Saturday, August 27, 2005

slightly bruised and broken

Because I have no life and no friends (or at least not who return my calls) my little brother was cool enough to invite me to go slack lining with him. I love slack lining, it's one of the coolest things in the world! if you've never gone, you need to call me and let me take you.
basicly, it's like tight rope walking but with webbing instead--check out this website for some cool pics
it's quite a fun activity and not only does it help me train for climbing, it's just something fun to do, and it's portable, and how cool with it be when I'm doing it across some canyon or something like that! I can't wait.
but it's been a while since I've done it, probably about 2 years, since I was last working in new mexico, so I don't have the skills I used to have, which is quite sad I think. . .so it took me a good portion of the evening just to get standing, let alone take a few steps. We didn't have the line close enough to the tree (after our anchors and what not) so I couldn't start out holding the tree for balance. I just put one foot on the line (about 2 feet-ish) off the ground, and stand up on it hoping you're not going to fall, but most likely you will. And I fell quite a few times, ate grass a lot, and got whipped by the line. Thus bruised and broken (which I take from Good charolette I think. . .something on my Drive-Thru Records mix).
all-in-all, it was fantastic, I love spending time with my little brother, because he's so freakin' cool, and we get along so great. It's a shame they all were either just graduated from high school, or still in it. Man, 21 feels really old sometimes. . .like now. but I got to go slack-lining, and it was fantastic, and I'm ready to go all the time now. Ah, now this is what living like this does

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