshund growing up so they were very excited to get these dogs for free.

About 2 weeks after they got the dogs, they became outside dogs. I don't think ANY dog should be an outside dog. That's my personal belief, but like I said, I have a VERY soft spot for dogs. But I'm very against small dogs being outside dogs. Big dogs, I can understand. Dogs under 10 lbs, I can't for the life of me understand why.

This is why they became outside dogs. 1: The got into the bathroom trash and shredded a diaper. 2: my sister wouldn't see them waiting by the door to go outside (they are house broken) and so they'd have accidents in the house.

I can see getting upset about both those things. But is that really the dogs fault? If you leave cookies out on the counter, and they get eaten, who's fault is it? Dogs like garbage. I don't know why, but they do. and if they aren't given their normal option of relieving themselves outside, they have to go somewhere right? a child would do the same thing.

The problem I'm having with this situation, and it's really, really bothering me (I cried about it for about 1/2 hour today, with matt and then with my dad, trying to find a solution) is that they aren't planning on bringing this dogs inside for the winter. This very night, those dogs are tied up on 6 foot (if that) leashes, with a wet blanket from the rain yesterday to sleep on, and a crate that isn't big enough for 2 dogs, in the corner of the yard. they are reaching the point of neglect. Being who I am, I can't take it. It was hard enough for me to leave their house today, and not take them with me.

Because of the things they did when they were house dogs, they've been banished. My sister's husband, when questioned about bringing them in this winter so they don't freeze to death, seemed to not care--he does NOT want them back in the house.

so of course, I said "I'll take them for you!". He really liked that idea.

I talked to matt. "what do you think about dog sitting?" "Jenni's dogs?" "yup" "for how long?" "um, all winter?" and with a look of disbelief "no"

then after explaining the situation to him (after we left my sisters, because I'm pretty emotional about it all) he said, "well, let's talk to your dad first, and see if he'd be willing to take them for the winter". This was a genius idea on his part, because my family (or who's left, my parents, and 14 year old sister) leave all summer, while he's the LDS chaplain at a boy scout ranch in New Mexico. They can't have a dog, and it breaks his heart I think. He's never really been without a dog, and really misses our last dog, (and only) who died about 3 years ago, while he was gone for the summer. so if we could convince him to take the dogs for the winter and "dog-sit" so they could be indoors, then I would be much happier, and the dogs would too! at least they'd live! Shoot, even if my sister didn't want to take them back at the end of the winter, I'd take them and "dog-sit" them for my dad, and they could become his dogs. He'd love that!!

I went to my parents earlier this evening to explain the situation to them, and see what they'd be willing to do, and of course, cried my eyes out, because things like this make me cry. He had another option. He knows a lot about dachshunds, he also had one growing up, and they're his favorite breed of dog. He said that they can survive outside. But they need some place warm and dry that they can use. And they still need to be played with, and given attention and affection, not just put in a dog run and given food and water 2 times a day. They like to burrow he said, and so if they have a large crate, you can insulate (kinda) the inside with carpet squares, put a lot of blankets in there, and a small light, which will emit just enough warmth for them, and they should be ok outside. The question is, whether or not they would get played with. I'm not sure they would. Her family just moved here from florida, and are warm blooded.

He was rather upset when I explained the whole situation to him as well, and I don't blame him! I'm REALLY upset about it! apparently our dachshund did the same things when we had her, but you just have to teach them. I've taught Indy to stay out of the garbage, and to stay away from certain things, and house-trained her. It's a matter of putting forth the effort, and they aren't really willing to do that with their dogs.

they have a garage they could use a corner of for the dogs, that's at least out of the elements, but they don't. It breaks my heart to see little dogs like that, it really does.

My parents agreed to talk to my sister on friday, when she's there for dinner, and see if they could come up with a solution. and if not, them I'm taking the dogs, and they will become my dogs. So if you see me walking around this winter with 3 dogs, and a huge belly, you'll know why, because this is what living like this does to me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

When I grow up. . .

Matt and I have decided that I will not longer work after we have our baby. Actually, we decided that I will stop working before the holidays start. Which is pretty soon. Our baby isn't due until February 8th, and I plan on leaving the first part of November. Sooo, I have 3 months of being pregnant and not working, and crossing my fingers for a healthy baby--so far so good. We had our ultrasound on Wednesday and everything is in the right place. and there are 2 kidney's, which is a big plus because my sister's 2 year old was born without one. So we want things to proceed like they are, and have our happy healthy baby.

Anyway, so I'm going to be a stay at home mom, and we're going to try to live off of just matt's paycheck. This scares me. We're trying to do this right now actually. I've created a budget for us that covers all our bases. even savings! We're lucky right now, because we're living in Matt's parent's basement right now, and rent is cheap.

so I've started making a list of things I want to do when I'm not longer working. I'm very excited for this, because I've always worked. I've always done something, from cleaning my dad's office building once a week, to working a 6am college campus cleaning job, being a freshman orientation leader on campus, and working at a retail store, AND going to summer school (these last 4 all at once).

Needless to say, I'm scared I'm going to just not know what to do with myself, and going stir-crazy. so in my head (because I'm too scatter-brained right now to keep track of papers) I've been making little lists of things I want to do when I'm not working. and I will now put them here, and slowly at to them, because my brain is going to let them slip out and I will lose them if I don't put them somewhere.

