Friday, December 21, 2007

My stroller steal

About a week ago (actually on the 12th to be exact--I remember because it's my sister's b-day) I bought a stroller online. I was frightened, I'm not going to lie. Strollers, I've found, are something that really should be tried out before purchase. I thought I had found the stroller we wanted a while ago. Then I tried it out in the store. I kicked the wheels everytime I took a step! I couldn't believe it! this was the stroller of our dreams, we were going to get the carseat to match, and now I had to start all over, and I *only* had 3 months left!

I didn't want a stroller/carseat combo. I want to be a carrying mamma. I plan on getting this sling to use:they sell it at target and nordstroms, and of course, anywhere online. it's called the peanut shell (I thought I should give credit for taking their picture). The good news, my mother-in-law works at nordstroms, so I could get it there for a good price.

Here's my reasoning for getting a sling (then I'll get back to my awesome stroller). I believe that babies should be held. I saw on the news one night, or read in the paper or something like that, about how flat heads on babies were getting more and more common! Babies had to get the head 'casts' to help reform their head, because they were left on their back all the time. They were left in the carseat just sitting on the floor, they were left under the play gym, etc. I don't want anything like that happening to my baby for one. Another reason is because of the bond it creates between you and the baby. another because I can hold the baby when she's fussy and still get things done. another, I don't want to haul a carseat in and out of stores when I take her with me, have her seat fill up almost the whole shopping cart.

all in all, I think a sling is the best option for me, and this one doesn't have to be adjusted, it can just slip over your head and be ready! a lot of other sling have be wrapped, and take a lot of time and practice (and patience!) to get them ready.

now back to my stroller.

I found it at a webpage I had never been to until someone on one of my baby webpages mentioned this deal. They had three strollers, all for $99+shipping. (which turned out to be about $10) a single stroller, a deluxe single stroller, and a double. I bought the deluxe single one, and have been anxiously awaiting it's arrival. Honestly, everytime I hear Indy barking upstairs at the door, I run up and look to see if it's a big box for me. I was worried, because I didn't use paypal for this (yeah, just found out Matt has a paypal acct) and they charged my card on the 12th. So it had been over a week since they had charged me, and I hadn't received my stroller yet. I thought I had been scammed!

It showed up yesterday.

and I love it.

here's a pic from babies r us:
I even have that color!! Now, this stroller is on SALE at babies r us for $230, normally $260, and I got it for $99. I felt like a little kid at Christmas time, tearing open the box and putting it together, and then I pushed it around the house for a while as well, just to make sure I liked the way it moved. I do. It moves very nice, and I don't kick the wheels. I wanted to walk outside with it, but I thought the neighbors might look at me funny for pushing an empty stroller in the middle of a snow-thunder storm, with my obvious pregnant belly.

Let me tell you some of the cool features it has. The stroller handles are telescoping, so I can raise them (only about 3 inches) for someone taller to push it, the seat reclines almost flat, so I can put a young baby in there. The canopy can be extended so it covers all the way to the bar, so when the baby's sleeping in the stroller, the sun won't blind her.

there are other cool features, but I love this stroller. I bet though, if I had spent the $230 on it, I probably wouldn't love it as much. But since I only spent $99, I can't help but love it!

yay for great deals!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My apparently controversial plan

Before I became pregnant, I had always said "drug me up, I don't want to feel a thing, give me all the drugs!". But now that I actually am pregnant, and getting closer to having this baby, I've come to drastically change my mind, and it's a little controversial I found.

I'm not trying to turn this into anything like that, and please if you comment, don't tell me your horror birth stories, I don't want to hear them. thank you! :)

Now, like I said, after I became pregnant, I started doing a LOT of research on babies, labor, delivery, everything I could get my hands on! and I learned a lot. and I came to the decision that I don't want the drugs, I don't want to have to lay in a bed, unable to feel anything from the waist down, and try to push a baby out (and up, gravity doesn't really help when you're flat on your back) and not be able to tell what's going on for myself.

I have decided on a natural childbirth. No, I'm not opposed to medical intervention. No, I am not having my baby at home, I will have her in the hospital. But I want to be the one in control. I'm the one that knows my body the best, and I know that my body can have a natural birth and doesn't need to be hindered by drugs. I actually read in a book, something that just made some much sense to me.

"The premise that birthing, by nature, had to be a painful ordeal was totally unacceptable to me. I could not believe that a God who had created the body with such perfection could have designed a system of procreation that was flawed. . .Even more importantly, I could not believe that a loving God would commit so cruel a hoax as to make us sexual beings so that we would come together in love to conceive and then make the means through which we would birth our children so excruciatingly painful." Mongan, Marie, M.Ed, M.Hy. Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method. Deerfield Beach, Florida: Health Communications, Inc, 1992.

Sorry if my citation is incorrect, it's been a while since I've done anything scholarly. But the concept makes sense to me. Animals don't have any problem giving birth, they know they're body and know what to do instinctively. I can't see any reason why I can't do the same thing.

I'm taking a hypnobirthing class, to help teach me how to relax during birth, so my body isn't fighting itself: 1/2 of the uterus trying to keep the baby in like it's been doing the past 9 months, and the other 1/2 trying to push the baby out--no wonder people have pain! The class more or less teaches a person how to relax their body and mind, putting themselves into a deep, deep relaxed state. and when the body is relaxed, things process so much more smoothly.

I've thought about it, spent alot of time thinking about it actually. and this is something that will work for me. I understand that it might not be completely pain free, I understand that if something goes wrong, I might have to have medical intervention, and I accept that. but I'm not telling myself that. I'm mentioning it here so people won't say "don't say never!". I am telling myself that I will have a painfree birth, that my birth won't need medical intervention, and that I will enjoy my birth.

a lot of people think I'm crazy, and I'm ok with that. some people think it's a great idea. This is the birth I want and the one that will work best for me. I may be crazy, but after all, this is what living like this does.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

America's most wanted

I think I might be the type of person who would watch a train wreck and not be able to turn away. I hope not, but I think this because I love to watch Cops and America's Most Wanted on Saturday nights. and in my mind, that's kind of like a train wreck of someone's life.

I'm currently watching it right now, and I watched it last week (matt really needs to stop working saturday nights) and both nights they talked about an incident in SLC. usually they're on the east coast! Last week it was about a lady who took all her kids (from 2 different marriages) and ran away from her ex-husband current husband. And it's not like it was an abusive marriage, if anything it was her that was crazy (read about it here) and her family is from SLC. the cops came to talk with her mother and she said she would protect her daughter and wouldn't help the police. These poor dads just want Christmas with their children and they can't be found. it's sad

This week they talked about a shooting that happened at a hair salon in SLC, in which a robbery went bad. This guy killed the girl in front of her little sister and brother.

