Thursday, September 15, 2005

I can't think of any song lyrics to go with this post. Dang

I got a raise! I got a raise! (if you could see me, I'm clapping my hands) and I'm getting more hours, it's fantastic. I'm now at $7.25, which is the most I've ever been paid with anything I've ever done in my life. . .at least in hourly pay, salary is always a bit different.

when I was working in New Mexico, I was on a salary of $900-something (70? I forget) for a month, and when we budgeted it as an hourly pay, we were getting like $.70 an hour. ouch. so this is quite nice.

it was wonderful! I walk into work, through my favorite pink door, and Jules pulls me aside. She has quite a serious look in her eyes, and i thought "Aw crap, I'm getting fired" although now thinking about it, there wouldn't be a reason for me to get fired. . .anyway, she says she talked to Scott (boss) and I'm now making $7.25 an hour, because I've done so much the past few weeks, and I've done so good with everything. they appreiciate me, thank goodness. I will also being working more nights, mostly just doing the tagging and hanging that when it gets busy we just can't get done. Then we have piles of clothes, and the store looks horrible. so I'll be getting almost 40 hours a week, which would put me at around $1,000 a month. . .that's absolutely great. now I don't have to get a second job! this makes me think more seriously about buying a condo and renting rooms out. on the bright side of blowing a chunk of money on a condo, someday I'll get married *crosses fingers, knocks on wood* and then we'll have a place to live, so that would be nice. me, a hot man, and my puppy. the debt, not so nice, but kinda unavoidable. and that's a jolly day for me!

I've decided to work on my sleeping scheduale. I go to be around midnight, and get up around 7ish. that's really not working too well for me. I'm thinking I need to be in bed around 11, if I'm getting up around 7, because I hate this sleepy feeling I get during the day, and during class. it's not much fun.

Inspiriation hit me last night around 12:30, just a line I wanted (or needed) to write down, because I thought it might do somewhere. due to the fact that i was much to lazy to get out of bed and turn the light on, I grabbed my cell and used that as a light. What kind of techno girl am I when that's my light. I would curl up and die though if I did that when I was outdoors hiking or something. ug! those are two worlds that just don't mix! so I wrote a few lines about an interesting fellow I met sunday as I was ward hopping. I'm not usually not prone to writing down things that come to me when I'm almost asleep, but I couldn't get it out of my head until I did. But I won't write that here. . .this is for ranting and talking to myself.

after all, this is what living like this does

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