Monday, September 12, 2005

What an amazing day, I could have sat outside for hours. But instead, I sat inside at my computer, trying to write a spanish paper. Why, when I'm an english major, would I have to take spanish for 2 long years? I still haven't figured out, especially since I listened to Shakira one semester, for the majority of it.
But I haven't seen a day like this one in a while, and it was amazing. the cloudy cool weather means summer is on it's way out the door. Saturday night, I piled all my blankets on my bed, (and by all, I mean there was at least 10) and opened my window so I could have my face cold, and the rest of me warm. It was wonderful, and I almost felt like I was outside camping with a super nice bed instead of hard rocks and holes under me.
I wore a sweater all day, and it was fantastic because I didn't fry when I got out of work or class, because the weather was that beautiful autumn that I love so much. rumor has it that stewert falls is looking might fine right now, the leaves are just starting to change. I really need to get out there soon.
and then it rained. and where was I? sitting at work, trying to hear a customer over yelling kids. what I really wanted to be doing was sitting outside letting the rain hit me. It rained on friday, and that was quite nice, only I was lost on byu campus. Go figure. When I went to park, I pulled into the 1st visitor lot, because I think it's the closest to the library, at least where I thought the library was. anyway, there's a sign right by the booth that says "BYU students and UVSC students can't park here" and I thought to myself, "I'm not either" although I am enrolled at uvsc. . .which is a story for another entry. so I pull my car right up to the window, and well, since I look like a student, I get asked if I'm a uvsc student, I say "yes, I'm here for the poetry reading at the library, but I don't know where to go" and I think I may have batted my eyes a little bit, because I really didn't want to have to go through the hassle of finding another lot because byu campus just confuses me. *sighs* what is the world coming to when I bat my eyes at guys? anyway, he hassled me a bit about not being able to park there, and then told me it's ok because the other lot was full anyway. who does that? Honestly. . .so I was able to find the library (a big glass building. . .at least the part I saw) and meet McKay for lunch, which was quite nice, since I don't spend nearly enough time with the kid ever since he broke up with my old room-mate. things just got awkward. but we sat outside and talked and drank jambas (which I still tend to call zukas). it was great.
anyway, the point of this being, it was raining, so there were people running around campus covering their heads, and I felt so fantastic, it was great. And then after my poetry reading (which was really more of a short-story reading. . .maybe 2 poems) it was sunny and hot, which I really don't like.
But today's weather, now that was wonderful, I felt invigerated, even after getting 4 hours of sleep and trying to write a spanish paper. My teacher told me today that I speak very good spanish. . .but I haven't said anything in class. oh well, it made me feel good, and this is what living like this does

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