Sometime it's scares me living in the world today. there are so many people out there who think they have the right to do things like this, and i worry about raising a family in this world. But then I think of the next life. The second coming will be here soon, and then all those people will be in B-I-G trouble. that makes me feel a little better.

and on another random note: I just got a magazine in the mail and it's the issue for Feb of 2008. does that seem a little early to anyone else? wow, I guess this is what living like this does! (that one's for you bud)

Monday, December 03, 2007

all my free time

Like I've mentioned before, I have always worked and so I have never really had much free time, unless you count the time I'm supposed to be sleeping (which right now, is very true, I have such a hard time sleeping!!).

I'm a very shy person, I don't go out of my way to meet people. that being said, when a clipboard comes around in Relief Society, I pass it on. I don't sign up to bring meals to people, I don't sign up to help clean, I don't sign up for anything. I used to tell myself that I wasn't signing up because I didn't have the time, I didn't know what my work schedule would be. Something along those lines.

Until I stopped working. I never realized how much goes on my church! There's book club every month (which I tried going to at the beginning of the year. . .only lasted a few months) there's enrichment activities every few months, there's super saturday's, there's ward activities, there's meals to take to families who are struggling, and all sorts of things!!

A few sunday's ago, as I'm listening to the lesson I get a clipboard with a sign up to help serve dinner for an anniversary dinner/open house for a couple in our ward (it was their 75th!! wow!!) and I was the last person to get it. Being the shy person I am, I just set in on the seat in front of me. The problem was, I couldn't help but keep looking at it. They only needed 3 people, on a friday night from about 6-8. One person had signed up, and it had been through the entire group of women.

It was taunting me! and I kept trying to make excuses, because I'm shy, and I get nervous around people I don't know, and I don't know alot of people in my ward. Then I thought of this: What if I need help from my ward at some point, and no one signs up? how would I feel? I would think, "well, I never signed up for anything, so I can't blame them". If I want blessings from God, then I need to serve my neighbors. And if no one signs up, then everything gets stuck on the presidency, and that's not fair.

I signed up, and I went and served food. and it was great. I felt great (after the fact, I was very nervous during the whole thing). two ladies from the presidency were there to help serve, myself and one other lady. The Relief Society President (who is the mother of the student body president my senior year. Very, very nice lady) told me that she couldn't believe I signed up because I'm a pregnant woman, and there's all these other old ladies sitting at home, and I should be the one sitting at home. That surprised me, but it was really funny at the same time.

Now, when clipboards come around, I sign up for all sorts of things! I never realized how much there was going on in my ward! Within these next two weeks, there's enrichment next wednesday, in which I need to bring an appetizer, I'm helping clean a house for a neighbor who is moving out, stake conference is this saturday and sunday, next saturday is the ward Christmas breakfast, and on friday there's a get together to say goodbye to some families that are moving out of the ward.

yeah, that's a busy two weeks! But I love it! I love being able to meet people in my ward and make new friends and make good use of my free time to serve others. Especially at this time of year. It really puts me into the Christmas spirit and after all, this is was living like this does.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Doctor's Visit

I've now officially entered the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy, and have thus started seeing my midwives every 2 weeks (yes, I'm seeing a midwife, and I'm giving birth in a hospital, it can be done!). I was a little nervous about this visit because the visit before I had my glucose test. I figured I had passed because the office never called me to tell me I failed.

I did pass. BARELY!!! The cutoff point is 140 points or whatever they rank it in. We'll say points, although I'm not sure how many points it goes up to. Point being, if I scored 140 or higher, I would have failed the one hour test, and would have to take the 3 hour test, where they take your blood like every 30 minutes for 3 hours, or something like that.

My score was 139. and I wonder if that was because I didn't do a true fast like I was supposed to? I think I misread the instructions. I think I was supposed to not eat ANY sugar for 12 hours before the test (which I did) and the few things I could eat before the test were carbs, like toast, or eggs. so I had toast for breakfast. but I ate it right before I drank the glucose drink. After I drink the drink, I have to have my blood drawn pretty much right on the hour from when I drank it. I think I was supposed to fast for the hour after I drank the drink, and I had the toast.

So here's what I think. I think if I had actually gotten up a little bit earlier and ate breakfast, instead of right before my hour was supposed to start, I might've scored lower. Either way, because I scored so high, I realized that I really do need to cut back on the junk I eat. I've done a lot better since I quit work, because instead of a vending machine, I have to find something in my kitchen. and that can be hard sometimes.

My midwife also asked if I was eating enough fruits and veggies. I think I am. but I'm probably not. so that's another thing I need to work on. I've gotten better at eating fresh fruits. I eat either an apple or orange a day (since that's what's in my fridge). But that's really it!! That's not nearly enough!

I created a meal plan for us, so I can create a grocery list, and therefore stay within our budget but not buying the things that look tasty. And with this meal plan, we are having a side dish with these meals. Fruits or veggies, because I need to eat more of those! Our food pyramid is slightly off, because we eat a lot of carbs. We're big pasta people (it's easy!) and our one type of meat is chicken. we don't eat ground beef or other meats, although I'm going to start making some ground beef meals, because there's some easy ones out there!

besides that, the visit was good. Quick, because I usually don't have a lot of questions because I forget them, or I've already exhausted the internet finding the answer. the heart beat was good, my b/p was good, my weight was good (I assume, they never say good for that one, they just write the number down) my belly is measuring right at 30cm, which is where I'm supposed to be. so good visit.

I really liked this midwife. The office I'm at has 6 midwives and 2 ob/gyns. I rotate between all the midwives, whoever is working that day. The nice thing about this is I get to know them all, because any one of them could be on call when I go into labor, and then deliver my baby. And they're all female (which is one of the things I was looking for) there has only been one that I didn't really care for, a few I'm indifferent towards, and two that I REALLY like, and I would love it if I could get either one of those.

Yeah, I don't have any say in that though.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Google me

go ahead! I just did, and I found the newspaper announcement for our wedding!

I think that just made my day

pesto. . .that great green stuff

I used to be scared of pesto. not scared like it was going to jump out of the closet and eat me, but I didn't know what it was, or what I could do with it, or even what it looked like! in college, (and after we first got married, when we had cable) I loved to watch the food network. so when I was in the computer lab I would get on their webpage and look up recipes.

