Sunday, October 22, 2006

The accident

a few days ago as captain jax, the puppy, and myself were driving home from his parents house (which is quite normal) we stopped on the road, because about 4 cars in front of us an older lady was crossing the street. yes, right in the middle of 35mph of traffic she decided to take a stroll. It was a quick stop, not slam on your breaks quick, but slightly abrupt.

A few seconds later, we start moving again. Well, I take my foot off the brake type of moving, and we were slammed into from behind on the drivers side of the trunk. Captain jax was luckily holding the puppy and she wasn't injured in anyway, and we were both wearing seatbelts because we were hit hard enough to push us probably a few feet or more. There's a church parking lot right to the left of us, so the person who hit us pulled in there and we followed. As we park and I'm cursing the driver as he steps out because he looks like a punk kid, captain jax says that he knows him! The kid applied for a job at his work place, but they couldn't hire him. Why? because he's been convicted of a felon.

He's cursing himself, and apologizing profusely, and I'm trying not to rip into him, because he was obviously not paying the slightest bit of attention since we were stopped for I'd say at least 5 seconds, and were starting to move again when he hit us.

We call the police to get an officer out there, because all this kid can find is his registration, he can't find his insurance. I was furious! the bumper wasn't completely wreaked, it did it's job. It's scratched up pretty well, with paint from the other car all over that corner. The kids car though, that's a whole other story. the front end where he hit us was completely crunched up. it's going to cost them a bundle to fix.

The kid's girlfriend shows up, his parents show up, and also apologize to us, and then the police show up. our puppy is going crazy in the car, just wanted to see everyone and be apart of this I suppose. The kid's parents can't find the insurance anywhere either. I wanted to wring his neck, I'm not going to lie, especially after hearing him dump a bunch of glass bottles over the fence from the back of his car. No wonder he had a felony, probably under age drinking.

finally about an hour later, after standing out in the cold, waiting for the police officer to get everything written up for us, we can leave. The kid was cited for it, and we're given a case number on the accident.

This was the first real accident I've been in, one where we had to wait for the police to come, where we had to exchange the information. Good thing captain jax was there to handle it. The other other accidents I've been in were quite small. I was on a date with captain jax once and we were stopped in an aisle in the parking lot and got backed into. Driving with my sister back from something we got rear-ended by my dad who was following us (and talking on the cell-phone) and once my brother-in-law's little brother (yeah, that big tall guy) ran into the back of my truck. So that's the extent of my accident. little ones that weren't too important, or at least, I didn't have to do much work. but the trying to get ahold of insurance companies, and get claims filed so we can fix the car, it's just frustating. This is what living like this does.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Everybody scream your heart out!

"rooftops" Lost Prophets

Life is interesting, to say the least. Both of us working full time, and yet not having enough money to be able to do anything. I don't understand it. Granted we're not making that much more, but we've got to learn to cut back somewhere.

I myself have been frustrated with myself, my inablilites, my weakness, my faults. all these things that I believe i have control over, and yet I take no control to control them. or i try to control them and realize belately that I can have no effect on them, and thus hurt myself in the process.

married life is different than i thought. Surprisingly, I feel a little more lonely, it's that whole both of us working all the time thing. it seems to be that when I'm working, he's home, and when he's working I'm home, and the time we see each other is for about 2 hours in the morning, and a few in the evening, while we're busy doing other things. and I understand this, don't get me wrong, I know that why we don't see each other a lot, but it's still lonely to me, and I crave the friendships I used to have. But others seem to have given me up for dead lately. A few night ago, was the first time in about a month that we got together with other friends, not family, but actual friends, those we knew before marriage. And our other married couple, the ones that got hitched right after us, yeah, and they're having a honeymoon baby.

Life is funny that way, the way we fall apart and drift together, and I could put some silly metaphor in here, that we're waves that crash together and break in the great ocean of life, but i don't want to put you all through that.

We're planning on moving to Georgia (the state, not the country) come november and as much as i think it'll be great, and I'll enjoy, I'm worried about being even lonelier. I don't make friends that easy, and I'm actually quite, quite shy, even when I try not to be. It'll be an adventure, if nothing else. This is what living like this does

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'm writing to you

Good Charlotte (I think)

I haven't been here in a while, Asmond, I apologize. :)

To my Florida sister:
I'm so grateful you came to my wedding, that you saved all the money you made from piano, that you ate you food storage so you could afford to fly out here with your family and be there in the temple with me.

