Saturday, March 03, 2007

Working at the Willey

I need to do this more often.

I have been promoted at the willey. I now work some days in the customer service department, and it's the worst job I've ever had. I've considered myself resilient throughout my life, my parents raised me to be tough, to be strong, and to be able to handle the things life throws at me. So for the most part, I can handle want customer service throws at me. when a customer walks up and yells at me, I do keep my cool, and I'm patient with them as we try to work through the problem, and sometimes there is nothing we can do for them, and I feel bad, but we can only do so much for people and the problems.

but yesterday, yesterday made me want to walk out of there and never come back.

in sunday school, we had a lesson on the beattitudes, and I thought "hmm, I should really have some more of those in my life" and I decided to start with what I thought could help me the most, and I prayed on thursday night for more patience, and then friday began.

I worked the close shift, from 2-10pm, and my first call came in at 2:05. I answer and hear the situation. the lady on the phone purchased a washer and dryer from us with the warrenty a few years ago and she had the repair man there to fix it, and needed the warrenty information. not a problem, I ask for the phone number, the best way to look up a person's account history, and she's not sure. They've moved since they've made the purchase and she's having a hard time remembering the phone number. so we go the more difficult route. searching with the name. and of course, it's a rather common name, and it pulled up about 200 names.
She tells me what their old address is, and since once we got a name, it shows the account number, address, phone number and city for each name. I search through these and find two addresses that have her husband's name, and look at them. Well, one doesn't have any purchases under it, and the other only has a purchase for a couch and love. I tell her that, and she says "well it has to be there, they delivered the couch and love with the washer and dryer!" so I search under her name (I searched with her husband's the first time) and still nothing.

1/2 an hour later, I let her know that I have exhausted all my efforts, there is no other way I can find the information, and our warranty agreement is if we can't find it, she has to supply it as proof of the purchase, and she freaks out me. I understand her frustration, but what made me upset is that she told me she couldn't believe we lost it, and that I wouldn't spend any time searching for it. I flat out told her "ma'am, I have spent the last half-hour searching for you, I'm sorry if that's not enough time for you, but I have used every search method I have access to, and I can't find any purchase"
"well that's obviously not enough time! I have the service man here waiting, and if you can't find the warranty, then I have to pay him x-amount and I KNOW I purchased it there, and I can't believe you lost my warranty information! How do you stay in business when you just lose things like that?!!"
"If you'd like, I can transfer you to our extended warranty department, they might have another way to search for it, that I can't do at a store level"
and she swore at me and hung up. I wanted to scream at her, and tell her that I betcha you didn't even buy your washer and dryer here!! I bet you shopped here, and a salesperson wrote you up a 'quote' (which showed under her account as a voided order, since they never did pay for it) and then you found a better deal elsewhere!! I'm almost 100% certain that's what happened, because that's usually what does happen.
it gets so frustrating, having to be calm and polite when people are yelling at me, and I just want to yell right back at them. I think I'm slowly going crazy at this job, because this is what living like this does.

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