And I discovered pesto. But I could never find a picture of it. Only recipes that used pesto in them, or recipes for pesto itself. Ok, I probably could have found a picture of what pesto looked like, but I didn't ever put forth that effort.

for those of you who don't know what pesto is, it's a mixture of basil, olive oil, and pine nuts all pureed into an almost liquid form. Hence, it's green. Yes, there are other ingredients as well, but I'll let you google it to find a recipe, or go to the store and buy a bottle.

About 2 years ago was the first time I tried pesto. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into though. for one, I didn't know it was green. I know, I know, the basil leaves in it should have given me some sort of hint. We went out to dinner for someone's birthday at the pizza factory, and I didn't want pizza, so I decided to get the ravioli's with a creamy pesto sauce. I was a little worried about it because I didn't know if I'd like the flavor at all, or what it would look like or anything. And everyone was discussing it! I'm not sure why, but they were all curious as well.

My dish comes out, and it's a light green sauce over my ravioli's. And there was a LOT of it as well. But it was fantastic. Since that experience was so good, I've started using pesto on a regular basis. I have yet to make it, mainly because I can't justify spending the money on fresh basil, when I can buy a jar of pesto for about the same amount as just the basil!

Matt's a huge fan of pesto, and he likes to use a lot at a time. Usually a small spoonful will suffice a bowl of noodles. Unless you're Matt, then you need a HUGE spoonful. We use it in all sorts of things as well. I make an alfredo lasagna with it (helps get rid of the alfredo flavor, which we really don't care for). You can make dips out it, and a new recipe I haven't tried with it, is baked chicken (breaded) with a little bit smeared on top with some cheese. That one sounds tasty.

Last night I was cooking up some ravioli's for dinner and was making our creamy pesto sauce for them, and I finished off the jar of pesto I was using. I was a little worried! so I checked my fridge and I found two more open jars of pesto in there. so I had three open jars of pesto that I didn't know about. I wasn't too surprised. I bet it happened when matt was making dinner, and he just opened a new jar because an open jar in the fridge didn't jump out at him. I finished off one of the jars, so now there is only one jar of open pesto in the fridge.

That's another nice thing about pesto, it can last for a LONG time open and not go bad. So for all of you who haven't tried pesto, go buy a bottle (or make your own if you're ambitious!) and give it a shot. for those of you who have had it, cheers! Don't you want some more now? I do, in fact that's probably going to be dinner tonight or tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

nighttime experiences

I'm a person who sleeps. I always have been, and I always will be. I like sleep! In high school, and college, I would take a nap almost every day. It's just what I do! and then I still have no problem sleeping at night. it's a little abnormal people think, but it's just me.

luckily, I'm a person who's dreams are also very normal. I don't have real nightmares, or dream that I'm a superhero who can fly or such. The only time I ever have disturbing dreams is when I dream my family, Matt, or my dog have been hurt in someway, or that they're mad at me for something. I get upset about that. Especially if it's my dad who is mad at me in the dream, or matt.

Until last night. I had one of those dreams within a dream, where I was dreaming that I woke up in my bed, and I rolled over. And then a spider the size of a dinner plate crawled across me. I don't have arachnophobia, I just really don't like spiders. I had a bad experience once. I found a whistle on the window sill at my parents house, and tried it out. and I happened to suck in a live spider who had made that whistle his home. Since then, I've never been a spider person. In one of my psych classes, my teacher actually had a pop-up book of phobias. It was awesome. Pictures of the situation would cause some people to actually panic (like of being buried alive, or clowns--never understood that phobia, but I guess I really don't have to) and the spiders never made me panic. It was a book for crying out loud. a really cool book.

I just have matt kill the spiders, and go on with life. I actually lived in an apartment where we would find a spider in the shower every morning. That was disturbing. but I digress. . .

but first. I need to clarify that I also don't scream. I'm not that type of person. it really cracks matt up, because when I'm startled, I kinda say "arg!" or something like that. I don't think I've ever been a screamy person. Maybe in junior high when I was going through a phase or whatever, but when I'm scared, but more of gasp of "agggg!". it's also never very loud, just kind of normal pitch. this will tie into my story, I promise.

so I'm dreaming that I'm awake and a huge spider crawls across me. I, of course, panic. from what I remember (I was still kinda of not with it, it was 1:45am) I started 'my' screaming "arggg!!!" and I couldn't stop. Matt grabbed me, and was just holding me, and I'm trying to claw my way up the back of the wall, away from where the spider had crawled across the bed, and I'm crying, and in all sorts of a panic. Matt's trying to calm me down, and it took a few minutes for me to realize that it was probably just a dream.

Nonetheless, He goes and turns the light on for me, checks under the bed an next to, takes off the blankets so I can see. I'm still all hopped up on that adrenaline stuff though, and there's still tears coming out of my eyes. and I won't let him turn the light off. at this point I realized that I was probably just a dream. I say probably, because I had not convinced myself yet that it wasn't real. part of me was sure that there was a huge spider lurking somewhere in my room still. So I have matt light the candle on the nightstand for me, and we sit in bed, waiting for me to get control of myself. and Matt's laughing, saying "I guess that settles it, you really don't scream do you" (he was 'testing' me the other day).

I had to have him put the candle out though, because it was casting a shadow that looked a LOT like a large hairy spider leg on the wall, and it was freaking me out, and made me jump everytime it moved/the candle flickered.

all in all, it was an eventful night for us. I felt a little silly afterwards, because I've never been in that state of panic/fear before. Enough so that I was crying I was so terrified. It was an experience for both of us. And Indy just laid there and looked at us like "why on earth are you awake?"

yeah, I guess I really do hate spiders.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Ode to the Willey

Today was my last day the Willey. It was very bittersweet, and I'm still not sure how I feel about this decision. When I've left other jobs, it was usually because I needed to get out, or I just might kill someone, or myself if I stayed much longer.

I started work at the willey right after I got back from our honeymoon, in may of 2006. It was completely different from any other job I've had. I've really always worked retail, so I was expecting the same thing, helping customers, working a register, returning merchandise etc. Yeah, it wasn't really anything like that. I've worked for small retail companies. Personally owned, not corporate owned. for the 3 things I listed above, the willey has different departments that do each of them. I just worked a register.

