Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm writing to you

Good Charlotte (I think)

I haven't been here in a while, Asmond, I apologize. :)

To my Florida sister:
I'm so grateful you came to my wedding, that you saved all the money you made from piano, that you ate you food storage so you could afford to fly out here with your family and be there in the temple with me.

Do you remember the phrase you repeated to me time and time again over the few days I saw you? "Don't worry about it, it doesn't matter". I wish i had taken it to heart more. I wish I would have tried harder to not worry about it when everyone on captain jax's side of the family left the wedding reception, when they got upset about staying later to get pictures taken because they had to get home, when it was really their fault the pictures were being taken so late, when the flowers on my cake were not what I wanted, when my hair wasn't curling on one side, when my dad wore his cowboy boots and hat with the tux because I never specified that he couldn't, when i sat in the classroom after the reception and cried because I felt like nobody cared that it was supposed to be my day and were being extremely selfish, when I was being selfish because I wanted it to be MY day, when so many friends I wanted to see didn't show up because the rain came, when my family told me not to open the presents that night because there wasn't enough time, when my father and father-in-law almost had a fight.

and the list goes on, but y'know what? a few days later, as I sat and thought about it, those things didn't matter at all. Yes, they all would have been nice, but they weren't what was important. the important part was Captain Jax and I were married in God's Holy Temple, for time and ALL of eternity, by the only power on earth that could do that. And God cares about that, and that's all I should care about, the other stuff isn't important, it's not the stuff that could get us to the next life.

So thank you, thankyou for being the sister you've always been, giving me a good slap when you know I need it, and being there to help me realize what's really important in life. *hugs* I love you, and I'm grateful for you.

your li'l sister
Mrs. Captain Jax

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  1. Wow, I didn't know so much trash went down that night. But hey, for what its worth, I don;t care what anyone says, I am glad you and Matt got married. Not because of he as a person, but because its what you wanted. I have always admired that you do what you do because you want to. That takes guts and I give you kudos for that. I wish the night had gone better for you but as Eve 6 would say, "The past is just that", or Rafiki, "It doesn't matter its in the past!" BUt yeah, just thought i would leave a little something for you.