Tuesday, November 22, 2005

If I stay lucky then my tongue will stay tied

Seven Mary Three

I have been so incredibly busy, it's driving me crazy! I can't even call my sister back! what kind of person am I. I have been working everyday, and when I'm not working, I'm in class, or doing homework. I'm a little stressed out, I'm not going to lie.

I feel like I've dropped a lot of things that I used to do all the time. I feel like I have no time to write, just write like I used to do. Like I need to do. I had a goal to blog Something once a day, and then it's once a week, and now it's more like once a month! I hate that. This is where I'm able to get everything out, where I'm able to just let go and it makes me feel better.

I haven't been able to go to poetasters for a while either. I miss that a lot a lot. it was something that MADE me write, I wanted to have something new every week, and alas, I have written one new poem in the past month. What the heck?? that's not good. (yeah, the poem wasn't that good either. . .) *sighs* there's so many things I want to, and I know I don't have the time for it.

There are a few things that I absolutely love, and want to continue for the rest of my life. Writing, outdoor thing, and now, yoga. But I'm finding the only way I'm able to do those things is to force myself to do them. Why is that? I don't write unless I have something I need to do for my class. it's WAY too cold outside, but for my rock climbing class, I only use my pass on the day I have lab/class. which is tuesday. Although I could very well find the time to do it during the week. I don't. Yoga. . .ah, I love it, it makes me feel better. and I've been offered an awesome deal at the "it's yoga" store in the riverwoods ($23 a month, if I sign up for a year, for most people (aka-not students) it's $90/month). but I don't know if I should take it or not. . .I don't know if I'll be here for a year to use it, at most 1/2 a year probably. . .*sighs* this is what living like this does. . .

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