1-I will go to education week-or at least some classes, we'll see how baby is by that point
2-get rid of all my DI junk, that is probably collecting spiders in the corner of the room-ick
3-finally write a novel!! this will probably take some time
4-print up the pictures from our wedding and put them in my scrapbook. Yeah, the pages are all made, they just need the pictures.
5-cook a meal everynight!! yay!! I love food
6-read lots of books. LOTS. and go to the library and make good use of that card!

that's all I've come up with so far, there's lots of other things I'm going to do, like clean out the spare bedroom, so we have a baby room, and clean the house on a regular basis, and file all the things that I've been meaning to file.

ah, life will be so great when I grow up.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My lack of skills

I wish I was a nerd sometimes. Like today.

I hope this works, because I don't know what I'm doing, and matt's not here to help me, so this could be deadly. Knowing my luck, it'll delete my whole blog. I'm not tech-savvy, I have to have matt scan pics in for me, I can only take them from the camera and then put them in picassa. if the internet isn't working on my laptop, I have to call him over to help me fix it. I used to feel like I understood something about technology a few years ago when I was in college, but alas, those days are past.

I'm going to try to post some pics in here, and comment on them. In case this doesn't work, you can check out our other page that has pics (that I don't update very often. . .oh well)

So here's a kinda current picture of our little family :) This was over memorial day weekend, Matt's grandparents were in town and we took about a hundred pictures of everyone in the family. This was the best of indy, because matt's dad (taking the picture) was holding a treat for her. That's my puppy-a treat fiend.

And here's a picture of us at Glenn's Wedding last month. Yeah, my little brother got married. Weird.

yay! that's my family so far--We'll get some ultrasound pics on here eventually (matt's scanning them in right now!!)

And yes, I had to wait for him to come home so I could get the pictures in the right place. *sighs* I feel like a fool, this is what living like this does.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I am a Domestic Goddess-hear me roar!

I have this weird desire to become a domestic goddess. Not a house wife, or homemaker, but something so much cooler and powerful.

I just came back from a relief society activity with my mother, at the macey's grocery store near my home. These are more or less cooking classes. Something I have a slight obsession with, but not the patience for it. When we had cable, the food network was one of the few channels I watched, and would try not to miss episodes of certain chefs.

The problem is, I don't have the time to spend a lot of time on cooking. Or the energy now that I'm pregnant. I usually work 8 hours a day, in customer service being yelled at a lot, and it's slightly stressful. When I come home from work, I usually just want to sit down and not think, or do anything. This class gave me a whole new perspective on cooking when I'm busy, which I will share with you here. (yay!!)

Freezer meals. Doesn't usually sound quite so good eh? But I thought, Hey, they're only two of us, I have a hard enough time cutting meals down enough that I'm not throwing away a lot of moldy food that sat in my fridge we never ate because we got sick of it. I'm not doing that anymore. This lady is the mother of 12 (no joke-ranged age 30-9) and did this just to save herself time I bet. I'll probably alter the system to work for us, but the idea is basic enough. BUT-not only are they freezer meals that I LIKE, but she has it set up that in one day, she's made enough freezer meals for a MONTH!!!

She picked 5 meals with chicken in them, and 5 meals with ground beef, then she doubled them, so she had 2 of each meal, for a total of twenty meals, and voila:frozen meals for a MONTH. And she creates these in one day!!! that's 5 meals for a week, which is good enough for me, that still gives me one night for pizza, and one good sunday dinner at a parents home or something else I want.

Then she just makes a spreadsheet, with her recipes across the top, and the ingredients down the side. In each column, under each specific recipe, she puts how much she'll need of the certain ingredient on the side--remember, enough for 2 meals. Then on the left side, she totals it all up, so she know exactly how much of each ingredient she'll need to purchase for these meals.

I love this idea, because I like to plan out meals for a week, and buy all the things I need for them in one trip, because I hate the grocery store, I hate lines and pushing grocery carts. :) My problem really comes down to my willingness to cook the meals that I planned and bought the groceries for. This turns into me throwing away food that goes bad, and getting frustrated at the waste of money!

After she's bought all the groceries, she then takes a day and prepares all the meals-sometimes she says she takes two days. On the first day, she cooks all the chicken and ground beef (she actually cooks the beef in the oven!! and then the chicken in the pressure cooker) and cuts up all the veggies and puts everything in the fridge. Then on the second day she prepares all the meals. And she's not just making casseroles. she's making soups, and lasagna, and enchiladas! even still, she either mixes things in bowls, or even ziplock bags. then putting them in those cheap aluminum pans (she found them at zurchers for like 50¢, and then puts the lids on them and freezes them. She found you could stack 3 before the lids start collapsing on each other. she also said for the soup, put in in a ziplock bag, then freeze it in the pan she'd heat them up in. then you just have to cut the baggie off and set it in the pan. I like this idea. and you could put everything in baggies and freeze them flat.

So here's what I'm going to do--since there are only 2 of us, I'm going to pick a few meals --probably 5-10 different types and instead of putting them in one pan, or bag, I'm going to put them in probably 4 or so bags. Then I can pull one out and it should be just enough for the both of us! My mom also told me, another way to do it is make a full meal one day and cook enough for the two of us and then bag up the rest. But then I still have to make one meal a day, and I really like the concept of making all these meals in one day and just cooking them that night.

so we'll really see how I can do this, and if I actually get around to doing. What I'll probably do is create the spreadsheet, and then never buy all the stuff for it, because after all, this is what living like this does!