As I worked there, I slowly worked my way up 'the totem pole' until I was only 3 spots from a management position (granted, management tends to stick around a lot longer than general associates, so I wasn't really that close, but I had seniority, which is great). I learned a lot. I started as a cashier, which is very basic (except for the really old, not window based, point of sale system they use). When I had a question, I could ask anyone. About 6 months into there, I got a raise, got an employee discount, got a 50lb box of potatoes for a holiday gift, and got promoted to the financing side of the store. This was a little harder, but still good. By then I had made a lot of friends with my co-workers and enjoyed learning all the new aspects of this place. I was now the one answering cashiers questions and dealing with more difficult customer problems involving their credit account, and even dealing with personal things, like telling a customer that because they have collections, judgements on their credit report, we won't issue them a line a credit. That was hard at first, but it helped me learn how to be understanding, and tactful when talking to someone about such a sensitive subject.

about 2 months later I was promoted again to the customer service department. This scared me a lot. People had quit because of this job, have refused to work over in that department. It was hard. It involved a lot more work that one would think. It wasn't just returns we dealt with, it was servicing merchandise, being yelled at because something wasn't in stock yet, or because it was damaged on delivery. It was a job that truly taught patience. It takes a lot to be yelled at by someone you're trying to help and just continue helping and not let it bother you.
Some days I'd come home and just cry because it was such a hard day. Some days I'd drag myself out of bed and wonder how I would make it through the day. Some days I'd yell back at customers (only happened twice).

But I really did love my job. I really love all the the people I work with, even the annoying ones and I'm going to miss the time I've spent getting to know them, and becoming close to them. My manager was the greatest manager I have ever, ever, ever have, and I will always miss her, and appreciate all the support she gave to me, and gives to all the associates every day. I love the funny salespeople, the one who actually sat down and answered a customer service phone call for me because I was sick of it, the one who called me about my order, forgetting that i work there with him, the guy who would answer the phones with a different accent all the time, the guy who would hang up on a customer because they were yelling, the one who would give us all neck massages, the store manager who seemed like he had ADHD, and all the others who have quirks that just made a workplace fun to be in.

I will miss everyone at the willey, and I'm not ashamed to admit that this is the first job I've left, and cried about leaving, and been so sad. But I know that I'm supposed to be home with my baby, and I'm supposed to be a mother, and that is the most important job I could ever have in the world.

Cheers to the willey and the things I learned, the friends I made, and the good times I had, and here's to the new start for me, in becoming a full time mother (to-be for now) and doing what the Lord wants His daughters to do. Teach the children in the home about Him and Christ. That's really all that's important right?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

domestic goddess attempt

as I've mentioned before, I long to be a domestic goddess. This sunday I had an attempt at being that person. I made banana bread. Unfortunatly I have never made this before. I'm actually slightly embarrassed to admit that. But I bought the bananas with a purpose of making this bread. I let them sit on the counter to get brown, and then mashed them good.

The recipe, I actually got out of a mystery novel by Joanne Fluke. All her books are like this, the main character solves murders and cooks. Quick read, and predictable, with about 6-10 recipes throughout, but fun nonetheless.

It called for 3-4 bananas, (or 1 1/2 cups mashed) I had 4 bananas, so I mashed them all up and dumped them in my mixture. Of course I didn't measure! I never measure, I estimate. I usually estimate with the appropriate measuring cup/spoon, (or the one I've already dirtied) but I don't scrape the top with a knife to get the exact correct measurement. somethings I don't even bother getting out the spoon for. Like for salt. I just shake until it looks close.

Tums out that I think one banana equals 1/2 cup of mashed banana. so I put 2 cups of banana in my bread. I assumed that it would just have an extra kick of banana flavor. If only that's the way it turned out. I dug out my bread pan that I actually have never used but have had for over a year (i even have 2! in the hopes that I'd make bread to save some money. . .it's on my list for when I'm not working). I sprayed it good, like the recipe said to, and poured the mixture into the pan. I even made sure my oven rack was in the middle and completely preheated! I never worry about things like that when I cook!!

so close to an hour later, when it's supposed to be done, I go and pull it out of the oven so I can push a toothpick in the middle to check. only the middle looks very gooey. and the edges are looking very crispy. I put it back in for ten more minutes in hopes to help it cook more thoroughly. alas, it didn't. the edges got crispier and the middle stayed gooey.

I have eaten some slices, because I absolutely hate wasting food when I spent money on it. This is what's wrong with my banana bread and why it'll probably end up being thrown away.
1-I sprayed the pan too much, and so the cooking spray burnt a little bit, and left burnt pieces on my bread
1a-because of the pan being sprayed too much, the edge tastes like the cooking spray
2-the entire center/top of the bread that is uncooked and gooey, so I have to eat around it, and am therefore eating the crust which tastes funny because of the cooking spray
3-matt says he loves banana bread but has yet to touch it, except to cut me a slice the first night I made it, and he probably won't touch it again.

I'm unsure about what to do with this bread now, I am currently eating a slice, which I tried to toast this morning because toasted, buttered banana bread is very tasty, and ended up getting gooey uncooked banana section all over my toaster. Maybe I'll take it over to my parents, my dad will eat it and not think twice about it being gooey.

I think I'm done baking for a while, I'll turn my domestic goddess powers to finishing my quilt for now.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

sick day

I don't like being sick. I never have been. Well, not true. Sometimes I think it's fun to lose my voice, but for me that usually happens after the feeling sick part. An after effect of the sickness. I've been sick since yesterday. well, I've been feeling it coming for about a week now. Y'know that feeling, when you wake up in the morning and it's hard to breathe, your throat hurts, all that jazz. Yesterday was the day it really hit though. Which was lame because it was my day off.

At the same time though, I was glad it was my day off because I don't like calling in sick. I feel VERY guilty when I call in sick, it doesn't matter how sick I am, if I'm puking, or just miserable with cramps or something. I feel guilty, I feel like I let everyone at work down because I can't muster the energy/strength to suck it up and go into work.

My sister in law is pregnant and due the first part of december. During her first trimester, she was very sick, as was I. We were talking it about it, and talking about maternity leave and she mentioned how you can take your maternity leave anytime during your pregnancy as well. I didn't know that. She took a lot of time off at the beginning of her pregnancy because her husband was supposed to be deployed to Iraq so she wanted to spend some time with him and the family. Or at least that's what she told her employer (she's a nurse). So she took time off, and was really sick being pregnant. I'm digressing though.

When we were talking about calling in sick, and I said that I haven't really called in sick while I've been pregnant because I feel guilty calling in, she said "Oh, you're one of those 'good' employees". Like it's a bad thing to be a good employee. Like I should call in 'sick' every once in a while just to stay home, or have an extra day off.

I don't do that! I never have! Even when I hate my job (which I don't currently) I don't do that. It's rather dishonest to me, and I don't like feeling I let someone down. My conscience won't let me do that. Which is a good thing.

