Sunday, March 26, 2006

It seems to me, that I have a serious lack of time on my hands. It's rather unfortunate, because I do like all the writing and venting/thinking I'm able to accomplish on this page.

Quick update: I'm engaged, getting hitched May 5th. my olders sister had a baby girl, my second niece. my boss wants to demote me, and transfer me to the other store, as well as cut my pay a dollar an hour. I have a job interview at a pet hospital tomorrow morning. I miss talking to a lot of my friends, the ones I used to see a lot, and now hardly see. my dog doesn't chew things up as much, but she still likes to nibble.

and that's enough for now. I'll write again later, and try to be more regular in this, because it is rather like a journal for me. I'm stressed, and don't have enough time to plan a wedding, but this is what living like this does!

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