Do you remember the phrase you repeated to me time and time again over the few days I saw you? "Don't worry about it, it doesn't matter". I wish i had taken it to heart more. I wish I would have tried harder to not worry about it when everyone on captain jax's side of the family left the wedding reception, when they got upset about staying later to get pictures taken because they had to get home, when it was really their fault the pictures were being taken so late, when the flowers on my cake were not what I wanted, when my hair wasn't curling on one side, when my dad wore his cowboy boots and hat with the tux because I never specified that he couldn't, when i sat in the classroom after the reception and cried because I felt like nobody cared that it was supposed to be my day and were being extremely selfish, when I was being selfish because I wanted it to be MY day, when so many friends I wanted to see didn't show up because the rain came, when my family told me not to open the presents that night because there wasn't enough time, when my father and father-in-law almost had a fight.

and the list goes on, but y'know what? a few days later, as I sat and thought about it, those things didn't matter at all. Yes, they all would have been nice, but they weren't what was important. the important part was Captain Jax and I were married in God's Holy Temple, for time and ALL of eternity, by the only power on earth that could do that. And God cares about that, and that's all I should care about, the other stuff isn't important, it's not the stuff that could get us to the next life.

So thank you, thankyou for being the sister you've always been, giving me a good slap when you know I need it, and being there to help me realize what's really important in life. *hugs* I love you, and I'm grateful for you.

your li'l sister
Mrs. Captain Jax

Sunday, March 26, 2006

It seems to me, that I have a serious lack of time on my hands. It's rather unfortunate, because I do like all the writing and venting/thinking I'm able to accomplish on this page.

Quick update: I'm engaged, getting hitched May 5th. my olders sister had a baby girl, my second niece. my boss wants to demote me, and transfer me to the other store, as well as cut my pay a dollar an hour. I have a job interview at a pet hospital tomorrow morning. I miss talking to a lot of my friends, the ones I used to see a lot, and now hardly see. my dog doesn't chew things up as much, but she still likes to nibble.

and that's enough for now. I'll write again later, and try to be more regular in this, because it is rather like a journal for me. I'm stressed, and don't have enough time to plan a wedding, but this is what living like this does!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

if only I could turn back time

Aqua "Turn back time"

Forgive me, for I have sinned, it has been over 2 months since my last blog posting.

The reason I'm writing now, is because something very strange occured a few days ago, last wednesday, Feb. 1st to be exact. My good friend, Flying Jeans, lost his older brother J. to a sudden and unexpected illness. J was the ripe age of 26, had been married for 3 years, had a 2 year old son, and just found out a few weeks previous that his wife was expecting again.

Even the family isn't sure how this happened so soon. He got sick, and then 72 hours later he was dead.

The reason I write this is because it hit me how important this life is. I have never been a funeral person, I don't understand all things, or even attempt to understand. The last funeral I went to, I sang as a 10 year old primary child, the one before, I was a 6 year old, who just wanted to play with the dog (but instead got chomped on). Captain Jax, however, is an expert, attending as least 2 funerals a year.

I digress. My point being, death hasn't ever come this close to me in years. Yes, it's come close, but never taken someone I know, someone I spent time with, someone who knew who I was when he saw me. Needless to say, it shook me up. J and his wife never went through the temple, but were making plans to be sealed. I had never realized how important some things are, the things we take for granted, how important it is to do the things we need to do in the order we're supposed to do them. It made me want to be a better person overall, it try harder in life, to be more repentant, and to remember that this life is more Christ's than mine, and I need to be doing the right thing to be able to stand before him and say "how wonderful it is to be in your presence again, what can I do on this side of the veil?"

I'm not sure the point I'm trying to make here, but i knew I needed to write about it. I needed to do something about it. The Lord does know what He's doing, there is no doubt in my mind, He's always taken care of me, even when I felt completely alone, He's set up the path that will lead me where He needs me. He's done the same in J's life, and the life of his family, and even though they haven't yet completed the things that might've been able to be completed early (it's not my place to pass judgement). I know that their lives were the way they were supposed to be, and the Lord will continue to set their paths for them, in this life and J's new life.

And now I'm going to be do my best to feel this close to the other side, a feeling I don't I've ever felt before, because I know this is what living like this does to a person