Thursday, September 29, 2005

Your present's just a pleasent interuption

Title: Konstatine
Group: Something Corporate

I am so tired. . .I went and saw "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" at my fav. theater last night with Smurfs, Asmond, and ______ (insert her online name here, because, well, I don't know it) and it was an awesome movie, I enjoyed myself. Didn't get much homework done since I was at work before Asmond called, but I'm ok with that. getting up at 7am though, after going to bed at 1am, was a little difficult for me, I'm not gonna lie. but I had yoga first, and I felt good, and a little sore actually. I'm getting the breaths down, which makes me happy :)

I joined blue-beta recently, and I've quite enjoyed myself, and felt quite welcome! I was a little hesitent, I'm not going to lie, but I've had such a good time so far, just getting to know people on there, some I've met in real life, some not, but I'm anxious to meet them all and have new friends.

on a random note, I had my "awareness" poem critiqued in my poetry class this afternoon, and I have a funny feeling from my prof. He's an interesting guy, and I'm learning alot from him, but at the same time, I have a suspicious feeling he's going to work me hard this semseter. I don't speak up much in class, I don't care to, I'm not going to lie. but he keeps looking at me when he talks about the poems, I don't know if I give a lot of attention to him when he's talking, or if I seem like smart person, or what. Maybe he can just sense my poetic nature, and that's ncie. He's seemed to critique my poem pretty good today--but maybe I'm just looking for another mentor to replace my suu mentors, I'm not sure. . .

another random note, I was reading some old blue-beta stuff today, and one was something about the first two things I wish people noticed about me, and my first thoughts were:
1-I'm not mean because I'm quiet, and I don't hate you--I'm just quiet sometimes
2-I'm lonely and would love to be your friend

so I'm curious (with those that read this blog) what were your first impressions of me? I want to know, because I don't want to be that girl, for this is what living like this does (I know, sometimes I have to stretch on these)


  1. My first impression of you? well, your writing of your blog are rather interesting. You make some pretty neat metaphors that make me laugh. And your also the only person who responds to my blogs so yeah, your a neat person. (I also can't relaly remember when I first met you being I was like a day old at the time. :)

  2. ok, you don't count anyway, but thanks for the compliment! You're really the only one who responds to my blog anyway :)

  3. What am I? Chopped Liver ;)

  4. Ok, Ok, you're not chopped liver, but thanks for the response :) anxious to see ya'll tomorrow! I'll keep my dog off of sam :)

  5. First impression: how do you spell her name? Quick, run and find it on the box of stuff from the hospital. Now I would just say you are doing fine, you have a strength inside I have seen pull you up through issues. You're amazing. AJ