Anyway, I'm home sick today. I called in to work, and I feel guilty that I'm sick. It will be nice when I'm no longer working, and then when I'm sick, I don't have to feel guilty about not showing up somewhere. But this is what living like this does.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cleaning ladies

My in-laws both work full time, and because of that, about 2-3 years ago, my mother in law decided to hire some cleaning company to come clean her house about once a month. I don't blame her! She works in retail, and she also runs her own business, so on her day off she's making deliveries around the town. She doesn't have time to ever really deep clean her house.

Now matt and I live here in her basement, and the cleaning ladies will clean our little apartment for us too! Usually that doesn't bother me. I don't like bathrooms, and during the first few months of my pregnancy, I loved having someone else clean my toilet. I spent a lot of time bonding with my toilet, and sometimes the thought of cleaning it made me sick, sometimes just looking at it made me sick.

we also have hardwood floors throughout the whole basement, excluding our bedroom. so I like that I don't have to clean them (it would involve me on my hands and feet).

But sometimes, I really don't like them coming. They call my mother in law about 2 days before they come, and she comes and tells me "the cleaning ladies will be here on ____ at _____" and whether or not this works for me and matt they still come. We have our dog, and she panics with vacuums and unknown people taking over 'her' house. So if when the cleaning ladies come and it doesn't work for us, we have to take Indy over to my parents house and inconvenience them. We couldn't very well leave her locked up in the bedroom for 8 hours while we're at work just because the cleaning ladies are coming. That's just asking for trouble.

Today is one of the days when I think that they should not be here. it's not that bad because Matt's off today, I don't work until 1pm, and they were supposed to come at 11am. Only they showed up at 10:30. and I was still in the shower. and my clean clothes were in the laundry upstairs. and I haven't had breakfast yet. and I need to do my dishes. and all those other ands!!

so because I don't want to get in their way, so they can clean faster and get out of my house quicker, I will stay in my bedroom with the puppy and Matt. Instead of getting ready for work, instead of doing more laundry, instead of finishing my dishes, instead of making a real breakfast I got cold cereal, instead of all the other things I wanted to get done today!! I'm going to stay in my room, still in my pj's because my clothes are in the dryer upstairs, and cut out quilting squares. Not really the top on my priority list. After all, this is what living like this does.

Monday, October 15, 2007

showing off

When my little brother got married in August, we spent some time outside the temple waiting for them to come out, and the Jordan River Temple has a nice fountain out front. I have 5 nieces and nephews on this side of the family, and the fountain was a HUGE hit, because it was so hot outside. My favorite though, my niece Rebekah.

as you can see, she was soaked after playing in the fountain. Her hair was plastered all over her face because it was so wet from being dragged in the fountain. Her dress was soaked as well. It was actually really funny. Slightly embarrassing for my dear sisters, with their kids running wild in front of the temple, but they sure are cute!

Sam was loving playing with dad's camera the whole time (he was the one who initiated the fountain playing) Yes, the camera was on, and he actually took some really good pictures. It was funny because when we were taking the family group shots, he refused to look at the camera man, and just glared down at his shoes. I think he was just mad that he couldn't use that camera.

I love being an aunt though, it's so much fun to be able to play with the kids. I brag that I'm the favorite aunt because I have the puppy. It's true though, I am the favorite. Actually I think most of them just forget about me and move straight towards Indy. I know Sam does. Our family has a fish we mail to each other, and fill full of treats and letters from the family. My sister AnnaJune had it, and she was asking Sam who he wanted to mail it to. She went through everyone in the family, including all the kids, and he didn't want to send it to anyone. Then she asked if he wanted to send it to Indy, and he jumped all over that, and well, Indy got the fish in the mail. Full of dog treats. Yeah, I'm the favorite aunt, and I'm not ashamed to admit it's because I have the puppy.

Monday, October 08, 2007

boys will be boys

there's a little boy hiding inside my husband, yearning to get out and play games all day long. Matt actually manages a video game store, and he's going to school right now in "video game art/design and development". Yes, that's his major.

About once a week, he brings me home a game that he thinks I'll like to try. He gets to check anything out of his store for 3 days, so he gets movies and games for us. A few weeks ago, it was some sims pet game. Usually I'll try it for about 15 minutes, and then I get bored with it. I really do! Video games are really too complicated for me to play. I don't have the coordination for it. one button that moves your camera, one that moves your character, it's just too much for me.

Currently, Matt has Tetris home for me to play, which I actually really like. Still get my trash kicked when I play with him, but I don't care, everyone gets their trash kicked when they play with him, he's just really good. In high school, we'd get a bunch of people together, hook up two xboxes, and play halo against each other on 2 tvs in 2 different rooms. Please bear in mind, that I was usually the odd one out, sitting there, watching all these men become boys. It was actually quite humorous to me.

Lucky for Matt, I'm quite a patient wife, and it really doesn't bother me that he likes to play games. He listens to me when I say "hey, come pay attention to me" or "please go stop Indy from barking up a storm" or something like that.

I came home from work a little early today, Matt's off for the rest of the week, so i thought it'd just be nice to have an evening home with him. This is what I came home to:

I walked into the room, and turn on all the lights, because they had been playing in the dark. I say "hey!" and got absolutely no response. NONE! They were both playing separate games, and completely ignored me. I don't know how guys can do this. When I'm spending time with my girlfriends (yeah, that once every 6 months or whenever I have that time) I usually like to talk with them, or do something like scrap booking so we can talk. I guess boys are just different.

Men are from mars, women are from venus right? Yeah, this is what living like this does.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


7-I will do my family history! (I go to the sunday school class in my ward, and every week, they ask what "wahoo's" we had that week, and I think. . .well, I made it to class today)

I've decided to forgo sugar for a while. Now, I'm not saying everything that has sugar in it I will not eat at all, because I know how unrealistic that is, and how I will fail miserably. I actually work with a girl who doesn't eat ANY sugar. I'm not sure how she does it, but that's what she claims. BUT, after talking to Katie, Levi's wife, who is pregnant with their second baby, she's on a sugar free diet right now. Her last pregnancy, she had gestational diabetes. One of my supervisors (who's pregnant with twins) has gestational diabetes; she's having a c-section. Not that the two are correlated for sure, but they could be.

More or less, sugar makes babies grow bigger. I'm not a very large person, and the idea of giving birth to a large baby, because I ate too much sugar, does not appeal to me. Currently, our baby is measuring right where she should be. To the day actually. This is probably why when you're pregnant, you're supposed to eat really well. I understand all that. I just work 8 hours a day, and sometimes, it's easier to grab something out of the vending machine to snack on, then plan something to bring with me.

