Sunday, September 11, 2005

it's the blind, leading the blind

Whenever I go on a blind date, my dad says "That's so nice of you to take the blind out". funny. I went on the date from hell last night. Ok, that's not true. It wasn't really a date (thank heavens, because then it really would've been the date from hell). I was orginally tried to get another boy to go with me, but he had already made plans with someone else to do something, if his homework allowed. My great friend Jru had already asked someone for our double date, we were going to go to the Jon Schmidt concert, because I think he's a great performer, and I enjoy his music. Well, so now she has a random date (a guy she owed dinner to) and I don't have anyone. I don't know that many people, and I'm still trying to figure out how to get back into the dating game. so it's wednesday or thursday, I forget, and the date is supposed to be on saturday. Jru, being the cool girl she is, went to her date and said "You need to find a guy for Rockflower, because the guy she wanted to take can't come" and so he tried to find me someone, he did, but then the guy got super busy and couldn't come.
And so Jru calls a guy she knows and asks him to take me, and he says "uhh, what's ashbash doing?" and I lose yet another date. . .am I up to three guys now? anyway, ashbash gets sucked into the dating vortex. . .luckily she can work these tricky vortexes (vorti? I don't know the plural. . .). Her date brings a friend, that's supposed to be my date, whereas, Jru, and Heathyr, who had each found another date, get cancelled on (this is twice for both of them now) and I'm supposed to go with a kid, who's first question about me to his friend was "How tall is she?" that was the same question for my last blind date too, go figure.
I didn't want to go, not one bit at all, I was fighting it with all I had (without being rude of course) because the original plan was to go to this piano concert with a boy I wanted to get to know, and enjoy myself, and for jru to get this boy she owed dinner to off her back. Somehow that all disapeared, when he cancelled on her, and I got turned down. all of a sudden it just wasn't something I wanted to involve myself in.
and then it's saturday night, 6:30ish, and I'm getting ready to head over to Jru's and she calls me and says "I don't have a date anymore, and I can't find someone, and Heathyr doesn't have a date either--she's going to stay with her mom, because her dad stood her mom up". so we have a date in 1/2 hour, ashbash decided she doesn't want to spend any money, so there goes dinner and the play. when I got there, and we were trying to figure it all out, I almost walked out, because who wants to be involved in something so ridiculous?? not me, and I still didn't want to be set up with this guy, not one bit.
somehow our double date with jru gets turned into a group activity. We order pizza, which no one wants to help pay for. (it was good too, i'm going to have to steal some from jru) and me and jru end up footing most of the bill.
and this is all just the precursor to the 'activity' itself. I hate drama. . . .
the boys come over, and the guy who would've been my date, had we been going on a date is tall, but not like he has to duck to go under doors tall. one of the first things he says, as ashbash offers the scouting magazine to everyone is "Y'know if the church stopped doing scouting, the whole program would fall apart, the church is the biggest supporter of it, and they do whatever the church wants".
One way to piss me off real quick, act like you know something about something you don't, especially when it's something I'm personally involved it and take and opposing point of view on this subject you know nothing about. The scouting program is HUGE--world wide!! the lds church isn't that big of a part of scouting. they're apart of it, but the scouting program would be just fine if no lds member participated in scouting. Why? because they have more members of other faiths involved in scouting than the lds. and then throughout the rest of the night, he continued to make stupid comments about everything I enjoy. Yoga? "I think people who do yoga should find more productive things to use their time". Jon Schmidt? "he's not a pianist, he can hardly play his own songs and he messes up" Dogs? "I don't like them, at all".
and thus went the whole night. I just kept my mouth shut, because I wanted to give him an earfull. I don't think he'll be someone I'll spend much of my time with ever again. I'm crossing my fingers at least.
I'm also going to be more picky about blind dates. if I'm being set up, I want the person setting me up to actually think "Will this person be somewhat compatible with rockflower? if not, why would I set her up with him?" or maybe I'll jus swear off blind-dating. . .only I can't find my own dates. and this is what living like this does

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