Sunday, September 18, 2005

I'd pick my friends over you

I've never been to the sundance film festival, not for lack of desire, but themovies aren't rated, and I'm a little worried about what my tender spirit would be exposed to. On Saturday night, I went up to West Valley to visit my sister--ok, I went up to be a babysitter while her and her husband spoke in church that sunday. But on saturday night, I got to see my old room-mate Heatha! (really heather, but I know too many heather's) I haven't seen this girl for almost a year! ever since our room-mate Cyann got hitched and we traveled to the luncheon together--that was back in march or february. so it's been a while.

we went to a mini film-festival, Epic Summer Film Festival. It was inspiring. basicly, it's people adventures from the summer, and they're usually outdoor adventures, their travels. Some people did mystery canyon in Zion (which I want to do), another hiked longs peak in Colorado (a 14-er) some other people had snowboard/skiing films. there were some awesome films, little short ones, around 10 minutes, but it gave me the desire to go outdoors more.

As I was driving home from WV this evening, I contemplated my current friends and came to the conclusion that most of them aren't the outdoorsy type that I am. I am someone who loves the outdoors, I love hiking, camping, backpacking, the STARS!! my rocks, and I'm trying to get into mountain biking, but I don't want to die, so I'm a little feared of that. I'm also in the artsy group, I love poetry, and writing. I love going to little cafes, and sitting there with my notebook or a book reading and just enjoying that atmosphere. Here's my problem though, I have about 2 friends, in the total of all my friends/associates/people I've done things with once in my entire life here in Utah, that have those interests. No one has both of them (or at least if they do they're keeping secrets from me!!) and I decided I need to find more people that have similar interests at me, so I can do the things I love. I'm working on the writing group, since I go to my readings every friday (although I don't recognize people) and since I'm going to be going to poetasters on tuesdays I could find some writing friends there, since it's a small group. yeah, we'll see what happens. I do need to get outdoors more though.

on another note, I'm now considered one of the less active members of my ward. Dang it. I supposed that's to be expected, the last time I was there was fast sunday, and I left after sacrament meeting because I was so sick. the week after I went to another friend's ward to hear her speak, and then this past week I went to West Valley. The bishopbric did pull me aside though to give me a calling, only in conflicts with work, and so they're trying to get me another calling. and they found out I play the piano--snap, I'm going to be the new choir pianist, the other one just got married. . .this could be interesting to say the least.
and my sister who kinda reads my blogs (but never leaves comments!!!) says I have a lot of emotions, or more emotions than apparently she thought. I feel slightly like a drama queen, but this is what living like this does

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