But I'm going to try, I've bought fruits and vegetables to eat and snack on, I'm trying to plan actual meals that are good for me and my baby (oh yeah, and matt) and exercise as well. So I guess I should say that I'm pretty much just trying to eat like I've always been taught to eat, and not eat junk all the time. *sighs* yeah, we'll see how that goes.

And update on the puppies. Jenni's mother-in-law took them. Pretty much for the same reason I would have taken them. This is a good thing, because her son, who lives with her, has a dachshund as well, so now they have three dogs running around. Well, that's better than 3 dogs running around a house that I don't even own.

and I only have 28 more days of work (at the most). That kind of freaks me out actully

Sunday, September 23, 2007

my soft spot

I'm a dog person, I've stated that before and I'll say it again. This is my weakness you could say. Although I wish you wouldn't say it that way, because I don't consider it a weakness. They're just my soft spot.

I've told matt for years that I want to be able to have lots of land, and lots of dogs. That's my wish. Right now we only have one dog, but Matt's promised me that we can get a second one in 2010. (when the baby's 2) I've already got one picked out. We're going to get a husky next. That's actually the dog matt's always wanted, and everytime I see one for sale in the classified ads, it's very hard for me not to call and say "I'll take you home!" actually almost every dog I see in the classifieds I feel that way about.

That being said, I'd like to tell a little story about something going on right now. My sister and her family (4 kids, ranging from ages 6-4months) recently acquired 2 dachshunds. They're both 2 years old, purebred, one male, one female, and quite cute. We had a dachshund growing up, and loved it. The problem with these dogs though, is nothing to do with the dogs. In my opinion. Her husband also had a dachshund growing up so they were very excited to get these dogs for free.

About 2 weeks after they got the dogs, they became outside dogs. I don't think ANY dog should be an outside dog. That's my personal belief, but like I said, I have a VERY soft spot for dogs. But I'm very against small dogs being outside dogs. Big dogs, I can understand. Dogs under 10 lbs, I can't for the life of me understand why.

This is why they became outside dogs. 1: The got into the bathroom trash and shredded a diaper. 2: my sister wouldn't see them waiting by the door to go outside (they are house broken) and so they'd have accidents in the house.

I can see getting upset about both those things. But is that really the dogs fault? If you leave cookies out on the counter, and they get eaten, who's fault is it? Dogs like garbage. I don't know why, but they do. and if they aren't given their normal option of relieving themselves outside, they have to go somewhere right? a child would do the same thing.

The problem I'm having with this situation, and it's really, really bothering me (I cried about it for about 1/2 hour today, with matt and then with my dad, trying to find a solution) is that they aren't planning on bringing this dogs inside for the winter. This very night, those dogs are tied up on 6 foot (if that) leashes, with a wet blanket from the rain yesterday to sleep on, and a crate that isn't big enough for 2 dogs, in the corner of the yard. they are reaching the point of neglect. Being who I am, I can't take it. It was hard enough for me to leave their house today, and not take them with me.

Because of the things they did when they were house dogs, they've been banished. My sister's husband, when questioned about bringing them in this winter so they don't freeze to death, seemed to not care--he does NOT want them back in the house.

so of course, I said "I'll take them for you!". He really liked that idea.

I talked to matt. "what do you think about dog sitting?" "Jenni's dogs?" "yup" "for how long?" "um, all winter?" and with a look of disbelief "no"

then after explaining the situation to him (after we left my sisters, because I'm pretty emotional about it all) he said, "well, let's talk to your dad first, and see if he'd be willing to take them for the winter". This was a genius idea on his part, because my family (or who's left, my parents, and 14 year old sister) leave all summer, while he's the LDS chaplain at a boy scout ranch in New Mexico. They can't have a dog, and it breaks his heart I think. He's never really been without a dog, and really misses our last dog, (and only) who died about 3 years ago, while he was gone for the summer. so if we could convince him to take the dogs for the winter and "dog-sit" so they could be indoors, then I would be much happier, and the dogs would too! at least they'd live! Shoot, even if my sister didn't want to take them back at the end of the winter, I'd take them and "dog-sit" them for my dad, and they could become his dogs. He'd love that!!

I went to my parents earlier this evening to explain the situation to them, and see what they'd be willing to do, and of course, cried my eyes out, because things like this make me cry. He had another option. He knows a lot about dachshunds, he also had one growing up, and they're his favorite breed of dog. He said that they can survive outside. But they need some place warm and dry that they can use. And they still need to be played with, and given attention and affection, not just put in a dog run and given food and water 2 times a day. They like to burrow he said, and so if they have a large crate, you can insulate (kinda) the inside with carpet squares, put a lot of blankets in there, and a small light, which will emit just enough warmth for them, and they should be ok outside. The question is, whether or not they would get played with. I'm not sure they would. Her family just moved here from florida, and are warm blooded.

He was rather upset when I explained the whole situation to him as well, and I don't blame him! I'm REALLY upset about it! apparently our dachshund did the same things when we had her, but you just have to teach them. I've taught Indy to stay out of the garbage, and to stay away from certain things, and house-trained her. It's a matter of putting forth the effort, and they aren't really willing to do that with their dogs.

they have a garage they could use a corner of for the dogs, that's at least out of the elements, but they don't. It breaks my heart to see little dogs like that, it really does.

My parents agreed to talk to my sister on friday, when she's there for dinner, and see if they could come up with a solution. and if not, them I'm taking the dogs, and they will become my dogs. So if you see me walking around this winter with 3 dogs, and a huge belly, you'll know why, because this is what living like this does to me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

When I grow up. . .

Matt and I have decided that I will not longer work after we have our baby. Actually, we decided that I will stop working before the holidays start. Which is pretty soon. Our baby isn't due until February 8th, and I plan on leaving the first part of November. Sooo, I have 3 months of being pregnant and not working, and crossing my fingers for a healthy baby--so far so good. We had our ultrasound on Wednesday and everything is in the right place. and there are 2 kidney's, which is a big plus because my sister's 2 year old was born without one. So we want things to proceed like they are, and have our happy healthy baby.

Anyway, so I'm going to be a stay at home mom, and we're going to try to live off of just matt's paycheck. This scares me. We're trying to do this right now actually. I've created a budget for us that covers all our bases. even savings! We're lucky right now, because we're living in Matt's parent's basement right now, and rent is cheap.

so I've started making a list of things I want to do when I'm not longer working. I'm very excited for this, because I've always worked. I've always done something, from cleaning my dad's office building once a week, to working a 6am college campus cleaning job, being a freshman orientation leader on campus, and working at a retail store, AND going to summer school (these last 4 all at once).

Needless to say, I'm scared I'm going to just not know what to do with myself, and going stir-crazy. so in my head (because I'm too scatter-brained right now to keep track of papers) I've been making little lists of things I want to do when I'm not working. and I will now put them here, and slowly at to them, because my brain is going to let them slip out and I will lose them if I don't put them somewhere.

1-I will go to education week-or at least some classes, we'll see how baby is by that point
2-get rid of all my DI junk, that is probably collecting spiders in the corner of the room-ick
3-finally write a novel!! this will probably take some time
4-print up the pictures from our wedding and put them in my scrapbook. Yeah, the pages are all made, they just need the pictures.
5-cook a meal everynight!! yay!! I love food
6-read lots of books. LOTS. and go to the library and make good use of that card!

that's all I've come up with so far, there's lots of other things I'm going to do, like clean out the spare bedroom, so we have a baby room, and clean the house on a regular basis, and file all the things that I've been meaning to file.

ah, life will be so great when I grow up.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My lack of skills

I wish I was a nerd sometimes. Like today.

I hope this works, because I don't know what I'm doing, and matt's not here to help me, so this could be deadly. Knowing my luck, it'll delete my whole blog. I'm not tech-savvy, I have to have matt scan pics in for me, I can only take them from the camera and then put them in picassa. if the internet isn't working on my laptop, I have to call him over to help me fix it. I used to feel like I understood something about technology a few years ago when I was in college, but alas, those days are past.

I'm going to try to post some pics in here, and comment on them. In case this doesn't work, you can check out our other page that has pics (that I don't update very often. . .oh well)

So here's a kinda current picture of our little family :) This was over memorial day weekend, Matt's grandparents were in town and we took about a hundred pictures of everyone in the family. This was the best of indy, because matt's dad (taking the picture) was holding a treat for her. That's my puppy-a treat fiend.

And here's a picture of us at Glenn's Wedding last month. Yeah, my little brother got married. Weird.

yay! that's my family so far--We'll get some ultrasound pics on here eventually (matt's scanning them in right now!!)

And yes, I had to wait for him to come home so I could get the pictures in the right place. *sighs* I feel like a fool, this is what living like this does.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I am a Domestic Goddess-hear me roar!

I have this weird desire to become a domestic goddess. Not a house wife, or homemaker, but something so much cooler and powerful.

I just came back from a relief society activity with my mother, at the macey's grocery store near my home. These are more or less cooking classes. Something I have a slight obsession with, but not the patience for it. When we had cable, the food network was one of the few channels I watched, and would try not to miss episodes of certain chefs.

The problem is, I don't have the time to spend a lot of time on cooking. Or the energy now that I'm pregnant. I usually work 8 hours a day, in customer service being yelled at a lot, and it's slightly stressful. When I come home from work, I usually just want to sit down and not think, or do anything. This class gave me a whole new perspective on cooking when I'm busy, which I will share with you here. (yay!!)

Freezer meals. Doesn't usually sound quite so good eh? But I thought, Hey, they're only two of us, I have a hard enough time cutting meals down enough that I'm not throwing away a lot of moldy food that sat in my fridge we never ate because we got sick of it. I'm not doing that anymore. This lady is the mother of 12 (no joke-ranged age 30-9) and did this just to save herself time I bet. I'll probably alter the system to work for us, but the idea is basic enough. BUT-not only are they freezer meals that I LIKE, but she has it set up that in one day, she's made enough freezer meals for a MONTH!!!

She picked 5 meals with chicken in them, and 5 meals with ground beef, then she doubled them, so she had 2 of each meal, for a total of twenty meals, and voila:frozen meals for a MONTH. And she creates these in one day!!! that's 5 meals for a week, which is good enough for me, that still gives me one night for pizza, and one good sunday dinner at a parents home or something else I want.

Then she just makes a spreadsheet, with her recipes across the top, and the ingredients down the side. In each column, under each specific recipe, she puts how much she'll need of the certain ingredient on the side--remember, enough for 2 meals. Then on the left side, she totals it all up, so she know exactly how much of each ingredient she'll need to purchase for these meals.

I love this idea, because I like to plan out meals for a week, and buy all the things I need for them in one trip, because I hate the grocery store, I hate lines and pushing grocery carts. :) My problem really comes down to my willingness to cook the meals that I planned and bought the groceries for. This turns into me throwing away food that goes bad, and getting frustrated at the waste of money!

After she's bought all the groceries, she then takes a day and prepares all the meals-sometimes she says she takes two days. On the first day, she cooks all the chicken and ground beef (she actually cooks the beef in the oven!! and then the chicken in the pressure cooker) and cuts up all the veggies and puts everything in the fridge. Then on the second day she prepares all the meals. And she's not just making casseroles. she's making soups, and lasagna, and enchiladas! even still, she either mixes things in bowls, or even ziplock bags. then putting them in those cheap aluminum pans (she found them at zurchers for like 50¢, and then puts the lids on them and freezes them. She found you could stack 3 before the lids start collapsing on each other. she also said for the soup, put in in a ziplock bag, then freeze it in the pan she'd heat them up in. then you just have to cut the baggie off and set it in the pan. I like this idea. and you could put everything in baggies and freeze them flat.

So here's what I'm going to do--since there are only 2 of us, I'm going to pick a few meals --probably 5-10 different types and instead of putting them in one pan, or bag, I'm going to put them in probably 4 or so bags. Then I can pull one out and it should be just enough for the both of us! My mom also told me, another way to do it is make a full meal one day and cook enough for the two of us and then bag up the rest. But then I still have to make one meal a day, and I really like the concept of making all these meals in one day and just cooking them that night.

so we'll really see how I can do this, and if I actually get around to doing. What I'll probably do is create the spreadsheet, and then never buy all the stuff for it, because after all, this is what living like this does!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A world of dogs

I dislike death. I don't hate it, because I understand it, and the importance of it. But I don't like it.

I have always been an animal person, even growing up, my sister would be watching me, and come running inside to get my mom because I went after a creature walking down the street. I've always wanted pets. I got Indy when I was living in an apartment that does not allow pets, and i don't regret it. I've always wanted to work with pets, and I think that I would drop any job that I had to work with pets. In college I was planning on becoming a vet, until I saw all the math and science that I've never been good at, and well, I'm quite lazy, so I became an english major.

Yesterday though, I realized more clearly why I couldn't be a vet, why I couldn't work with sick, injured, dying animals. I couldn't handle it emotionally. When it comes to animals, I'm a very emotional person. "Marley and Me", one of my favorite books about life and love with the worlds worst dog made me cry. and not just a few tears. I was full out sobbing when Marley died.

I was walking Indy one night about year and 1/2, to 2 years ago, and I saw a neighbors dog get hit by a car. Twice. I heard the dog's cry of pain for one moment, then it got hit by the second tire and then the second car. I cried, and I knew nothing of this dog, save it be that it got hit, and it was my neighbors.

I get choked up when I see a dog running down the street, in fear that it's going to get hit by a car, or worse, I will see it get him by a car. I can't help but picture that it could be my escape artist puppy someday.

And now, captain jax's two dogs have both died. Kimo, the male, died on the first. Even though we were expecting it, had actually planned to put him down the next day if he didn't die in his sleep that night, it was still very hard for everyone. He was very old, and in a lot of pain.

I always thought that whoever went first out of the two, kimo or keta, that the other wouldn't be very far behind. but I didn't think that it would be two weeks, I thought a few months, about 6 months later the other would die. Keta just went in to get some teeth pulled that were bothering her, she wasn't able to eat. They pulled 11 teeth, and put her on an IV to leave her there overnight. The vet came in and checked on the dogs staying the night around midnight, and she was doing fine. Came in the next morning and she had died.

It's hard, and I don't like it, and I'm glad I don't have to deal with it very often. I joke that I would love to have one of each. lots of dog running all over the place, it would make me very happy. but when they have to die, that makes it hard. and when they die close together, that makes it even harder.

And so we'll stick with one for a while now, because Indy's small, and she should live for about 15 years, and if we got a second, it would be a bigger one, and it would die sooner, because bigger dogs just don't live as long, and they could possibly die near the same time, and I don't really want to go through this again.

Dogs really bring out the strongest emotions in me. This is was living like this does though.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's not unusual. . .

Something from my punk covers album. . .I don't know what it's called

I'm going to do something I don't usually do, I'm going to comment on something going on in the world right now. The shootings at Virginia Tech. I'll tell you the reason I don't usually do things like this, because i don't like debating, I don't like confrontation, and I don't like people telling me my point of view is inaccurate.

I'm not going to say alot on the subject, because I only know the basics of what happened. But I'm going to disagree with what a lot of people are saying about the situation. That this man's writing style is what made him do this. This makes me furious, absolutely furious. I am a writer, and I took a lot of writing classes, and I've used a lot of different writing styles. He wrote dark things, he wrote depressing things. So what. I did too, and I'm not going to shoot a classroom full of people, or a store on a major holiday.

If anyone who wrote dark items were kicked out of their classes, kicked out of school, we would not be as far advanced in literary writings as we are right now. No one has any right to tell writers that what they're writing is wrong. NO ONE.

My point is that it is not unusual for writers to write dark things. Not at all, and I've read similar stories in my creative writing classes as the ones he wrote. I'm not trying to defend the things he did at Virginia Tech, I'm trying to make the point that a style of writing isn't enough to be the reason he shot so many people. It's everything that is involved with him, he personality, his lack of friends, his family growing up, perhaps an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Thousands and thousands of things go into the reasons, if there are reasons, why this happened.

My worry is if I write something dark ever again, or anyone writes anything dark in their classes, the paranoia of people are going to cut down a writer in their prime. It will be society's loss and they won't even know it. But this is what living like this does.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm only happy when it rains

"Happy when it rains"

I was driving home from work today, with a pounding headache, after a terribly long day at work, and I couldn't help watching the wonderful clouds, dark and full of rain, slowly roll down the mountains. driving near the canyon, I couldn't even see the edges farther down the canyon, just white, mistyness. the world had a mellow feel to it, the type that makes me just want to take captain jax, and a very large, thick blanker, and sit on the porch, enjoying a march day like this.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Working at the Willey

I need to do this more often.

I have been promoted at the willey. I now work some days in the customer service department, and it's the worst job I've ever had. I've considered myself resilient throughout my life, my parents raised me to be tough, to be strong, and to be able to handle the things life throws at me. So for the most part, I can handle want customer service throws at me. when a customer walks up and yells at me, I do keep my cool, and I'm patient with them as we try to work through the problem, and sometimes there is nothing we can do for them, and I feel bad, but we can only do so much for people and the problems.

but yesterday, yesterday made me want to walk out of there and never come back.

in sunday school, we had a lesson on the beattitudes, and I thought "hmm, I should really have some more of those in my life" and I decided to start with what I thought could help me the most, and I prayed on thursday night for more patience, and then friday began.

I worked the close shift, from 2-10pm, and my first call came in at 2:05. I answer and hear the situation. the lady on the phone purchased a washer and dryer from us with the warrenty a few years ago and she had the repair man there to fix it, and needed the warrenty information. not a problem, I ask for the phone number, the best way to look up a person's account history, and she's not sure. They've moved since they've made the purchase and she's having a hard time remembering the phone number. so we go the more difficult route. searching with the name. and of course, it's a rather common name, and it pulled up about 200 names.
She tells me what their old address is, and since once we got a name, it shows the account number, address, phone number and city for each name. I search through these and find two addresses that have her husband's name, and look at them. Well, one doesn't have any purchases under it, and the other only has a purchase for a couch and love. I tell her that, and she says "well it has to be there, they delivered the couch and love with the washer and dryer!" so I search under her name (I searched with her husband's the first time) and still nothing.

1/2 an hour later, I let her know that I have exhausted all my efforts, there is no other way I can find the information, and our warranty agreement is if we can't find it, she has to supply it as proof of the purchase, and she freaks out me. I understand her frustration, but what made me upset is that she told me she couldn't believe we lost it, and that I wouldn't spend any time searching for it. I flat out told her "ma'am, I have spent the last half-hour searching for you, I'm sorry if that's not enough time for you, but I have used every search method I have access to, and I can't find any purchase"
"well that's obviously not enough time! I have the service man here waiting, and if you can't find the warranty, then I have to pay him x-amount and I KNOW I purchased it there, and I can't believe you lost my warranty information! How do you stay in business when you just lose things like that?!!"
"If you'd like, I can transfer you to our extended warranty department, they might have another way to search for it, that I can't do at a store level"
and she swore at me and hung up. I wanted to scream at her, and tell her that I betcha you didn't even buy your washer and dryer here!! I bet you shopped here, and a salesperson wrote you up a 'quote' (which showed under her account as a voided order, since they never did pay for it) and then you found a better deal elsewhere!! I'm almost 100% certain that's what happened, because that's usually what does happen.
it gets so frustrating, having to be calm and polite when people are yelling at me, and I just want to yell right back at them. I think I'm slowly going crazy at this job, because this is what living like this does.